Your 5 WORST Match-ups



Seen this topic in other character forums so I thought this would be nice for us Gouken users too.

Anyways here are my 5 worse match-ups:

  1. Zangief
  2. Blanka
  3. El Fuerte
  4. Barlog
  5. C. Viper

What are yours?


how can blanka and balrog be your worst matchup? Gouken can take those two out, I dont think you are a good player


Apparently you have not fought good blankas and balrogs. What are your worst matchups?

Balrog is my worst. Zangief I’ve lately been able to develop a decent strategy against. Blanka. Then good Gen’s. Good Seth’s.

The last two really because of a lack of practice (haven’t run into too many Gen’s/Seth’s on PC).


I add you? I paly seth, we can play


Nice – are you on XBox, PS3 or PC? I have PC, but I think I’m gonna switch to XBox to have access to a wider audience


I play on PC
Fuck XBOX, i have it on xbox but I get damn input lagg
btw I add you tomorrow, I am going to sleep now


Have you fought against good Blankas and Barlogs? If you do, you will know why I have them on my list.

Still you shouldn’t criticize my skills just because of what I think are my worse match-ups. I can beat Blankas and Barlogs easily, but a good Blanka and Barlog that knows their Gouken Match-up can be a huge pain in the ass. Specially when they take advantage of Goukens poor wake-up game.


1.) Zangief - By far. Lag abuse on XBL with gief is terrible. The only option is to spam hados like crazy. Decent giefs will be able to get around this.

2.) Balrog - Empty jump ins can be a problem. Once again lag can be a factor in this match with the overhead thrust.

3.) Honda - If you guess wrong on which direction fireball you will be punished in a very big way. This fight can go either way, however, I find myself in the losers bracket more often than not :sad:.

4.) Cammy - Decent Cammy players know the matchup well and will capitalize on my mistakes. Ultimate and super go under fireballs so you have to be very careful on how you zone. She is also very quick which can rush down a unprepared Gouken fairly easy. Her crossup game can be decent.

5.) El Fuerte - If you don’t have meter to wake up with it is a guessing game that I am likely to lose. Elf’s crossup game is sick nasty and Gouken has no wakeup game whatsoever. Elf will take major damage and can be punished easily, but once he gets going it can be a sad day for Gouken.

On the flip side my easiest matchup are…

1.) RYU! - I have about a 75% win ratio against Ryus. I feel like Gouken has every tool in order to win this fight. Which is very nice because lots of people play Ryu :wgrin:. Which makes me get to finals in championship mode often! I feel like if I lose to Ryu, it is my fault, or I am really impressed with the Ryus play style.

2.) Gen - mp Hados all day = Gen shutdown. I have fought a few decent Gens that get around this, however it is still easy to punish.

3.) Viper - An offensive juggernaut for sure. She is, however, weak. Punish her for her fallacies. Make her think twice about jumping in with a counter here and there. Also an easy match for me.

4.) Blanka - I feel like I have this fight down to a science. Bait the ground slide with hados then lk demon flip works couple times a match I’d say. You can counter his ulti. Play the match smart and patient. This used to be my toughest matchup learn the matchup it will become easier.

5.) Sagat - I also believe in this fight Gouken has many tools to get around Sagat. Palm strike through tiger shots or EX flips. I use air counters often in this fight. I am about 60% on this matchup. Would prolly have a higher percentage if Sagat didn’t do so much damn damage :looney:


To be fair, all the american tier lists outdont do any of the console characters justice, and if you look at the ones from a reputable source like then you’ll see the order fluctuates arbitrarily to match how the most recent big tourny turned out. I trust the japanese charts much much more than ours, but unfortunately they dont include console characters, as such I’d say it goes a seomthing like this(preface: gouken has a lot of 5/5’s, like ryu, but if you watch matchups of high level ryus, he has his biggest problems with characters that are 5/5 on his list, and honestly i feel the same about gouken, just with some certain console characters giving him trouble that havent been mentioned yet at this point is sf4’s play cycle.)

I agree with his 4/4’s being most of the a ranks, but his honest to god hardest matchups are

1)Zangief- all your pokes trade of lose, fireballs are dangerous when he has bar, and zangief empty jumps a lot 2/8 or 3/7

2)** Fei Long**- i agreed with the prima guide putting him at an A rank at the very start of sf4, and Fei has all the tools to shut down anything gouken does. Hes just a natural counter pick. 4/5

3)Cammy- she is so fast and her mixup is so good and your wake up so bad that youre at best left to guess work on wakeup and during block strings.

  1. Akuma- better mix up and has option selects 'nuff said. he has the same mixup options as you, but can beat you with pokes, and a fist cancel or df->fist user will beat you on wakeup every time. 5/5

5)** Ryu**- while gouken can be a ryu killer, a chris hu or mixup/aggro style ryu will win more often that not against even the best gouken.5/5

So, balrog and blanka and bison really arent that bad against a gouken. He has a lot of options against them, and sometimes are a natural counterpick against those characters depending on play style, but honestly the above are his hardest options. Gouken will destroy most charge characters, and like akuma, is a sagat killer. C.viper and fuerte can be killed with smart back dashing, and honestly win most of the time on novelty since very few good people play them to their potential, even then, a comparable gouken wins the day.


My five worst match ups for Gouken in order of complication would be
1.El fuerte
2. C.viper
5.E- honda
Believe it or not Most Akuma, cammy, ryu, ken, bison, sagat, balrog, zangief, blanka, Dhalsim, well pretty much every one else in the line up I crush even if the opponent is highly skilled especially ryu players. Really not to boast but I think I have the best Gouken player on the map I have yet to make this a fact but its hard to claim something if you cant even use Gouken in tournys



you can use gouken in console trnys… and everyone knows that killakelly is the beast lolol

hit me up sometime on XBL if you want mayn


USSBalls lol unfortunately I play on PC ,but isnt their a way to play x-box players? (I dont know how but Im sure it works because of my friends it says X-box next to there name) If you find out let me know ill easily show you who’s boss my ID is: Osiris241 oh and as far as sanford Kells Gouken I seen enough vids to say mines compare (oh and I played Alex Valle online and smashed his Gouken vs Mine) trust Im rdy for any tourny Ill probably spank Kellys gouken so bad I will force him to pick Cammy Hmph.

P.S oh and Yes Im a cocky son of a bitch but trust me a skilled player such as my self could back it up.


Zangief (good ones – scrubs are easy to bait into punishable lariats)

Vega’s old wall climb jump just tears me up. In online matches, I never know if I’m being crossed up, hit front, or thrown. And maybe it’s just my horrible bad dumb luck, but I guess wrong about 90% of the time. If anyone plays me on the pc, you can literally beat me doing nothing but that one damn move. You don’t have to do ANYTHING else but just switch that up and around and I’ll lose.

Bison has crazy priority over gouken. If you go in the air, his footstomp beats every single move you have. If you are on the ground, he can just punish the tar out of you. Throw in tick throws and it’s just evil.

Zangief is only a problem in experienced hands. If someone can get through the fireballs by focus-dashing/jumping through the air fb’s, etc to get close, it’s practically GG. His air attacks all seem to have priority over all my abilities except counter, but every time you counter you eat a throw.

Boxer has great tools vs gouken if he has patience. The hardest boxers use EX armor breakers to get in close then lock down with jabs and random throws.

Honda has just been beating me lately. Not sure why, but I’ve only been winning about 35% vs him. I used to beat him fairly easily, so maybe it is just me being in a slump.


It varies from day to day, but I’d have to say in general my 5 worst are, in no particular order:

  1. Zangief - mostly because the keep away game I use only work to a point. I do the right things, just not all together.
  2. Blanka - this is mostly due to lack of Blankas on SF4PC. I cannot consistently punish balls, and sometimes forget the range on the slide.
  3. Ryu/Ken - I lump them together because it’s different sides of the same coin. The book on Gouken online is that you can abuse empty jump to throw. A lot. I’m getting better at teching, but only just.
  4. Sagat - Tiger Shot Spam + good range on f.rh and s.rh = Sad days.
  5. Bison - He has good corner pressure, safe moves, and not too many people play him online.

I find for the most part, however, that any difficulties are either from lack of play, or lack of knowledge concerning the matchup (with relevant practical experience).

  1. Zangief - the lariat i cant time it right just yet off and on
  2. Blanka - good blankas cross ups and wake ups games
  3. Cammy - just so quick dont no the match up
  4. vega - he’s just everywhere and jumping mp has helped though
  5. rose - she throws me all day, I dont know how to tech throw most people get me for this
    and then I get baited for the shamwow ultra/throw when i demon flip.


1 - fei long.
my win percentage against him online is fairly high because not many fei long players understand how powerful chicken wing is against gouken.
that stupid move starts off invincible, shifts to armor break then ends up nonpunishable.

2 - balrog.
wow, what a prick.
his options from jab and the speed of his jab make him a pressure monster.
the thing that bothers me the most is all the armor breaking though.
does overhead really need to break kongo?

3 - vega.
vega’s barcelona drop is extremely powerful against my gouken.
his backflipping makes me want to stab myself in the eyes.
i cross my fingers a lot in this match.
i think a lot of my trouble stems from the rarity of solid vega players.

4 - fuerte.
strong wakeup game vs gouken!
i think i am getting smarter in this match by reading the fuerte boards, but my general ignorance against him causes me problems.

5 - zangief.
his wakeup game is the best in sf4.
gouken is a little on the weak side when it comes to wakeup options.
zangief is challenging, but i feel like gouken has some good advantages against him as well.

  1. Zangief- This match up has been alot easier since learning how to punish the green hand.
  2. El Fuerte - Crazy mix up game esp. on wake up.
  3. Akuma- Even though I win 80% of these matches a good Akuma is always tough to fight.
  4. Balrog- Just like Akuma a good Balrog is always tough to fight.
  5. Viper- Haven’t played too many of these, but this match up is getting alot easier.


My 5 worst match ups in no particular order

Balrog - A good balrog applies a fairly heavy amount of pressure. Though i have slowly started to uderstand how they play and how to get around their pressure.

Chun li - Only due to the fact that there are 2 very very good chun players in my area that i know personally and they cause even more pressure then i find with balrog i dont know if it just me but its annoying as shit lmao.

Zangief - For 2 reasons…Lariat and empty jump ultra. I also find that if i do demon flip kick and its blocked i cant get away from buster. I can usually get the round into my favor then lariats and all that start coming out like made and then oh no empty jump ultra and i get screwed lol

El fuete - He is a damn monkey, i ussually get raped the first round but after that i have adjustd to how the person play but its still damn annoying.

Rufus - Mainly becuase of his instant dive kick mix ups confuse the hell out of me and when i do get some good pressure goin i get stopped but ex messiah

  1. Balrog
  2. Sagat
  3. Bison
  4. Blanka
  5. Zangief


For me I have to go with to separate lists. usually it would be:

Gief, Ryu, Abel, M.Bison and Cammy tend to be a bit of an issue, I put them in no particular order, I haven’t seen enough consistent opponents to truly rank them yet, but command throws and limbs like bisons kick get to be trouble if I don’t figure out my opponent soon. Cammy in there cause I wubs her <3 (it’s really just a top4)

When playing online the list is different.

Blanka, Fuerte, Seth, Gief, Ryu. The input delay I suffer from online in some matches is very aggravating, sometimes it reacts fast though and I can handle Blankas and fuertes just fine then, cause the last minute blocks, kongos suddenly work again, but when that delay takes a while, man I’m so free XD