"You wanna get choked?!" Movelist/Combo Thread (Updated: AE changes)



I dunno if this was stupidity on my part, but I am hitting IAT after a focus level 3 muuuch more consistently now. Here’s what I did in 2011: fa3, dash, hold up-forward, immediatly do IAT.

Here’s what I do in 2012: fa3, dash, wait for dash to end visually, then IAT. Works on Blanka so far, will test on Fei Long, who gave me trouble last night.

EDIT: still hard to do on Fei, but I hit it more often now. At least we know it’s just a question of execution, not sheer impossibility. You only need to focus on the IAT, and it is easier than doing the neutral IAT approach we initially cooked up.

Also, is EX Hayate into corner Fukiage possible on Blanka only on counterhit? I seem to always miss it on him.


It is possible without ch, but it is a very tight link.


After searching all my life, or maybe just a few minutes, I finally found a normal Makoto can use for a consistent s.LK Kara-Karakusa: f+HP (single, not Yamase)! Post f+HP, let rip and it’s a free grab. I’ve been trying to find a move that will space an opponent for it, but it’s always so variable with everything else … gotta apply this to corner pressure.


@robot makoto => you mean that : if i’m at f+HP distance, i can do stLK whiff kara karakusa and it will grab ?


i tried this last night and it is tough to set up. but it does work like a charm lol.


Nah, I mean if you do a single f+HP from most places that aren’t point blank and probably max range, you will be reset to the most perfect s.LK Kara-Karakusa range ever. It IS tough to set up, though.


Where’d that message go? I was just gonna respond to it after doing the calculations …


Who else dislikes post-MP Hayate mix-ups? I prefer the distancing of LP Hayate (meaty, CH f+MP or IA MK Tsurugi FTW!!!) and the frame advantage and closeness of HP Hayate. I feel like MP Hayate mix-ups kind of devolve into f+LP or kara-throw or kara-EX Karakusa, or going bunkers and dashing forward. Everything else trades/gets beaten at that range.


thanks for that info man, i’ve been kinda random with my post hayate mixups as far as what follows what version…


Only thing I do post MP Hayate is Kara normal throw or c.LK, IA MK Tsururigi, or just IA MK Tsurugi. I’m gonna try that fMP… lol.


cr.LP, st.LP, cr.LK xx LP Hayate -> f+MP. It is a thing of beauty, my friend.


man I always find my self going for EX lol… sometimes when i have no bar lol. But its time to add that to the repertoire. we’ll see what its all about. Showcased on the next video upload lol.


so which makoto combos will i need im looking to play makoto i think shes good, havent played since super so help apreciated!


Well, there are a plethora of combos that are useful depending on the situation. There are many that can probably advise you better than I, but I recommend you spend some time learning these first:

cr.lp => st.lp => s.mp (helps to plink this one)
I find this is useful because you have a few options depending on hit or block. If it hits, finish with either a mp.hayate, (builds meter) EX hayate (corner push) or EX oroshi. (Untechable) If it blocks, you could hayate cancel the s.mp. Perhaps also if they block high you can go for a sweep, a lot of people have success with that.

mk.tsurugi => s.hp/s.mp/cr.mp (depending on distance) => hp.hayate/mp.hayate (depending on if you hit with hp/mp punch) or EX hayate
Basic bnb here. Know that mk.tsurugi basically hit confirms everything, it’s an important move.
After EX hayate, if you’re in the corner, you can do one of two useful things:
Reset them with t.lk
lp.fukiage => EX tsurugi

lp.fukiage => hp.fukiage => EX tsurugi
The most incredible anti air combo. Tons of damage and good stun. I absolutely love using this on late cross ups and Vega/Blanka players that are too keen with their respective air moves. Also worth noting, you can swap the tsurugi for an EX hayate if you want corner push. #

In corner (Maybe after stun) focus level 3 => mk.tsurugi => st.hp => EX hayate => lp.fukiage => EX tsurugi

Focus level 3 => (wait) lp.fukiage => j.hp (this one resets them)
If not done in corner, you can dash under them for a good mixup after the j.hp

mk.tsurugi => ultra 1
karakusa => ultra 1

Wanna be fancy with the ultra combos, try this:
Karakusa/mk.tsurugi (heck, any hit confirm would work for this) => st.hp => hp.hayate => super => ultra 1

Also, for ultra 2:
Ultra 2 => mk.tsurugi => EX hayate

Probably do for now, I’ll let other people tell you what else to get down.


<font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2” style=“font-family: Arial, Verdana; font-size: 10pt; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: normal;”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>The OP says the st.mpx3 doesn’t work on Hakan, it does.</span></font><div style=“font-family: Arial, Verdana; font-size: 10pt; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: normal;”><br></div><div style=“font-family: Arial, Verdana; font-size: 10pt; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: normal;”>Here is my vid</div><div><font face=“Arial, Verdana” size=“2”><span style=“line-height: normal;”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8Sb_ywifnk&feature=youtu.be</span></font><br></div>


I feel as if the game is intentionally screwing with inputs. <br><br>eg though the Tsurugi after Fukiage appears correctly in input display, it does not connect to the left side. Just a normal kick happens instead.<br>thing is, if I do the same move on air without Fukiage it works. But with Tsurugi that exact same move does not work at all.<br>Same as in  Tsurugi after U2, this time from the right side. <br><br>depends really on the day. sometimes it works perfectly on the first try, others I have to struggle for 10 minutes to connect.<br>Same with EX Hayate after Tsurugi. <br><br>Game should also have a timer instead of just an input display, to show what went wrong in links. <br>Game buffers so much that it makes things harder instead of easier<br><br><br>


Yes. :smiley:


I did some pretty interesting resets and combos…they’re not THAT useful but they’re kinda fun:

meterless 910 stun reset:
Karakusa Hp HC Mp 2lv Lp hayate kara-karakusa HP HC Mp 2lv Lp hayate
Comboing all especials and ultra in one combo (only Akuma):
Counter hit Mp oroshi hp 2lvl Mp hayate FADC Lp Mp ex hayate Lp fukiage ex tsurugi (stun) karakusa ultra
Double reset T.Hawk kill (3 bars and full ultra meter):
Karakusa Hp HC Mp 2lv Lp hayate kara-karakusa HP HC Mp Ex hayate Ex Tsurugi (stun) Lvl3 focus attack Mk tsurugi Hp ex hayate f.Lk karakusa Ultra

I’ll try to find more things,meaby something easier to do with the same results


I find myself going for raw damage less and resets/mixup more. The only exception is if they are close to stun or if my damage would kill them. I’d probably do something like this:

MK Tsurugi > Sweep > Empty Jump Forward > LK karakusa frame trap > FP > Ex Oroshi > st. HK (Whiff) > nj.HK (3 Frame Safe Jump) > Additonal Mixup

Once you make the opponent aware of LK Karakusa as a frame trap in this situation, then you can really start mixing them up. Examples:

MK Tsurugi > Sweep > Empty Jump Forward > Backdash
MK Tsurugi > Sweep > Empty Jump Forward > Backdash > Forward Dash > Karakusa/EX Oroshi
MK Tsurugi > Sweep > Empty Jump Forward > HK Tsurugi (If they backdash)
MK Tsurugi > Sweep > Empty Jump Forward > st. MP OS Dash (If they backdash) > etc
MK Tsurugi > Sweep > Empty Jump Forward > st. MP OS Yamase (if they backdash)
MK Tsurugi > Sweep > Empty Jump Forward > MK Tsurugi > Sweep (same situation)

Too many people think Makoto is about damage. Shes more about prediction, baiting/punishing, and recognizing patterns. It’s very hard to actually get high damage without at least one of these three things. You can’t deal damage if you can’t get that first hit.


there’s a height restriction on tsurugi…if you try to do the input too early it will just come out as a j.K…maybe that’s your problem?