Your 3 Most Difficult Match-Ups?

Alex vs…

Lately #1 has been Alex vs HUGO (namely, tenkensoujiro)
#2 - Makoto (another karakusa!? no! abare? no? I have no clue what’s next)
#3 - Tie for the twins.

Oh, I agree that he’s not that hard for Q, in fact that matchup is ohhhh barely 5.5-4.5 Necro’s favor if not dead even. This matchup is basically: if your opponent is cornered, you win. Necro’s close-up mixups can be dangerous, but Q can zone him very well and Necro doesn’t have many options to escape the corner.

Q vs Dudley is pretty tough, but it’s probably the easiest matchup for Q vs a top/high-mid character. Dudley just needs to get close to push Q to the corner, but Q can out-poke him pretty well and can keep Dudley cornered semi-decently. Just don’t get cornered yourself and you’re good for the most part. This is also one of the few matchups that’s not against a low-stamina character that I recommend SA2 for.

Q vs Alex is stupid. EX Elbow Slash pushes him to the corner and can punish stupid taunt attempts(out in the open), and once you’re in the corner he makes both parrying and random super options even MORE risky because of Powerbomb and b.HP. A rushdown Alex who’s good at mixups = dead Q. Q’s just lucky that Alex’s hitbox is huge, making him easier to keep out than stupid Makoto.

Yun with Geneijin is scary, but he’s pretty easy to deal with when he doesn’t have that bar. Q has decent enough anti-air tools to keep Yun’s divekick pressure at bay, Yun’s dash punch can easily be punished on block with throw or Super, and his Shoulder/f.HP can be parried on reaction into a big C&DB juggle or Super. Yang is scarier(to me at least) because his pokes can lead to Slashes, which either make him safe from blockstun or gives him a free knockdown, which puts him in an advantageous position. Overall though, the Twins aren’t too bad to deal with…

To AKU: I agree with everything you’re saying, though I can’t fig out what you mean about Yang being safe from blockstun after slashing (maybe I’ll fig it out before I even finish TYPING this :P). You mean, after the opponent is out of blockstun, and/or what I think is called “pushback” after blocking something? :slight_smile:

I thought Chun wasn’t THAT bad–if only cos she doesn’t build meter all day cos then you get free taunts. She doesn’t want to run away w/ triangle jumps and such. Her priority against Q is EVIL–kinda like against Necro :stuck_out_tongue: It’s hard just to TOUCH her.

EDIT: my post is too SHORT now? HAH! WTF is going on w/ SRK again?!?! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • A little of both. I mean you can kara-throw him after the 2nd Slash if he’s right next to you and hesitates, but EX Slashes pushes far enough to be virtually unpunishable by Q. A zoning Yang can be frustrating to play against since his pokes will beat out Q’s.

  • Yeah, Chun’s not all that bad vs Q, especially since she is one of the few matchups where parrying will give you very good rewards in 40% C&DB juggles.

…rushdown Chuns, on the other hand, are incredibly stupid and will make you rip your scalp out.

yeah, rushdown chun vs q is what makes it so imba

lightning legs and headstomp is safe pressure

I think I played Suzu during SBO Qualifiers at Hakata two years ago, and he rushed me down so hard it made Chun vs Q almost like Chun vs Oro. He mixed it up so well, and his SA2 followthrough was just ridiculous. Caught me every time.

As a Q player, versus same skill level opponent:

Tough(in no order) = Ken, Chun, Yun, Yang

**Really tough/ some luck needed **= Makoto

They get away with more vs Q, so they’re tougher.

I enjoy fighting good kens though. Mak matchup is weird and one sided.

wow I thought this was only me. Alex always gave me trouble, i should add him to my list as well.

Q generally has problems against characters that have really good close-range corner mixup games. Alex vs Q isn’t that bad when you play a distance game(and Alex is a huge hitbox which makes him easier than Makoto), but he can close the gap really well with EX Elbow Slash or combo into EX Flash Chop, not to mention push Q closer to the corner. Once Q is cornered, it’s rape. Alex has a very good corner mixup game, and it just shines against Q. I mean, three of his throws beat out both Q’s reversal Super and parry attempts. That’s harsh.

i struggle against sean players as i main gill…

Makoto: Her 50/50 games kill me. I always seem to guess wrong and I can’t punish her approaches (dashes, jump-ins, axe kick).

Chun: Superior pokes. I need better timing and range knowledge against her. My zoning game against her is garbage.

Alex: I really don’t understand why I lose in this match up, but a good Alex player will destroy me for some reason.

Yun: Things just fall apart once he actives. I’ve almost accepted the fact that Genei Jin is practically for free, so I’ll be eating damage regardless if he actives, but a lot of times I can’t catch him when he runs away. I guess it chalks to not having much Yun experience, since there was only one decent Yun player in my scene, who didn’t play the game too much since he was on retire status.

I think my worst match-ups are Oro, Yang, and Chun, although I actually don’t mind fighting Chun or Yang. Oro is honestly the only match-up I really worry about, more-so than Chun (mostly because I’m used to playing against Chun and having to play really retardedly against her).

I struggle with rush down Akumas, Ken(turtles), and Dudley. Dudley is really irritating when he gets you in a corner.

Obviously, Akuma’s TOUGH for Hugo to beat, as well as Ken: their cross-up air-hurricanes are MURDER on his BIGASS hitbox :stuck_out_tongue:

I find Akuma hard to beat for Dudley and Alex as well, thanks to his good offense and air defense (air FBs, air-to-air game, etc.). I was starting to fig out Akuma when using Alex, but then my pal “leveled up” and I can’t come NEAR him now: he TOTALLY controls da pace of the match.

Chun and Yun are generally harder–big surprise, since they’re the best–but they also have good RUNAWAY. Oro can be hard to beat, too, for the same reason. Necro is NO Dhalsim when it comes to range. A good player that blocks, turtles and tech-throws ALL the time can be hard for Necro, imho. What I do at that point is build meter and try to get in a taunt for a damage boost, and go after them. Necro’s hard to rush down with, cos his priority is the WORST in the game, overall, I think. I have to bait a LOT so ppl will reversal-whiff, and fake a grab, then try to b+mp XX SA them or b+hp juggle since it has good range. His dash-in SUCKS cos the hop at the end lasts too long (he covers ground well but lands too slowly to surprise ppl, usually), and his uoh is such a high, slow jump, that it often gets parried or reversaled (unlike the SHOTO uoh).

Picking Q can be a useful TEST; just for forcing players to get more aggressive w/ their own characters, to see how they try to close in on you, just cos they don’t want you to taunt all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Maining Ibuki I would say:

Ibuki (SAIII) vs Chun Li (SAII)
Ibuki (SAI) vs Yun (SAIII)
Ibuki (SAIII) vs Ryu (SAI or SAII)

Now, the problem with Chun I believe is semi universal; and thus, doesn’t really need to be explained.

Same goes for the GOOD Yuns and SAIII.

Ryu might need a bit of explaining. Now, I believe Ryu is the hardest of the three (real) shoto’s because of his moves having a higher damage value. Sure, Akuma is faster, but so easy to stun with such a target combo character as Ibuki. While Ken is generally seen as better than Ryu in 3S, Ken players don’t pose such a problem to me. Ryu’s on the other hand, are just difficult.

I think at this point that when I’m using Necro, after Chun or Yun, Akuma’s basically the TOUGHEST match-up for me, but I mostly mean when I’m playing JR :open_mouth: I’m gonna add a big post about this in the Necro strats section in a bit.

It’s interesting you listed Ryu when NOT using Denjin. I have a personal weakness against it, but I’ve improved on parrying it in the corner. On the other hand, I find Ryu’s moves hard to parry cos the timing’s different on some of his moves as compared with similar attacks from the other shotos. Getting hit from the back w/ his tatsu REALLY hurts, too.

wow ibuki vs ryu may be 5-5 but to me its more like 6-4… its a easy matchup for ibuki.

its like speed and technique versus a buff hard hitting slow fighter.

speed & technique > slow muscle-heads

I think sometimes this game should be called SPEED Fighter 3 :open_mouth: Fast often = win. I think if Ibuki were easier to use, she’d be higher-tiered, but she’s risky to play (mostly the hp thing). I mean, I think about how Hugo and Q are lower-tier, and how Yun’s 1 of the best. 12’s fast but low damage potential makes him risky as well. Sometimes it seems like the most important thing a player can do is try to make a slower character look faster than s/he really is, but that in itself is tough, I think!

Ibuki vs. Ken
Ibuki vs. Chun
Ibuki vs. Twins