Your 3 character DHC - How much damage does it do?



So forgive me if this has been specifically discussed anywhere I’ve yet to find it but I was curious to know how much damage your specific IF teams can pull off if you run a full 3 character hyper combo string (DHCs). No combos leading into this… Just straight up Hyper, Hyper, Hyper (no level 3s). I want to know how my current team stacks up (I think it mayyyyy be somewhat poorly but hopefully still viable)

Please let me know:

  • Your team (in the order you typically use them)
  • Which hyper combo each character is using in the string
  • Total damage w/ full mashing
  • Any ‘tricky’ methods needed to string those particular hyper combos together effectively

I’m using IF/Chris/Trish and I’ve found the best hypers (for the sake of practicality in an actual match) to string are Iron Rage/Sweep Combo and Max Voltage. I don’t remember the damage atm so I’ll be posting more info shortly once I have a bit of time in the lab later today. I know it makes more sense to use Volcanic Roar but, with this team it makes it pretty hard to DHC effectively unless I’m forgetting about something.


So after checking it appears my team is able to pull off only (around) 719,000 damage with the hypers mentioned above… and they are not very easy to chain in order to reach that number. I have to get Chris in pretty much exactly when Iron Fist wall bounces the opponent after Iron Rage so Chris’s hyper will barely connect with the opponent’s feet… Then I have to DHC into Trish High Voltage (I’m in the corner at this point) as the opponent is spiraling to the ground, right when they are around eye level. It is easy to miss the opportunity to DHC at this point and accidentally go into another hyper with Chris instead. I’m guessing this is not an impressive amount of damage. Fortunately it is rare that I would use this tactic since I prefer to keep Trish out of the fight. I guess I can just end the combo with Round Harvest for around 653,000 and get Trish out while Round Harvest is still active…