Your 3 Most Difficult Match-Ups?

Most difficult character match-ups in you opinion, except for Sean.

Oro against Chun Li (SA2)
Hugo against Elena (SA3)
Q against Remy (SA2)

Because a turtling Elena is very frustrating for Hugo, and a decent Remy can do a similar thing against Q.

Oro against Chun
Hugo against Ibuki
Hugo against Urien

Alex against Chun is really hard too

As long as his threads don’t get banned LOL, I’ll reply to something IF it amuses me!

Alex against Akuma used to be tough, but I’m getting a bit better at it…
Hugo against Akuma is still tough though.
Q against Makoto, of course O_O
Alex against Makoto oftentimes.

HONESTLY, my 2 most-difficult opponents in general are Chun and Yun (BIG surprise, I know). I DON’T get to fight them often; esp. players who are good w/ them.

Necro has a hard time w/ both of them. A while back, I saw a vid where it looked like Necro poked Yun OUT of his GJ-activated command grab (Zenpou-Tenshin…sp?!) w/ a b+mp, but maybe it wasn’t priority and just a range issue, that explains why that worked).

I also saw a Necro beat Chun’s, I think! It probably also was not a reliable punish/stuffing attack, cos it’s too risky or position/range-specific to work consistently.

sean vs urien…evryone else is free

truth, bro. I play Necro no GGPO and I have the hardest time against a really good Yun. I always welcome the challenge though. I have learned how to fight Chun better but she can still always pose a treat. I might post on the Necro section later asking for tips on beating them both.

I swear I see you on GGPO and I challenge you but you don’t accept. Your name on there is RockTakaneSRK and it sounds just too coincidental not to be you. ;p

worst match up in the game for me is
gouki(turtle) vs hugo

Gill vs Makoto (SA2)

Remy vs Denjin Ryu makes me sad.

This match is 5-5 in my opinion.

DUDE…you’re kidding! RIGHT!!! I don’t have GGPO :looney: This is strange. I remember when I called myself “NickKnack” on old Kazaa before the days of YouTube, and someone decided to call him-/herself “KnackNick” :stuck_out_tongue: So many posers! lol Maybe someone could record this mystery person’s matches. One giveaway it’s me is I use SAI 99.09999% of the time, or that I am the ONLY other player I have ever seen who uses b+hp, db+hp XX SAI like Pinoab7, my role model. I call it the ‘Pino special’ :slight_smile:

Hey Roshihikari, you’re KIDDING too, RIGHT?!?! Hugo beating Gouki is about as likely as Q beating Makoto :stuck_out_tongue:

oh ok then. LOL I would love to play you though. I bet your Necro is really beastly.

NAWWWWWWWW. I’m ok, but thanks for your faith lol. My bro JR Rodriguez/Pikachuakuma DESTROYED me last night. One’d think I’d have adapted to his style by now, just as he adapted to me, but he SELDOM flinches and has the reflexes of light. I’m gonna upload some of the matches. We’ve got a joke that we played best to 50, but I only won twice -_- I won a lot more rounds though :stuck_out_tongue: I only recorded about 20 matches. He stays SOOOOOO calm under pressure, while apparently…do not!..

Dudley against Yun
Oro against Chun
Dudley against Chun

Yes, but it feels so good to sweep her off her feet 6 times in the corner. She wants romance, I’ll give it to her.

That is very true.

Probably Alex VS Chun, Yun, and either Remy or Twelve. Good Remy’s know how to keep you away, and it can be difficult to get in if the other can parry. Twelve is just annoying in that you have to chase them down. Almost every Twelve player spams air attacks and plays keep away, but I guess that’s the only way to play Twelve.

As Dudley, worst matchup is against Yun/Chun.

As a Q player…

Makoto - I’ve played against decent Makotos and beat them with Q. The thing is, I’ve also played against GOOD Makotos and got destroyed. Up there in terms of “worst matchups”.

Yang - At least with Yun I just have to worry about blocking Geneijin, wait for that hop kick to block high and karathrow. Yang, I’m ALWAYS worrying about Slashes or getting kara-thrown into Slashes. Beastly Yangs are probably even harder than Ken.

Urien - Q just needs to make one mistake, get sent to the corner and it’s potentially over. This is an extremely hard version of Q vs Alex or Q vs Necro, only Q doesn’t really get too big an advantage when Urien is cornered.

I also want to mention good Alex players kill Q for free.

I have a hard time against Remy in general because his kicks can be tough to get around. Combine those with some well timed rings and he can keep you at bay if you’re not careful.

Remy vs. Yang. Yang is so fast and before you know it you can be almost stunned if the Yang player is on their game.

Urien vs. Alex. Dunno why I have so much trouble with this matchup but for some reason, Alex always gets in too close and I end up getting backed into a corner. :-/

dudley vs twins for me

When I pick Dudley, I have a LOT of trouble w/ good players who play GREAT keep-away w/ someone like Yang, Chun, 12 or Remy.

I personally don’t find Necro that hard for Q to beat, cos unless Necro has SA stocked (preferably SAIII), it’s almost impossible for him to stop Q’s multi-taunts (too far away, and eating far st.hps is no biggie). I often outlast him.

I would expect Alex and Dudley to be harder to beat, since they have full-screen specials that stop his taunts. I often seem to out-poke Dudleys. Hugo seems to out-prioritize him, but that’s probably an even match at worst. I haven’t fought an aggressive Alex for a long time, either. I often see Q beat Dudley in Japanese matches as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Yun gets free non-kara palms off Q, so that scares the hell outta me :stuck_out_tongue: