Young Lawyers are SUING their Law Schools because there are no jobs!

*A bunch of recently graduated and unemployed lawyers are suing their law schools for false hope. *

*A total of 75 alumni have filed at least 15 class-action lawsuits across the country, accusing their law schools of inflating employment and salary data to attract prospective students. *

The New York Daily News reported that graduates from the Brooklyn Law School accuse the school of fraud, saying that “attending Brooklyn Law and forking nearly $150,000 in tuition payments is a terrible investment."

The school’s Web site reported employment rates of 88 to 98 percent within nine months of graduation, but the students allege these figures included students who had part-time or temporary work unrelated to the legal field, according to the Daily News.

Recent graduates from New York Law School filed a $200 million class action suit in damages for fraud, negligent misrepresentation, and violations of business law.

*Financial writer Flexo at Consumerism Commentary says that the goal of the lawsuits seem not to merely receive compensation, but to " effect systemic change in the education industry and associations that accredit law schools, like the American Bar Association." *

  • He also says it’ll be hard for the students to win their case, since there are many “factors that contribute to unemployment, including the overall economy, local job markets, and the effort, skills, and self-marketability of each alumnus.”*

Oh the Irony!!!

I want to sue for False Hope too!!!

i thought being a lawyer would give me everything and a bag of chips. it gave me instead a perpetual smug feeling of satisfaction. was it worth $100,000? maybe.

People is getting desperate

150K is nothing for grad school. I’mma be 500K in the hole when I get out =[

… I’m going to file a lawsuit.

So that’s what Lothar has been doing lately.

Bunch of my close friends chose law school about a year and a half ago. One’s at Brooklyn Law now.

Feels like everyone these days is doing law. I could just never wrap my head around the idea that there are that many jobs out there for them. IMO I think a lot of them chose it because it seemed like a safe choice with all those nice statistics they present.

Shouldn’t have taught them the law, law school!

Now that’s ironing.


I hope they win

Like my lawyer friend says.

Law school: anyone can get in. GL w job.
Med school: anyone can get job. GL w getting in.

Q: How many lawyers does it take to realize THERE ARE TOO MANY FUCKING LAWYERS?

I have a little pity for them, but at the same time, I always wonder why these kids didn’t crunch the numbers and consider the job market saturation before signing up.

Back to the Future 2 warned them!

Ha…reminds me of that time when I flipped a shit and killed everybody in my ninja academy because they didn’t have any assassination contracts.

i know. They ran out of MP3 downloaders and idiotic copyright infringements and have now begun to sue each other.

If they sue their school and win does that mean that the law school is really good or really bad?

they should represent themselves in court and win against their law school as an assignment for credit towards earning a teaching position in the school

either way, nobody wins. Copyright trolls, the fact that lawyers cost vast amounts of money (and help in court cases, and can only be afford by the rich generally), and many other levels of red tape and bullshit, is just more proof our entire society needs an overhaul.

:rofl: Oh my god. This is gonna make me have pleasant dreams for a few weeks. run outta things to sue, have we? No more BS court cases to take on? no amber-lamps left to chase?



So a bunch of students overpay for a crappy school that focuses on an over-saturated profession and now want a job just because they learned law. Fools quarreling amongst themselves is no cause for celebration. A chimp could complete those programs (if it doesn’t get knocked out by The Epidemic first).

Lol wow, makes me seriously rethink taking the LSAT in a few months(though one of my coworkers constantly warns me there’s too many lawyers, about time I listened haha)

I am going to go out on a limb, and guess the school had a LOT of classes on how to sue other people, and very few on how to protect civil rights.