Your 3 mains going into SF V

who are your top 1-3 mains going to be in SF V initially

I’m interested in all the base game characters, first two will be Rashid and Ryu. Then maybe either Sim, Gief, Nash, Laura or Chun.

I’m only going to have one main…the rest would be subs.

Mika, Fang…and Mika

Main : Ken.

Second : Laura.

Third : Probably Juri when she gets out or Urien. Before that I don’t know maybe Dhalsim, I feel like trying him.

Paul, Kotal Kahn, and Pai chan

  1. Chun-LI
  2. Chun-Li
  3. hmmmm… let me think about this… … … … Chun-Li

Ryu,Bison and Gief

Waiting Urien too

1- Bison
3- Chun-Li

Will probably replace Chun-Li with Urien later. Overall I also intend to legitimately learn Balrog, Guile, Necalli, and Vega as well.

Bison will always be my #1 though.


Ryu, Juri, Ken’s hair.

1-3: Random Select

Because I have love enough for all.

Ken, Laura, and maybe Karin.

The whole cast until Alex comes out.

Based upon my beta experience I’ll be maining Rashid to start, though FANG interests me enough that I’ll try him out as the first charge character I’ve ever used. This is all just buying time until Juri comes out and then she’ll be my main until the end of time.

I will only main Karin and Rashid during the base game but when the DLC dudes come out it’s Alex all the way. 1…2…HYPAH BOMB!

Ryu/Chun/Karin until Ibuki arrives. Also your mom on the side.

Honestly I love everyone on the roster but if I had to choose…

Chun-Li, FANG, Laura

M.Bison (always my main Sf char the dictator) Fang and one of the DLC chars if they are charge.

I may or may not pick up Bison tho, he seems sorta fun