You want a piece of me?

Now is your chance. Alex and myself are on ggpo all the time now, so if you wanna play me you know where to find me.

Graham, I’d love you play you guys, but I cant get on ggpo. Come try out 2df as well and we can have some games. (There’s ranking battles on Sundays as well)

I find 2DF has a smoother connection in general as well.

2DF is awful for me.

Come to GGPO to fight Valle/Wolfe/Cole.

I saw you on GGPO, but i havent seen you play…
I think your main is 'Rog, right?

If yes, can you be my mentor? Im also an 'Rog player.

Graham- long time no see bro, I heard you played against my friend ST Playah(I play him off line, he is no fun to face against), anyway bro I am looking forward for some games. I’ll be bringing out O.Guile Thomas Style :rock:


2DF works way better for me. GGPO randomly not connects to people, even though I have the ports forwarded. This doesn’t happen to me on 2DF. 2DF is also less resources demanding and is updated more frequently.

You also live in France.

I don’t see how this is relevant to the topic. If living in France was a problem, then I’d be having the same problems with 2DF, and this is not the case.

GG to Graham got owend rog vs Claw but i’ll be ready for Round 2 next time :karate:

what’s Graham’s and Alex’s GGPO screen names? :wonder:

graham = graham wolfe
alex = calipower

no surprises there…

Not Alex Valle aka Calipower, Alex Wolfe.

lol im dumb

I want to play with you, definitely. My Chun and Claw need help.

did Valle get a new sn? He was on as fiercedp before…

I’d like a game, I already know the outcome but would still be cool to have a couple of bouts.

GGPO: Furious Keys