You won't get any sympathy from the Ike Thread

haha thanks.I wish online had voice chat a little so i could go through the whole speech every final smash.and “This hand burns with an awesome power” is probably too long for a taunt. :lol:

Yeah aether stops catching the edged after 4.I was doing these last night(this morning? @_@) and on the 4th i drop like a brick.It is nice for the later seconds of a match though.

Instant dash attack with Ike = very useful. He covers a ton of ground and the strike pushes out far.

In case you’re unaware of this instant dash business:

Wow… I tried to use Ike in a tournament yesterday, but I ended up switching for Luigi in the last minute. I played against a Falco player (while I was still Ike) and got chain-grabbed to death. I then tried against Toon link, and the guy strung back-airs on me for fun. Ike has trouble escaping pressure if he’s been lifted off the ground, since he can’t do A,A,A there, and Aether can take a while before the Super Armor kicks in. I think the Falco match-up will end up being the bane of Ike players everywhere.

You do know how to Smash DI, right? Shit like Falco’s AAA combo and other rapid hits can be escaped by repeatedly tapping the stick away from the opponent.

Falco’s chain grab is escapable, you have to DI at the right moment to avoid the repeat grab. As for Toon Link’s Back Air spam, only thing I could really suggest there is to try air dodges. Toon Link can gank everyone with his Back Air, not just Ike. Dude’s sickening.

I know the basics of DI, but how should I DI the throw? And it’s not just the rapid hits or the chain throws, I just couldn’t work much of an advantage over Falco at all. At least with Luigi I couldn’t be chani-thrown and I had n-air as a quick counter-move whenever he’d try to follow up, as well as having Luigi’s awesome ability to keep his aerials flowing and doing damage. How would you suggest to apprach the match-up in general?

And you’re right. Toon Link is sickening. Not Marth, but close.

When you’re getting chain-thrown, it’s paramount to know when to hit that shield button. If you do it at the right time you can roll away and break the chain throw. I’m not too good with it (haven’t really been chain-throw spammed), but it is doable.

As for Ike vs. Falco, it is kind of a tough fight due to Falco having a blaster that can stun. AAA is your best friend here, and short hop neutral A is good as well due to its massive arc (hits behind Ike so he can’t roll behind you) and no lag on landing. Aether is also a good damage builder.

Since Falco’s not all that heavy, you can use tilts in favor of Smashes to take him out, Ike’s Up Tilt in particular is really good. If he’s recovering with Fire Bird and tries to hit you with it, just use Counter to smack him away (worked since Roy in SSBM, lol). Other than that, it’s just capitalizing on mistakes with the Smashes if you can get them.

Wait, you haven’t been chain-thrown? Well, lemme know if you do come up against that.

Another thing is that I was on a lower level (mind-game-wise) than that Falco player, so my tilts were baited and duly punished. Smashes were almost completely out of the question, simply due to how Falco can dodge and punish on reaction. I’ll work on my Ike some more, but until then, I’ll probably use Luigi as my anti-spacies dude. Appreciate the tips, man!

So…Ike can use Great Aether out of a Shield Canceled AAA or an Aether. So far, I haven’t found any way of escaping it outside of not getting hit by the AAA/Aether entirely.

Ike is all AAA. I know this is an oversimplification, but seriously… force people to work around that crap and then punish accordingly.

So… what all comboes of a sheild cancelled AA?

Ike has problems against people with intrusive projectiles. It’s why Pit seems to beat him for free.

Ike is all AAA. I just know that that combo is where it’s at. Whether it’s been proven…

So I got this game yesterday and Ike is so much fun for me to use. Really fun. I giggle when I hit people with his huge damage moves and they go flying at like 60%.

Are there any other real combos with him aside from AAA or down throw into up and B move?

All you need is AAA.


All you need is AAA.

So, Ike has a semi-infinite wall throw.

Works up to 100%, from what I’ve seen it’s inescapable unless the person doing it messes up. So…don’t play against Ike on stages with walls. :rofl:

That’s great!!

Too bad all you really need is AAA.

I’m on a mission to prove that that is THE best move in Brawl.

thnks for the info this is gona help alot. any good ike vids tho?

AAA is Ike’s best move however it gets stuffed by snakes f-tilt
trust me when i say the snakes f-tilt is the best move in the game
i’ve played enougth Snakes in tourney’s to realize that

I once successfully used f+smash to clash with Ness’s PK Thunder Headbutt. I originally intended to hit him before the thunder launched him but f+smash was too slow. So Ike took it like a pro and sent Ness packing.

Who gets shit for using Ike? I know I do, and it feels great to shut those people up by kickin their asses with Ike. AAA and good timed smashes along with a good timed Eruption when falling from the sky on 2 guys is pretty much all you need to win. :slight_smile:

man. they weren’t kidding. all you need is AAA. that’s IT.

XD XD I was playing with the wii mote and picked Ike, and he said “prepare yourself” But he just sounded like the gayest person ever!
It came out more like “prepair yershthelfph ; )”



I actually have a problem with instant dash there are a bunch of ppl trying to get a good Ike around me, most of them think instant dash is great for approaches but you can bait the swing so hard, when they dash know where they will end up and either powershield down smash or side step punish them, they will be forced to swing even if you side step, the key is making them swing if they don’t swing you can’t do shit against it, I would mostly keep to short hopping neutral air for the final approach.

Combo into final smash is hilarious though.

I actually find neutral B to be a better counter than down B most the time cause that super armor is very unexpected, and its harder to punish.

Learn to do a running short hop backwards so you can surprise ppl with Ikes stupid fast back Air, and if they shield follow up with neutral Air then neutral ground, does good shield drain and is safe.

Up B doesn’t have super armor once you grab your sword O_o ,so ppl like marth can B stab you out of it.

I really don’t get all this talk about his chain grab it only works on a few characters at very low damages, normally I find it better to throw them with forward toss then quickly run up and do neutral Air
grab, or AAA.

Ike isn’t even in the running for best move ever after snakes f-tilt you have his up tilt, pikachu’s downsmash, I mean AAA is Ikes best move but it’s not even #2 or #3 there are plenty of moves that beat Ikes AAA, heck Lucario’s AAA is better because it hits behind lucario starting at like 50%, and is otherwise basically the same thing.