Your 5 fave matchups: Any Game

What are your 5 fave matchups (to play or watch) in any game and please give reasons…

Personaly I’ve found, that often, the real gems are to be dug out in less popular games, or are fought out among low tier characters in matchups that never get played. Obv people have different emphasis on what makes a great matchup for them, but here are 5 (among many more I could list) you may not have played that I relish…

1.) Guile vs Dhalsim - SSF2T
This match is an uphill battle, but I love taking Guile up against Sim in ST. People deride SF2 by saying its ‘all about matchups’, but here is an example of why thats a great thing. This is totaly unlike any other match for Guile. His normal stock in trade doesn’t cut it here so you have to get creative with his moves, essentialy improvising new uses for everything. Every inch you manage to close on Sim has to be won with specific application of his moves. Imagine trying to rushdown in chess…
See my breakdown here:

2.) Cheng Sinzan vs Terry Bogard - Fatal Fury Special
This has to be one of the best midscreen battles ever. Both characters have answers to each of the others pokes and footsies (without the use of the stupid Guard Attack gimmick). Both have high/low mixup ability, pressure strings and fireball zoning. Terry’y pressure strings come from his combined ground threat of a low fireball, sweep punishing CD attack (much like ST Guile’s sobat only much slower and therefore more risky) and his walk in thow. Cheng has an arcing fireball (that can go over Terry’s to trade at the right range), a sweep punishing hopkick and a rolling attack to punish whiffed moves. There are no completely safe sequences, pokes or pushouts ,when attacking or deffending you have to pick the righ range and height of you attacks, every move can be beaten by the correct counter, which in turn can set up a counter pressure string. All this makes for fantastic, back and forth, zoning poking footsie battles. If you watch one of these matches in an emu replay in fast forward, it looks like fencing…
Just a fantastic match that I’ll try to breakdown for the FFS thread one day.

*these three are one’s in games that I can’t speak with authority on, but (in high level play) embody the qualities I hold in highest regard. In other words, I like to watch rather than to play, so dont hold me to any statements I make here …

3.) Gen vs Dhalsim - SFA3
As far ass I can see, this match has someone with high mobility, high priority pokes and close range poking strings vs someone with reach and area control. Its a battle to establish each charaters effective range, and there-in is what makes it so technical. There are several other matchups that I class along with this (that are often the result of pairing two specialised characters with very specific defficiencies and effective ranges), inc: Rolento vs Dhalsim SFA3, Dictator vs Dhalsim SSF2T etc…

4.) Iceman vs Sentinel - Xmen COTA
Imagine zooming in on the area between two characters engaged in a close range footsie game, then streching that out out to cover the entire screen. What you have here is something akin to a fullscreen footsie battle with giant hitboxes controling whole areas of the playfield. What appeals to me about this is the fact that unlike the kind of possibilities you have, with say, MvsC2 (fantastic game that it is), where its possible to completely lock down, so you need alpha counters or assists to extricate, here there a big gaps around all the crap thats being thrown out (Ice Balls, Sentinel Drones etc…) and you can’t exonerate you recovery time, so you have to pick the angles and the combinations carefully because a well placed projectie or poke can find its way through, making it very real time back and forth. Lots of other matchups I enjoy watching like this one including Sent vs Sent - XmenCOTA, Blackheart vs IronMan MSH etc…

5.) Basara vs Sogetsu Kazama - Sam Sho Tenka
Basara is very interesting, a kind of trade off between mobility, area control and reach. The matchups I’ve seen where he’s pited against an equally interesting area control character, have all been fantastic tactical affairs.

What are youur faves, and why.

MvC2 Sentinel vs Cable by far.

Even tho Sentinel is at a slight disadvantage, this match is pretty much all about who the better player is.

Sentinel has to worry about not being shot down or outzoned to death. Cable has to manage his meter and zone Sentinel really well or else he’ll get stomped to death.

runners up:

MvC2 Sentinel vs Storm:
a really even match. Sentinel has all the tools to take Storm down and vice versa.

V Charlie vs V Ryu:
Charlie has a midscreen VC, but ryu’s corner VCs and mixups are killer. charlie’s normal moveset is slightly better than ryu’s but ryu has a better crossup. the matchup seems really even.

A2 Rose vs Chun:
Battle of the bitches. both characters cant really jump on each other and both are also really dominant on the ground. whoever makes the best use of their meter and low mediums wins.

cvs2 A Rolento vs A Vega:
Vega kills rolento air to ground. beats all of rolentos ground anti airs and can avoid his knives easily with his jump. however vega has a hard time dealing with rolento when he gets close and start poking vega with s.lps. vega is much faster than rolento and has slightly more reach on his normals but rolento can dish out more damage per hit and have a really good crossup leading to good damage.

  1. MVC2: Sent vs Sent -

It is really the pinnacle of DBZ-ness, fast free ranged flying, impressive mid-air combos, and Rocketpunching. What more could a boy ask for?

  1. CVS2: A-Balrog vs Sagat-
    After watching Combofiend take out Sagat so efficiently with A-Rog and his RC punches, not to mention his awesomely painful CC. HA HA HA NO ESCAPE!!!:badboy:

  2. SSBM: Captain Falcon vs Marth-

Those of you who’ve ever witnessed Isai and Ken play these characters will know thet in terms of speed and skill this is one heckuva fight to watch!

  1. A3: A-Guy vs A-Gen

My 2 favorite A3 characters duke it out. Both have killer combos and are very fast. Really nice to see them fight because they can both turn around matches in one combo.

  1. SSB64: Captain Falcon vs Fox-

My favorite fight to play because both characters are fairly equal against one another. You basically know that who ever lands the first clean hit will take off your stock 9 times out of 10.

Q vs Yun-Haha, build that meter vs taunt time. Making Yun do more than one big Genei Jin for the win? priceless

As above…
A2 Rose v. Chun-li- Good chess match.

Zangief vs. Ryu anygame
-Characters built to decimate each other, always fun

Necro v. Akuma
-eh, just enjoy that one

Guile v. Ryu CFE
-fast tight fight, could go either way. Both characters have dangerous counter set ups

Third Strike - Oro VS Dudley (Love seeing this match-up since it’s so rare, and I enjoy watching both characters)

Last Blade 2 - Speed Moriya VS Speed Akari (It’s like a giant crack-fest. As well, Akari is one of the few characters with a combo starter that has enough speed/priority to make Moriya think twice about mass glitch 'porting)

Vampire Saviour - Bulleta VS Jedah (Bulleta’s missile zoning puts a kink in Jedah’s usual offensive air game)

Super Turbo - T. Hawk VS Fei-Long (Rare match-up that’s fun to watch).

Alpha 3 - I’ll second A-Gen VS A-Dhalsim.

Guilty gear slash: Potemkin vs Roboky( i dont know why i just do)
St: Vega vs Chun
3s: Yang vs Ken
Vs: bishamon vs morrigan
Cvs2: Kyo Cammy Sagat Vs Ryu Ken Sagat ( Im weird i know. I played this match up alot with my friends here)

honda v. balrog (jp bison)…

it’s just sad…

but seriously, Ryu vs. guile… for me, this match kinda evolved from the beginning, when blocking low and sweeps were big deal cheap and pulling off a shoryuken was omgwtf…

more than a decade and a billion shoryukens later, and i still look forward to seeing who wins this one… and ultimately, it all comes down to basics… solid strategy and nothing too flashy… my personal favorite match of all time


charlie&juggernaut v. sabertooth&zangief

actually, any mix up of these four… i remember these teams weren’t the best, but they were awesome to watch… a good geif made everyone eat pavement, but watching juggs connect two head crushes made baby jesus cry… keep/run away wasn’t AS bad as mvc2, so both these guys had a good chance…

charlie v. sabertooth were fun to watch as well… these guys tore it up… damn this was a great game…


Faust v. Ky

Faust is jus plain fun to watch, and on the occassion he does dominate a Ky, it’s just that much sweeter…

Tekken 5

kazuya v. baek




so many to choose from… but Guy and Sagat were two local favorites that were great to watch when they clashed… watching ken and sodom fights got boring, but these matches (on the rare occassion some one good was around siiigh) were hella good…

honorable mention:

CvS2: hibiki v. sagat

ryu v urien 3rd strike, i have no idea why i just really enjoy it

Bust gaira v slash amakusa SS3 this is one fucked match gaira can basically turtle and wait for amakusa to use one of his long recovering normals and guard cancel with qcf HS, but if amakusa gets behind gaira he wins, it’s a fine line between winning and losing

V sagat V V gouki again i just enjoy this one

sodem v gief in zero 2

lee v ray fighters history dynamite, on one hand you have ray, doesn’t really have a weakness, on the other you have lee whos only weakness is projectiles, you’d think it’s cut and dry but i’ve won and seen people win with lee againest ray definently an intersting match

chin v clark 96

SF2 HF Ryu vs Boxer
ST Sagat vs Boxer and Ryu vs Dhalsim
3S Ken vs Yun and Dudley vs Urien
Tekken5 Steve vs Bryan
Mvc2 Justinwong vs sanford

Kazuya Mishima vs. Any Mishima. I like the utilization of EWGF and the idea of triumphing over a superior Mishima

Remy vs Hugo(3s), Paul vs Wang(t5dr), Wolf vs Shun(VF4evo), Taki vs Astaroth(SC3), Anji vs Millia(GG#r).

All of the first characters are my mains for each game, vs the chracacters I like fighting the most.

Ralf vs. Kyo in KOF2k2

Blanka vs. Dhalsim in HF

DHwan vs. BJenet in Garou

Boxer vs. anybody in any SF2

Zangief vs. Boxer in any SF2

^Haha at the fourth one. Tick throws handed out like Halloween candy.

-I’m going to second Zangief vs. Ryu in virtually any game as well. I often find gief vs. shotos amusing. A pity the master akuma challenge of old didn’t push through :lol:

-Sentinel vs. Cable is another good one, it’s been a subject of debate for as long as I can remember, but having a good Sentinel play makes it fun to watch.

-Shermie vs. non-Iori/non-shoto. Mirror matches are a pain in the ass, but against other grapplers it gets interesting.

  1. Makoto vs Akuma/Remy - Karakusa into 100% stun combo! poor akuma/remy :frowning:
  2. Dudley vs Makoto - cause I have a hard time beating koto with dudley…
  3. Remy vs Remy - love seeing players utilize overlapping LoVs
  4. Dudley vs Chun - Chun has an advantage over Dudley, so I like to watch an uphill battle.
  5. Urien vs anyone - but only a urien that buffers and partitions… gotta love those aegis setups :slight_smile:

Urein vs Gouki in 3s! Its just that Gouki is a rushdown beast and urien has to play really thought out to win, nice matchup.
Also Gouki vs Chun, same applies here except that Chun has the upperhand here.

Shoto mirror match. Two highly skilled shotos facing off is like living art to me.