Young Ic3 To play A3 again for 3 days?

Yea why not. Ill play A3 for 3 days, starting today from 5-whenever. Lets get some good matches going.

Im hope to play these players:

ryu1999(best rival)
Big 5
Cody V-styl3(yes this dude’s cody is better than mines, he has a mean charlie too)
and many more. :tup:

Kaillera tag will be Y.Ic3 of coarse.

See ya there for the next 3 days.

So who are u again, lol. oh yeah, your that guy everyone talks about. anyways, why 3 days, is there something special u gotta do. :xeye:

You make it seem like yer some god of A3 or some shit, DWAYNE GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!

Naw j\k. I’ll def be lookin for your ass

BTW. Godtier in a3, me and you need to play again

I could use a good match.

Oh, another thing is everyone should fear my scrubby Gen. :karate:

young, can you record that? i wanna see you play alpha 3…

Motoki what do you play? Do you play SNES games too? Especially puzzle games or Bomberman… :karate:

OK. Just finished playing Luckychrono. Pretty good matches. Gotten better man.

Lol, everyone gets to see me lose like 5 games straight :encore: …but anyways ggs man.

edit: the file doesn’t work, I think you have to put the .trc file with it…

edit:nm…I’m an idiot…

I fought this guy in KoF2k2 and thought it was you since he used similar characters/fighting style and you had a good V-Cody…when I asked, he said he didn’t play V-Cody.

He don’t. But he’s knows his basics, Anti-airs, ETC… He suck with his customs though :tdown: He only plays 3 characters If i remembered. Charlie, Ryu and Ken. All V-ism.

When are you usually on?

Ill be on now. look for me in dark addictz server 1

Bleh, im bored so ill just play ya. I remember loosing a ladder match to Ice which was a very close game, I ended loosing 3-2 though. Ill look for ya in Dark Addictz.

I’d really love to play agaisnt you Ice and all the people you have listed. I’m on Dark Addictz alot these days.

Just finished pplaying Ryu1999

Great matches. Enjoy peoples.

Im on dark addictz 1 right now.

You need to get a new computer man lol. That shit was MADDDD slow. When you busted out the infinite I was like :wow: considering i couldn’t even do a regular slide->super with Sim. I guess that’s why I had to resort to Scrub style Gief in the last match

GGs though

I can almost never get on Kaillera, but if I can make it, which programs do you guys use? Final Burn, Kawaks, Mame…?

That Ic3 vs Ryu1999, there HAD to have been delay. Walking into sonic booms like they werent even on the screen.
Every single v combo i saw just mysteriously stopped. I suck at V myself(shit i suck in general i guess), but still that shit was too odd looking.

Haha just stopping mid combo and standing there.


Ok, here’s what I’ve noticed about some input files that are recorded. For some people, if they run it, the video looks desynced. This is after trying itunder “Playback Kaillera Input”, “Mame Input”, etc. I don’t really know the true cause of this (since the versions of SFA3 or whatever other game used, is the same), but some people just see a desynced version of the video.

You need to post the .trc files as well or the replays will go out of sync.