Your advice for me against Fie Long (video)

any advice would be grateful

  1. Always go for full TC4, or at least TC4 3hit. I don’t know why you would want to ever skip the st.HP part of the target combo. It’s free damage.
  2. Please stop jumping. You keep getting away with it for now, but it won’t work against good players.
  3. Please stop doing random neckbreakers. See #2.
  4. Avoid using cr.HK during your strings. cr.LK , cr.LK , cr.HK is a bad range to use it, and there’s no need to use it, when you have other, safer, normals that can still reach. cr.HK is almost always punishable by rekka, so at the very least make sure you space it very well, like only use it at max range.
  5. You can vortex/okizeme after cr.HK. Take advantage of this; don’t let your opponent get up for free.
  6. Good cr.HP antiair usage. I like this, but you need to antiair everything, when possible.

Not much to say here. You won, so I don’t know why you want advice. Post losing matches instead.

Also please post here instead of making a new thread: The Shinobi Secrets: Ibuki Video Thread