You won't get any sympathy from the Ike Thread

A whole new section for Brawl?Awesome!

This thread is gonna be for Ike strats,combos,matchups or whatever.

Lets start with the basics.


**A simple jab.Hold it down when you aren’t near an opponent to throw rapid jabs.


**A jab and a kick.The kick comes out pretty fast and combos.

**Attack,Attack,Attack or hold Attack at close range(16%)

**The combo ends with Ike bringing Ragnell down on top of your opponents head.All 3 hits combo

Forward Tilt(15%)

A powerful tilt with great knockback.Comes out a bit slow so use at a distance so you can cover yourself.

Down Tilt(14%)

**Pops the enemy in the air when it hits further away from Ike and knocks them back if the enemy is closeup.Comes out at about the same pace as Forward tilt so again give yourself some space or find a good opening.

**Up tilt (up close 9%,in the sword 12%)

**Ike jumps up with the sword sideways to pop the opponent in the air.Comes out pretty fast and ends fast too.This is a nice move to use.

Forward Smash (15%-30%)

Whoa.This has some serious knockback to it!

Ike winds up with Ragnell with a really heavy slash.Be warned though it’s start up is sloooooooow.

In a 1v1 match it may be harder to land but in FFA and teams use this to clean up and steal some kills.

**Up Smash(17%-23%)
Ike swings Ragnell over his head in an arc hiitting anything above,behind and directly in front of him.Without charging this actually comes out at a decent pace.It does have a lot of recovery though.Like Forward smash this really shines in FFA.Nice on maps like BattleField where someone may be right above you.

**Down Smash(Front swipe 13%-18%,back swipe 16%-22%)

**Ike sweeps his sword in front of him and behind him.It pops the opponent up and back.

**Special:Eruption (HEAT END) (10%-37%)

**Ike plunges his blade into the ground(or…air?)unleashing a pillar of flames.He has super armor when he stabs downward,so use that to your advantage.

**Up+special:Aether(around 19% up close varies otherwise)

**Ike throws Ragnell up flying into the air,jumps up and slams it down.If the opponent is in striking distance Ike will launch them up.How much damage the sword twirls do is dependent on how close you are though.You can also steer Ike forwards and backwards in the air a bit.Use this to catch people that try and move away from the attack or to help you recover.


**Ike enters a stance and any physical attack that hits him prompts a counter attack.The stronger the attack,the stronger the counter

**Side+special:Quick Draw(9%-16%)

**Ike sweeps across to land a slash.You can press Special again to cancel the attack before you reach your opponent.This move is also pivotal in his recovery as Aether doesn’t have much in the way of horizontal movement.Keep in mind that if this is done in open air you will end up in the Falling state like any other character whiffing an Up+special.

Neutral Air Attack(9%)

Ike makes a semi circular arc below himself.When you land from this move you recover FAST.Covers a lot of space too.Definitely a must for Ike players

Forward Air Attack(13%)

Another Semi circular arc slash from Ike.This time covering the space above and below him slightly.Does decent damage and knocksback.Has to recover on landing though.Watch when you use it!

Back air attack(14%)

Ike faces backwards and slashes his opponent. Fast,strong and little recovery.Definitely definitely a must for Ike players.

Down Air Attack(16%)**

Ike thrusts the ragnell downwards.Comes out decently enough but has recovery once he lands.The blades tip will meteor smash,anywhere else and they pop up.


**Ike tosses his sword at the opponent and combos the hell out of them culminating in a downward slash into an explosion.


Unfortunately this isn’t exactly a guaranteed KO,but it does more damage the more people get caught in it so aim for as many victims as possible.

I only posted the basic of the basic stuff now but still…It may help someone.
Now go forth and fight for your friends.**

What would you say is a good gameplan with Ike in 1-on-1 matches? I usually build up damage with A,A,A and aerials, then start using smashes and more aerials to KO. I try to use d-air for spikes, but it’s extremely risky against certain characters. The main other move I use on the ground is up-tilt, and I use f-tilt for kills as well. Anybody think that’s OK to do? Anything character specific anyone want to throw in?

okay. what the hell does tilt and smash mean? cant you just go with up B and up A. etc?

Ike uses alot of the A,A,A combo due to it’s speed. If you’re doing Aerials, try to stick with the neutral A. It has a slight startup time, but the big key here is the no lag when he lands. This lets you do many setups like the A,A,A combo or a grab. For kill moves, I usually try to use Back Air or Forward Air. Back Air if possible due to speed and no-lag. If you get the hang of doing the Reverse Aerial Rush (running forward back air), then you can utilize it to good effect especially when your opponent is trying to recover.

Also, using his quickdraw for movement is very handy since it has no ending lag if he doesn’t connect with it.

A tilt is where you hold the direction and hit the button.
A smash is where you press the direction and button at the same time and it can be charged.

The two moves are different though.

Ike’s forward tilt is a horizontal slash with a slight startup to it.
Ike’s forward smash is a move where he swings his sword from above him to in front of him that covers him from his head to his toe.

Both use forwards, but both are completely different moves.

Hmm…I heard of dashing intoo a b-air, before… How do you do that exactly? I tried, but the only way I’ve managed (and I don’t know if that’s right) is to turn right at the end of my dash and do the aerial, and that seemed really slow to me. I don’t think I have the idea down right.

I posted it in my advanced gameplay thread ( )

But basically, run forward :r:, tap back :l:, quickly tap jump, then forward again :r:. You should now be jumping forward while facing backward. From there, you can due your back-air (I usually use the C-stick so it comes out faster). I use this quite often with Ike and ROB for quick, powerful attacks w/ no lag.

Well, what do you know? That’s exactly how I tried to do it! Gotta work on the execution, then! Thanks for all the help!

Ike’s counter can be stuffed on startup so it seems to suck when it comes to reaction(you have to anticipate instead). I was watching a match today and Zelda sweetspotted Ike while he was in the counter stance and the counter did not activate, Ike got KO’d.

Yeah, it’s not instant like Marth’s or Roy’s, which sucks ass. If you can see it coming though, they’re gonna get hurt.

And now, time for Alpha’s Ike strategy:

  • Use AAA. Love it, adore it, abuse it. They can’t stop it nine times out of ten, so go nuts.

  • Know your Super Armor, and make use of it. Super Armor moves include Aether (at startup), and Eruption (when Ike is stabbing the sword). People like white shadow have also said moves like the AAA have Super Armor in them too. To be honest, I think Ike has a lot of SAF (Super Armor Frames) that we don’t know about yet.

  • Speaking of Eruption, it works wonderfully from above. I actually picked this trick up from Kirk on SWF (a great Ike player), and notice that most people just stand there thinking they can Up Smash you when in fact…they can’t. Unload it right as they go to hit you, and you take the damage of the Up Smash but nail them back harder with a decently charged Eruption that can kill at about 80%.

  • Quick Draw = flash step. Ike’s slow on movement, but learning the timing of this move can make him a LOT faster. Knowing how long to charge to get right in front of the opponent without actually hitting is a good thing to learn, because you can appear right in front of them and get an AAA before they can do anything about it.

  • Aether can move forward, but it can also move backwards too. Try it on a rolling opponent, you’ll still nail them with the falling slash.

  • Down Smash is good for rolling enemies. Because it hits both sides, usually it’ll still smack them when they try to roll behind you.

  • Forward Smash: Slow as all get out, but the second strongest non-special/FS attack from in the entire game. This thing can turn a fight around instantly, so use it if you see an opening.

  • Ike’s tilts are only slightly weaker than his Smashes, and faster. In particular his Up Tilt is REALLY fast, and hits hard as hell.

  • Down Tilt is a spike, surprisingly. Because you have to be above an enemy trying to recover and still be on the ground, this is clearly a situational move.

  • Forward Tilt hits HARD. And most people don’t expect it because they think you’re gonna Forward Smash. Good times.

  • Ike’s Neutral Air has zero lag on landing. It’s typically the move of choice in the air, unless you’re up high trying to finish someone off in which case I go for the stronger Forward Air.

  • On the subject of aerial attacks, Back Air owns. And you can do it off the ground, without facing backward. To do this you run towards the opponent, turning around just as you reach them. Immediately short hop (short hop = lightly tap the jump button, you’ll notice you still have forward momentum), Back Air to the face and land with the stick still in Back Air position. You’ll turn around and be facing the enemy again.

  • Down Air is a meteor, but it hits like a spike, aka “it’s hard as fuck to recover out of”.

thank you, this explains so much. being a hardcore cvs2 player, I’m actually enjoying this game, using Ike.:woot:

one more thing, what does super armor mean?

I hate fighting good Ike players…
I wish I was good with Ike.

Super armor(or autoguard)is when an attack can’t be interrupted if the character using it is hit.The opponent can’t hit him and he takes damage so it’s not invincible but they can’t do anything to stop it from happening.

Think Ralf Tackle and Galactica Phantom from kof.Where the move is activated and nothing(short of a well timed throw) will stop it

Also I forgot some basic attacks -_-

Dash Attack(8%)

Has a bit of startup for a dashing attack,decent knockback at higher %.You’re better off canceling your dash and working from there in most cases though

Up Air attack(14%)

Ike takes his sword and swings it in a circular motion.The main thing with this move is only the sword does damage,so the actual attack area for this move is pretty small compared to the rest of his aerials.Has recovery when it lands too so you have to be sure it’s gonna hit if you try and juggle with it or be ready to start dodging.

Throw Attack:Headbutt(3% each)

He headbutts the enemy hitting them…with his head.I don’t have much to say about this really. :stuck_out_tongue:

Back throw(6%)

Ike takes the enemy,spins around and kicks them back.Since they are far away you can’t really do much for combos,and it won’t ko at high percentage,but you can chase after them with some of ike’s aerials to keep the pressure(reverse dash’d back air,neutral air)

Forward throw(6%)

Ike delivers a quick snap kick.Ehhh this isn’t all that great.Doesn’t do much to give you breathing room and even at typically high percentages this won’t launch.Skip this.

Up throw(6%)

Ike sticks the Ragnell in the ground and uppercuts the enemy.There is a slight recovery on this move since he has to get his sword again so I’m not a big fan of Up throw.

Down Throw(6%)**

Here we go!One of my favorite moves with Ike.It’s fast,little recovery behind it and has the potential for one of Ike’s only TRUE combos short of his Final Smash.

Ike very simply throws the enemy onto the ground and knee drops them (CRUSH) popping them into the air.

The notable thing about this throw over all the others is that it combos into Aether at low percentages.Depending on the weight and size of the enemy you can get 2-3 Down throw Aethers netting around 50%+ damage in some cases.If the enemy decides to Air Dodge,hesitate.If the enemy decides to try and move out of the Aether,move the Aether toward them since you have that maneuverability.

It’s not 100% guaranteed,but personally I always shoot for this combo in the early stages of a match/once the person revives/etc.Especially when people start getting wary of his AAA,catch them with this.Remember though once the opponent hits 60% use your better judgment.At this point all the hits wont connect and they’ll be too high to Aether in some cases.

Awesome stuff, Worthless! More stuff for me to work on ahead of a tourney on Sunday…

Had a question, though, what do you guys usually do for an opponent trying to get back on the stage? I’ve been using f-tilt, f-air,b-air and d-air, as well as the occasional forward smash when my opponent leaves a big enough opening (VERY rare). I heard of using Aether to slam oppnents into the abyss, but how do you time that?

For returning opponents, I usually hit them with Forward Air or a Down Air spike. You can also try air Eruption, since it has Super Armor it will go through an opponent’s counter attack and nail them. You can also use Down Tilt if they’re really low on the stage, it’ll spike them.

The Aether spike is tough stuff, haven’t been able to get it down consistently. But to do it, you simply jump out slightly over the edge, Aether and Ike will grab the edge while the opponent goes sailing into the abyss.

Yeah I’m liking Ike’s “In-your-face” style more than Marth’s “I MUSt hit you with the EDGE of my sword” crap he’s got CRAZY power and reach.

What’re Ike’s moves with super armor? I heard some of his smashes have them.

Worthless I love your Domon Kasshu avatar. The Ike hair is hilarious.

As to the character himself, I’m still adjusting to him, but it’s like playing Ganon to a degree, and Ganon was pretty easy to be decent with in Melee. Ike has an amazing F Air, much like Ganondorf, and he also has a nice D Air like Ganondorf. He’s what Roy should have been. Roy’s air game was really horrible, and Ike’s is good. He’s got the weight advantage that Roy had, but even moreso, and Aether is a truly great recovery move. His counter is just the icing on the cake. Ike is just tons of fun.

Bitch, no secrets from fellow SRKers. :rofl:

But yeah, the Aether stall is goodness. You keep nailing them everytime they try and stop you until they just say “fuck it” and give up.

Another bit of goodness Ike can do is use the first two hits of his AAA then shield and immediately do anything you want out of it…like a Down Smash.

While trying to get 10+ kills in Cruel Brawl, I used Ike, fell off one side, and kept doing Aethers to damage the alloys and catch the ledge. However, after like 5 or so catches, the next Aether would NEVER catch the ledge no matter what. I had to occasionally do an Aether that landed on the stage to keep it going.

I haven’t tested the exact amount before Ike doesn’t catch. It’s possible that maybe I wasn’t close enough to the ledge those times I missed it, but given the ease of ledge-grabbing in Brawl combined with the phenomenon not occurring when I landed on the stage once in a while, I’m certain there’s a limit to how many times Ike can grab the ledge before the game says no more.

Also F-Smash rocks in FFAs. :bgrin: