"You wanna get choked?!" Movelist/Combo Thread (Updated: AE changes)



The OP needs to be updated. EX Hayate, LP Fukiage in the corner works on everyone.


Does EX Hayate > LP Hayate still work on the same characters ONLY?


Most likely. The speed and hitbox of LP Hayate didn’t change and neither did the way EX Hayate sends you flying. At least not as far as I know.


Can you still combo after f.mp or is it changed in AE, I’m having a hard time doing it.


f+LP, if you’re really close to begin with. It’s a 1 frame link, and it’s tough to cancel into a Hayate from f+LP.

The main application it has in combos is getting a counter-hit. CH f+MP is +6, enough for a tight 1 frame s.MK or s.HP, a comfortable 2 frame link into s.MP, or a very easy 3 frame link into c.LK. I’ve gone through phases where I used meaty f+MP after AAing with c.MK, off of which it’s easy to combo. If used perfectly meaty, it’s +8, enough for most anything.


Hello everyone. Can someone please tell me the main punish combo for Mokoto. Like if someone misses a uppercut or something. I have been reading a lot and unless I am reading wrong I cannot find it. Thank you!


You can Fukiage a whiffed DP if you were expecting it and ready to go. Otherwise you generally stick with s.HP xx HP Hayate/EX Hayate/EX Oroshi, or in the case of troublesome moving reversals like Yun’s DP, f+HP X 3, which is known as Yamase.


I dont know if I should say this here , but today by accident I found out that you can do fukiage , dash under while opponent is in the air , then F+lk , then dash again on his other side , into an insane mixup lol … sometimes the sides get swtiched and st LK comes out though so its kind of risky lol , i hope thats not old news


I like this a lot. I didn’t know you had time to dash after Fuki though. That’s something I used to do after FA3. I would FA3>Crossup Dash>f.:lk:, Crossup dash> Karakusa. Still works, but the timing is slightly different. You can meaty some good attacks here. I dont’ use this anymore because that’s like passing up on 300+ damage for maybe 250 damage lol.


yes you can, since you can do fuki -> dash -> fuki (fukikusa input). Btw it’s great to put opponent in corner if YOU are in corner and he jumps at you.
Oh, and it doesnt work after crumple. Only as anti-air.

Yeah, yesterday, I did the anti-FAbackdash -> kara EX fukiage on a sagat player \o/

Did someone test the “trick” i posted about ground crossup?
When you wont go for fuki*2 -> EX tsurugi (when opponent is stun for example (max damage reduce), or when you dont have EX).

(crumple -> ) fuki -> jump HP -> dash
at this point, opponent who has good reaction will guard the other side.
Here is the thing to do:
if you crouch (or do stLK, but crouching is easier) just after your dash, makoto will change side AGAIN and will be on her initial side. That’s very annoying for opponent’s eyes xD

you can mix those things:

fuki -> jump HP -> dash -> meaty stHK (will hit behind)
fuki -> jump HP -> dash -> crouch -> crLP -> stLP -> stMP -> etc.
and of course, mix with karakusa

the only problem is that if opponent does shoryuken (he has to do reverse-input btw), it will beat both options.


I hate it when I use cr MK as anti air , but i dash in on the other side a bit late - stupid inputs get saved and the shoryuken auto corrects :@ its so annoying … but yeah that does look like a very good idea ! Gonna try it some time definitely … doesent look too complicated, just a question , if I crouch and try doing meaty st HK will it work meaty or will the opponent get pushed back too far ?


you cannot do meaty stHK if you crouch. Because you have to wait crouched until opponent lands to make the fake crossdown.


Quick question for you guys, when you guys do the air Tsurugi…are there any shortcuts you guys use to make it hit as low as possible or do you guys actually just jump and do it as fast as you can? Thanks.


For IA, I use a shortcut: 9214+K. If I want to keep it mid-height (for jumping projectiles) I do the the full motion 963214+K. Using the extra inputs gives me the right amount of height. But honestly, do whatever feels comfortable for you.


Thanks, i just needed to know so i can catch people that tries to crouch tech or whiff moves.


AE changes:
s.LK whiff kara cancel Karakusa

How do i use this? Meaty st.lk into karakusa? Doesnt seem to work!
(I believe you guys call this blockakusa…)


Blockakusa is done by hitting with LK and canceling it late into heavy karakusa , the kara one is done like a normal kara move , but if LK hits on block/hit it will whiff


I have tried this in training mode but it seems either my timing is way off or karakusa always whiffs, its a wakeup option right?
What other circumstances would I be attempting to do st.lk > HK.Karakusa?


Try this one: backthrow, jumping attack whiff, s.LK Kara-Karakusa. If you can’t do that one, the problem is with your execution.

You can use it after block strings, especially if your opponent is cornered, but you run the risk of hitting an attack and eating a fat punishment. I’ve found the only somewhat, kind of, maybe reliable way is after a close s.HK.


Not sure if people know and I’m not sure if there is, or will be, any kind of use (perhaps there will be more of a use in 2012 ver.) for it but…has anyone noticed with the LK+MK target combo, depending on how fast or slow you press the MK it’ll go forward or backwards? I noticed you can go forward with it a while ago, but I didn’t know you could go backwards a little depending on speed of the button presses.