"You wanna get choked?!" Movelist/Combo Thread (Updated: AE changes)



Has anyone come up with a reply to snooootch’s five special combo challenge. So far the only thing I have is MK.tsurugi -> s.HP-> HP.hayate -> FADC -> cr.LP, s.LP, s.MP -> EX.hayate -> LP.fukiage -> EX.tsurugi you can start with meaty MP.oroshi to make it a little bit more interesting. I really don’t think there’s any other way for Makoto to combo five specials together.


On Akuma or E.Ryu (standing) in the corner:

ch st.hp xx mp oroshi FADC st.hp xx hayate cancel > st.mp xx EX hayate > lp fukiage (850 stun) -stun- FA2or3 > delay a bit then IA tsurugi > lp fukiage > EX Tsurugi.

That makes 6 specials (7 if you count the hayate cancel) and it also involves all of Makoto’s specials.

[EDIT] Made a little mistake in my original estimations, the combo will only work on Akuma or E.Ryu who have 850 stun.


That’s good! One thing I’d add is to change the ending to FA3 > FA2 (crumple, not juggle) > HK U2 (partial animation) > MK Tsurugi > LP Fukiage > EX Tsurugi.


Extra style points, I like it. Though it’d just be a matter of personal preference I think fukiage > fukiage > EX tsurugi looks better.


So I performed the combos (well a bastardized version of Robot Makoto’s combo, but the same principle) and recorded them in action for your viewing pleasure:

I apologise in advance for the crappy editing (not the music though, Primordial is f’n awesome), basically it was my first time making a video so I just wanted to mess around a bit, gaze in awe at my awesome Windows Movie Maker skills…


I used the PC version so I could use FRAPS to record instead of aiming a camera at my XBOX + monitor.

On another note, they fixed Rufus’ crouching hitbox in AE. In super you could do st.hp xx mp hayate > mp xx mp hayate. I had a combo planned for Rufus but they fixed it…bastards.


Excellent! Are you going to submit that? If I may make a suggestion, I would take out the descriptions during the video and just put the written combos in the video info.


I just made the vid as a spur of the moment thing, but I might as well touch it up and submit it.

[EDIT] Replaced vid with a shortened, higher quality vid with the use of annotations instead of those disgusting screens of text.


k i don’t know why this hasn’t been put up or any information on it has been shed but wasn’t lvl 5 hayate (after stun) in the corner suppose to have the same follow ups as ex hayate? as in isn’t fukiage suppose to be possible afterwards? How come sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt?

cuz i mean this is the ONLY documented change with any usage after stun (even then it’s hard unless u charge right away)… or did we really get nothing but 3 seconds on her super coming into this game but with pure nerfs? Her st.round house buff doesn’t do shit against pokes btw.


I think you’re right actually. Having read the patch notes prior to release that’s what I read, that the charged Hayate would have the same properties as an EX Hayate. It was the first thing I tried out in the training room. I tried it in the corner and the middle of the screen a few times, but it didn’t seem to work so I forgot about it.

Her target combo special cancelability seems a bit rubbish to me too. You can do it after Karakusa, but it doesn’t do as much damage as a regular st HP - HP Hayate. I done TC mp Hayate into Super then into Ultra, but it seems like more effort, especially with lag online. So I can’t really see myself using it very often, unless Vryu comes up with an ingenious way of incoporating it into a fight.

Having played a bit with her, I can’t say that the 50 less health has made much difference, at least I don’t really feel it. Something feels better about her dash though, I didn’t read about it in the patch notes so I don’t know what it is. Apart from that she feels pretty much the same really. I can’t really feel the damage nerf to be honest.


her front dash did change. it was posted in one of these threads but these threads are so disorganized and convoluted. everyone posts whatever they feel like in any threads like me lolol. ya her front dash changed alright, it no longer has any pushbacks on it, meaning if u dash even against akuma when ur dash ends u’ll be right in his face.

i think that’s why the new safe jump works now i think: after back throw just dash forward neutral jump + attack. it’s sick. 4+ frame btw


Okay. I screwed around in training mode with lvl 5 charged Hayate into jab Fukiage in the corner. There appears to be some character specific stuff going on with it. First of all, characters don’t fall exactly the same (obviously), but some characters seem to have different fall properties between the two versions of Hayate (needs more investigation…but does anyone plan on using lvl 5 enough for it to be an issue?). EX also seems to have a larger window to go into Fukiage. I don’t care what frame data or change log says, EX recovers quicker and does not have the same properties as lvl 5.

Here is a list of characters and what I was able to pull off. I did about ten attempts each and those I didn’t dink with jab fukiage the first time I tried going back to and retrying. I could use some help from other Makoto players going over the characters I couldn’t perform jab Fukiage on and verifying. It could be an assortment of execution/“tired of performing the damn move over and over again” on my part.

Characters I can’t land lvl 5 xx jab fukiage on in corner:

Evil Ryu
El Fuerte

Honestly, I am surprised by a lot of those and think that it’s an issue on my end.

Characters that I can…but the execution feels pretty tight:


Everyone else was EZPZ


Only person on that list that used to be on the old Super Ex hayate -> LP.fuki list is Makoto I believe so i think that is just execution. Other than that, i’ll take your word for it.


because honestly, if we were able to follow up with fukiage afterwards then the buff would actually make sense for rewarding makoto players for stun. If you start charging RIGHT when u stun you should be able to land the lvl 5 unless they’re mashing retardedly hard. Lvl 5 hayate to fukiage + ex axe does about 388 after stun which is REALLY good considering the dmg scaling and for 1 meter too. but i think it’s too inconsistent for it to be any use… -_-;; fuckin capcom. But for now a lot of players are saying her dash change is a good buff to make up for some of the nerfs she got. No more whiffing lk-karakusa after a dash even against top-speed characters.

edit: but i don’t know… i’ve been using it in training mode for a while now and i feel like the timing of lvl 5 hayate + fukiage is exactly the same as ex hayate + fukiage so we should be able to do it consistently… It does work on every character i tried it, but consistency is what bothers me. somtimes i can get it 9/10 sometimes not even 4/10… blehh


I think the issue is related to her recovery from the lvl5. It most definitely is not exactly like EX. There are some characters where it is visually very clear that their falling body is higher at the point of Fukiage activation post EX Hayate vs. level 5 Hayate.

Were you able to land LVL5 into jab Fukiage off any of the characters I couldn’t?

Charged Hayate as a concept is just an awkward carry over from her native game anyways (like that’s news to anyone). At least it makes feint execution lenient.


yeah, i was able to get in on most of the characters, at least the shotos for sure. Ryu, ken, and etc. I feel like the window for lvl 5 to fukiage in corner is like 1-3 frames tighter, meaning it’s probably a 1 frame link where as ex hayate to fukiage may be like 2-4. maybe its consistency makes it not worth doing =/

i’m not as salty i thought i would be for getting pretty much nothing but nerfs because of her dash buff. fuckin dash in lk or mk karakusa all day and never whiffs anymore even against walking back akuma, dudley, chun, and bison. soo good! can’t say it enough.


The dash buff is amazing, even dash -> backthrow is so powerful right now


yeah dude, if you wanna play safe and they’re starting to neutral jump, you can start doing that and option select whiffed backthrow into fukiage or regular anti air depending on when they jumped. and that free 4+ reversal set up after backthrow is so good. damn. Whiff punishing strong/heavy pokes with dash grab is really reliable now (unless they’re mashing jabs or somethin which instant axe should blow them up).

i’m happy lol. and honestly, i’ve been trying to play in a way you rely a lot more on hayate-follow up than using meter for ex oroshi knock down (unless the match up calls for it) for the super buff, which i honestly think it’s worth using now if you have a good read on your opponent. After a choke grab hp+hard hayate super hp+hard hayate does about 390 dmg and over 430+ (i think) if you confirm from an axe kick so already it’s doing better damage than any combo’d supers from the cast with follow ups after that. 2~3 mix ups afterwards would result in stun or death in most cases.

also, her super allows her for an INSANE comeback potential with her ultra, the 3 seconds really helped out as after super cancel into ultra, she gets 2 - 3 more mix ups which if u get just 2 of them it IS guaranteed death. i’ve gotten cr.mp poke into super-ultra and 2 more mix ups into winning matches quite a bit.


Not sure if this has been posted but heres a silly combo I found yesterday on Balrog (or all characters that MK-Tsurugi can cross-up).
FA3 > FA2 > Mk-Tsurugi(CU) > FP > Feint > MP > TC1 > MP Hayate > Super > Ultra



That dash has been a blessing and a curse for me, though. Against Fei Long, I try the FA3, dash, IAT, and if I do it jumping forward, I either whiff or crossup (Not remotely what I want against a cornered Fei.), or if I do it neutral, I just plain whiff, although I know that’s just an execution error, since I manage to hit it sometimes. When I do it, I look pretty high up when I hit with the Tsurugi, although that doesn’t seem to remove my ability to combo off of it afterwards. However, thanks to the fear of whiffing the free damage, I’m beginning to rely on just jump-in, combo instead of doing the FA first. :expressionless:

I guess that’s good if you wanted to do the Fuki combo in the corner, but otherwise, I’m really going to miss the reliability of FA3, dash, IAT, st.HP, whatever. In every match I win, I get one stun 90% of the time, so I’d really want to maximize my stun damage.


yeah, that IA tsurigi is a nightmare to pull off at times. lk tsurigi always seem to hit for though even when its not neutral, 10 pts less damage though.