Your base stance

So I know the whole point of Gen is to have a fluid change of stances back and forth using what is best for the situation, but I’ve found that changing stances to get a specific normal can be really unpractical and frankly doesn’t work fast enough.

I find myself in crane a lot more than mantis. In fact my ratio is probably something like 80% crane, 20% mantis. I think the main reason I stick to crane is the jumping MK cross up and cr. HK anti air. I’m also not pro slap chop yet (works maybe 50% of the time).

So whats your base stance and why?

Mantis. Crane has too many unsafe attacks and too little damage potential for my liking. Gekiro, MK->hyakurenko, the long-reaching c.HK; it’s all very tasty.

I occasionally switch to Crane to get Oga or surprise Jyasens. Also, MK crossup->c.LK->PPP super. This morning I did get my ass handed to me on a silver platter by a Crane expert though, so I think I’ll start looking a bit more at the various tricks he pulled off (short Oga->throw, short Oga->c.LK, short Oga->crossup… argh, the mixups!).

A lot of crane is unsafe if used anytime other than the perfect situation. I’ve learned to use things like standing HK and cr.HK in completely safe ways (even cr. MP isn’t safe unless you go into roll). Cr. HK for anti-air is just so amazingly solid. He also setups up the perfect range for MK cross up.

I’m pretty new to Gen, but I’ve found myself sticking to mantis most of the time. Coming from a character like rose I’m very used to a reaction/psychic style of playing. Mantis allows me to do that more-so than crane. However, I tend to switch to crane just before I jump. The crane FP and double FK keep me safest, for now. That, and oga to escape from corners and stay safe on wake-ups. I’m trying to use more of crane for mix-ups though. I’ve noticed a lot of people get amazingly confused when gen is flying all over the screen. Short oga to grab or whiffed srk punish tends to work nicely. But, as I said I’m new. So maybe I’m getting pretty lucky.

Generally Crane when im far, Mantis when im close. Though its very situational when I am up close I can really be in either.

Crane walks faster and jumps further.

Yo, I’m mainly a crane guy to be honest. The wall jump is so practical! and gen does also have an anti air kick (crouch hk, although the recovery time is aweful on it and if you don’t connect with them then they can FULLY punish you.) that can be used as a reaction attack for when they jump in, which I find easier to use than gekiro, in mantis, if the connections not great, and you can hold you charge for a quick wall jump after the kick. Plus, if you’re in crane and you find yourself with a super then there are MANY ways to get that off easily. Such as crossing them up with the jp mk - ch lk - (mantis) super - gekiro / ultra. Or in crane you can cross up wall jump whilst switching stances into mantis super - whatever you feels right.

I use crane a lot and would say it’s my main stance, but make no mistake about it mantis is just as important to me. Gekiro is a great anti air, shame it can’t set any other combo’s up :wink: and can only be used really as a counter unless you’re using it to finish a little attack like cross up mk - gekiro.

I say crane for now, but as soon as I fully master mk hands and start “chopping em up!” I think I’ll mainly be in mantis.

I use both stances in perfect unison.



Most matches against low-health characters I stay in crane more to get in or get out and then I’ll switch to Mantis after an approach to get my damage done.

Against high-health characters with big punishers I’m usually playing Mantis most of the time and just trying to out-zone them. When I see an opportunity for crane normals or air attacks I’ll try to take it to keep the pressure, mindgames, and mixup fresh, but usually I’m right back in Mantis as soon as we’re reset to square 1.

These are just generalities though. My fingers are faster than a maniac bastard’s so it’s not difficult for me to walk up in crane and then instantly switch and PPP to sweep or vice versa to AA. I try to always use whichever stance and moves I think will hit them XD

You get super/ultra comboability, great air attacks, and great crossup and mixup potential from either stance, with Mantis getting a nod in safety and practicality and Crane getting a nod for its WTFability (a new noun has entered the ring!). My advice for newer players is to use whichever stance you prefer and have more success with but try and look for reasons to switch stances as you’re familiarizing yourself with Gen. Chances are you’ll eventually find and learn to abuse them.

Good luck and happy Gennanigans!

Do you really think mantis is able to that much more damage?

Also, what are the best times to change stances. I know while on the ground and during hit stun you can change without animation. I find the whole changing of stances to react to the opponents actions kinda troublesome.

I stay in crane 85% of the time. First reason is not because of strategic purpose but because I like how Gen looks when he’s in this stance xD. Second reason is probably because I can do a j.HP -> c.MP -> roll combo against lariating giefs if timed right.

I change to mantis when I’m doing MP MK hands, poking w/ c.HP, and for confusing online opponents with low jump after a few cross-ups with crane I change to crane right after just to see his crane stance and normal attacks.

well, i know i’m a noob gen that has a very lacking knowledge of crane stance, but i can dish out really good damage with mantis through the use of mk xx hands combo’s.

There’s a very long answer to that first question that I began typing out before I realized I’d give up reading it myself after the first two paragraphs. If you want the full answer ask me and I’ll type it all out for ya later :wgrin:.

Simple answer: Mantis has the safest, fastest, most reliable, most mobile (i.e. no need to factor in charging before hands combos), and farthest-reaching (i.e. combo off mk poke) damage. The stance falls short of crane in areas like walking and jump-in speed and distance, safe chip damage (mk hands is obviously safe chip damage but it’s a pathetic amount compared to the chip you net from blocked roll combos), and post-combo positioning (roll combos generally leave you at a more favorable position than hands combos when not factoring in FADC’s). Use both kinds of combos…well…when you think one will help more than the other one will XD

Regarding that second question, I try to switch stances while moving, while in block stun, and while performing another move (air attacks included). As long as you don’t stand still and switch stances you’ll never get the stance-switch animation that leaves you vulnerable. Regarding switching to react to your opponent, it’s tedious at first to go from mantis to crane to stuff that bad crossup, but once you get more used to the flow of Gen and practice your execution you’ll find things like that trivial.

I also tend to use crane often, since i lack the ability to mkhand. i always use cross up mk to to super, good damage and time to do it, but I get punished hard if i mess up the timing. Also i usually do oga resets after, via . it catches ultra mashers, srk mashers, sweep attempts, and with correct timing it beats lariat spam ( although i still mess up herev <_< see the patern? ). mantis is for quick reaction base attacks, usually via geriko vs jump ins or quick mk cross up (mantis). MIX IT UP IS THE KEY EVENTUALLY.

Be faster. :wgrin:

If you can’t change stance quick enough on reaction then try learning how to react in whatever stance you’re in, eg. poke, anti-air, punish, attack.

The problem with crane is that Gen doesn’t have reliable pokes other than lp roll but that’s obvious and requires charging. This is the reason why mantis is superior in close range.

It also helps if you try and read your opponent’s option/next move. Then you can change during attack/block stun and react accordingly.

you guys see that one gen in sb4 teams? he played all mantis except for super/ultra, and played gen like a charge character sittin on down back most of the time. first time i ever saw some shit like that. he even randomly beat a few big names too

I think that’s the beauty that Gen has two stances…

If you stay in one stance majority of the time…your opponent may find you predictable…(Jedi mind trick your opponent to the ground!) >.<

Using the right stance for the right moments…may determine how the game will go…

I’d say that I’ve been using Crane a lot more lately. Not necessarily because I want to. I’ve just developed a habit of getting back into crane and getting the charge ready. I like to be confusing and Oga feints are fun. I’m still having a lot of trouble with my mobility on a stick but I’m getting better at it.

Depend on who I face… most of the time I’m playing 60% Mantis, 40% Crane, but against shoto I change all the time to surprise them. If I’m in a bad moment, I usually go on Crane and dare things that you dont dare usually, it helps me to surprise some opponents (like an overconfident Sagat who tried to cheap damage me with Tigers in a corner, I just wall-jump-Ryukoha on him… dont mess with Gen!)