You wanna see a good Yuri?

Post here if you can kick some ass with Yuri. If anyone wants to try out a good Yuri find NeoFractal on Live. She’s better than all of you think.

Hmm … try playing Yooney over XBox Live. His Yuri is much better than yours.

Yuri is fun. I heard that “Iyo”(sim,maki,rolento) has a dope ass Yuri.

Does she have any fun traps? and what are her best normals,besides

I’ve never seen Iyo play Yuri. That’d be pretty interesting to see.

She has decent traps, but most can be RC’d through.

I hear her cr mp is excellent despite the horrible range. I’ve seen it beat out crazy stuff.… Cool… Ill b sure to keep in my game plan.

Her RC hcb+k is too good also. it might only be punishable by a reversal lvl 3, gotta test that out. Abuse s.rondhouse like sak and d+fierce as an AA

The coolest thing I’ve seen with Yuri was when Buktooth used N-Yuri against Ricky at a random SVGL tourney a while back. Ricky stuck out something like a s.HK with Sakura and next thing you know Yuri sucks her up from a character space away with RC hand slaps and won the round. The whole damn arcade roarer in laughter. :rofl: