" You'd make a good addition to my Brotherhood." - The Magneto training/tutor request thread

I looked around and didn’t find a thread like this so I figured I would make one.
The Magneto thread is lucky enough to have such skilled players in it, I feel that sometimes it takes an outside mind to help others proceed past a blockade they may have reached.

So who better than some of the renowned players in here to jump to the task!

I figure those who need help can come in here and just write up what they need help with, or maybe you just want to play someone better than you, maybe you want to watch other people who are good with magneto duke it out in spectator mode. Maybe you are feeling gracious and want to offer up your time to get some sessions in with eager to learn players?

Either way I know this thread will band together and level up the brotherhood as a whole!

So go ahead and post up your info in this order

Player name - PSNID/XBL TAG - Region

Aleri_XV ; PSNID: Aleri_XV - XBLGT; PracticalTrout - Central America (Texas)

Kanta-Kun ; PSNID: Garuda-kun - Western Europe (Portugal)

Din0 - PSNID: davidyes - Southern California (San Diego)

bloodabeast - XBLGT: TheRealMagnus - North Carolina

Mayho - PSNID - Zelphan - Georgia

Faketriz - XblGt/Faketriz - Location-Pennsylvania

AniMoney - XBLGT: AniMoney - Virginia

Beezibop ; XBLGT: beezibop - Missouri

Xiceman191 ; Psn id: Datdudeiceman191 - OKlahoma

Upgradedd ; XBL: Upgrayedd419 - Virginia

Soviet Afro ; XBL s0viet afr0 - Alabama

I’ve been playing Mags for a while now and I fell like ive hit a wall, I think it would be awesome to get some games in with a veteran mags player that can maybe set me on the right path??

I play on PSN and XBL, but I would prefer to stick to XBL. im available pretty much anytime. if anyone would like to get some sets in please let me know ! :slight_smile:

Do this on the first post, change it to a player list type of thread and add:

Player Name - PSNID/XBL TAG - Region.

And with that,
Kanta-Kun ; PSNID: Garuda-kun - Western Europe (Portugal)

Srsly though, if you create a thread like this, you better be in it forever for updating. You don’t simply drop it and leave everyone here hanging.

No need for the offensive vibe, I understand that many people come and go, but that is not my intention. I love Magneto and next to Urien he is my favorite fighting game character, im in it for the long haul. :slight_smile: Advice taken

Din0 - PSNID: davidyes - Southern California (San Diego)

bloodabeast - XBLGT: TheRealMagnus - North Carolina

WeShould try and get some games online tonight!
since my disc is messed up I cant use any of the top marvel chars or spider man or certain stages or my xbox copy will freeze. I stick to training mode or bonne wonderland

It’s not about being offensive, sorry if I came through that way. It’s just that several people have come and gone and they leave first posts outdated and stuff.

It wont be that way, I just want to be the best Magneto that I can be, and I think this could help, thats all. Too bad I cant get any games in with you! there no way we could get a solid connection lol

Im on XBL now if anyone wants to get some games in

i would add my psn but i have a phobia of online marvel :frowning:

Trust me, I understand :\

PSN - Zelphan
Location - Georgia. The state no the country.

gettin a good amount of names , now we just gotta get some matches and progression out of this :slight_smile:

Hi ive been playing magneto for about a week i have pretty good combos and ive paired him with dante and doom…i have him on point but im having the damndest time opening ppl up with doom missiles because the always up back any helpful tips?


if they keep “chicken blocking” your missiles then there is not too much you can do about it, at least if they are c-blocking they are more than likely putting themselves in the corner which is still a win for you, try and get them to the corner but dont push the issue too much or they will more than likely just cross you up with you in the corner.

I typically still just go for hi low mix ups to try and confuse them so when they land they dont know which way im going to hit, try throwing a magnetic blast L and airdash into them behind it, and the always trusty/ADDICTIVE magneto option, go for some MUTHAFUCKIN THROW SETUPS :slight_smile:

Tridash L them to keep em grounded before the missiles hit.
It’s not as risky as it sounds since if they manage to hit you out of it, the missiles should combobreak.
Keeping em grounded is winning hte battle.

AniMoney - XBLGT: AniMoney - Virginia

Pretty noob magneto, still learning to get past the basic combos, and sometimes it’s hard online. I also play wolverine teams but I guess the point is to learn magneto so I’ll be focusing more on that. Feel free to add me I play often!

sounds good man, maybe we can get some games in tonight perhaps? ill see whatsup

I’m gonna be online later tonight, lets get a PSN room going. :smiley: