Youngstown, Ohio area...anyone out here?


Alright, so I’m looking for anyone in the 20-30min. drive range of Warren/Youngstown Ohio to throw down with in SF4, MvC3, or just about any 2D fighter. Since forever it’s been just me and my bud out here in Warren, but he’s getting too legit to play much lately, so figured I’d see if we have any new kids/lurkers since SF4 and Marvel dropped.

I make no claims to greatness, we’re mid-level out here with no comp, but it’d be cool to hear from any fighter fans in the area, and possibly arrange some game time. I know there’s some scenes in Canton/Cleveland, but if you’re from Warren or Youngstown you’re probably broke like the rest of us, so the driving out there for a game night hurts a little.

Anyway, hit me up here or PSN: PoPoFiveO if you’re interested, thanks.


I am also looking for some Valley offline competition but only play MK9 right now. We have a small group (2-3 people) and clearly I’d like to expand it. We have our own venue which you can view here. also are not above making trips to larger scenes. We’ve made the journey to Cleveland and are heading out there again for Lake Erie Summer Slam on the 18th.


I lived up there (Sharon PA) until a couple years ago now I live closer to central Ohio but if I ever go up to visit family I’ll hit this thread up and try and get some games.


No idea if anyone is still around Youngstown, but if you guys play MK and wanna come down to CBus next Friday, we’re starting an MK night:!!!&p=77105&viewfull=1#post77105


I’m going to be in youngstown for a few days. I’m from Chicago. I’m going to be in a hotel. I play BBCS2, MK9, and Sc4. i’ll be happy to play anyone in my room.


When will you be in Youngstown? We are having casuals tonight at the location listed in the post above. We are a small group that is more MK centric but we have a new member that will be adding SF AE to the lineup.


I’ll be in Youngstown July 20th to the 24th. And good I could sue some MK9 training anyways.


I’ll be up in youngstown sometime in early august. Not sure when exactly but I won’t be there for long. Youngstown is a shitty city and I hate it there very much. Bult if anyone wants to play some marvel or anything snk related, I could tough it out for a lil bit. I don’t play mk and I don’t really play ae. I’ll play a lot of order fighters too. There are just too many to list.


LOL, Y-town can indeed be off-putting to some but if you know the city, there are some real gems here. Our casuals are standard on Tuesday evenings 7:30 - whenever at University Pizzeria & Italian located on Youngstown State University campus You can visit this link for a google map of the location. ,hope to see you then.


Aww… I might not be able to go. I’ll only be in youngstown for the weekend.


Ya me too it will either be sat or sun when I’m there. If shit goes down while I’m there I’m down to play if not then ill just be out asap.


I grew up in west middlesex and would go to Pocket Change the arcade in the sharon mall and the arcades at Olympic roller rink. Man that was a long time ago.
Anyway next time I am visiting family I would love to come out for some Y-town gamin I let you guys know.


Next Tuesday, same time and location. It will be our last meeting at University Pizzeria for a month. Our usual spot will be closed temporarily but casuals will resume there on August 23. During the break I have ready secured another spot less than a mile away. As a footnote, they probably have the best ribs in town and great drink prices. I will make the announcement at next weeks casuals and update this thread afterwards. There will be no rest for the wicked! :slight_smile:


Good shit Rakae lol. I never spent much time at the mall but I was at Olympic Skate Ring for many many weekends


Casuals will be cancelled today at University Pizzeria & Italian. We will resume next Tuesday at the Royal Oaks Bar and Grill. Times will remain from 7:30 - whenever. More venue information to come soon. Hope to see you there next week.


Steel Valley Kombat is Temporarily Relocating

Casuals at University Pizzeria will be temporarily halted for a month for summer vacation. In the mean time I have secured a Tuesday spot at the Royals Oaks Bar and Grill only 1/2 mile away. It is Youngstown’s oldest bar with some of the yummiest smoked ribs and best drink prices in town. Plenty of free parking and good times to be had.

Every Tuesday 7:30 - Whenever
The Royal Oaks
924 Oak Street
Youngstown, OH 44506
Link to Google Maps


Hello there. I’m from Canfield myself. Me and a couple buddies of mine mainly play SF4 but we also play a little Marvel and MK9. Mace, I work every Tuesday until 9, how long do those sessions usually run?


We go until they kick us out. :slight_smile: Seriously, as long as the bar has a crowd they will remain open for us. Last week we closed shop at around 1 AM. The kitchen shuts down at 10 PM if you are interested in that. Hope to see you at The Royal Oaks tonight.


Won’t be able to make it tonight, but possibly next week. I know MK is your main game but have you had any other games running lately?


Meh5o is our resident AE / MvC player and brings those games every time he comes. He would relish the opportunity to play people that aren’t so scrubby like a few of us are. Also next week we are changing the start time to 9 PM. We want to avoid the dinner/afterwork crowd. The place is crazy packed at 7:30.