Your Best Moment of SF4!

Here is a place that you can share with others.

For me, best moment : My First Video got upload in Championship Mode :rofl:

Fun moment : when PPls taunt you during the game and you beat them afterward :wgrin:

Worse Moment: Lost in EVO in T-16 Pool fight! :wasted:

dammit POONRAY…

insane comeback against a ryu with vega, i had a pixel of health and was about to get pixeled…ultra’d his hadouken, did a izuna drop off the wall…went in for two clutch grabs, then walked in and backflipped his shoryuken =D bait ftw…

all of my “best” moments are just me beating up on random people online. Not much of an achievement there :frowning:

Clutch c.hp xx ex shunpunyaku off a cross under reset feels nice, but only by comparison because I fuck it up more often than I do it right.

Best moment: I had no health left (playing as ken), and wanted to do air ex-tatsu into ultra while he was in the corner. But I had no meter, so only a normal tatsu came out, hit him and as it seems he was in the first frame of a jump, because he floatet quite high and my ultra hit him and killed him off with the last hit :smiley: lucky game for me

Worst moment: When I was G3-C, I had like 8000 GC and could actually upload a replay (which suprises me in afterthought), but pressed the wrong button and canceled the upload -.- I never managed to upload a replay again and it still bothers me :frowning:

Woo… ur Worst Moment really remind me, I was uploading my Video and I got DC…what a great time!.. end up I only gain the GP wiped my old video and no new video uploaded… :crybaby:

Just an exciting match that happens once every long time without a video camera upload.

Playing it 5 or 6 months before it came out on consoles at Evo 2k8 on the 10 Viewlix cabs they had. That was a slice of Japanese arcades for me and to experience the 10 year awaited sequel all at the same time was just something I’ll never forget. Playing C.Viper for the first time and having no idea what I was doing (and I still actually won a couple matches surprisingly). Being destroyed by Kindevu’s Rufus was also fun.

When my friend’s Zangief did EX Running Bear Grab, i did c.hp xx Tornado Throw and i went up on my seat with both my arms in the air spinning, and threw him down for the KO. Any Abel vs Gief matches with Abel winning is one for justice!!!

Upset moments are anytime i play online, i do my cancels and shit right, but when i elbow the guy up for the Ultra it lags and makes my Ultra come later…-_- Online is some bulllshiiiiiet

Dashing into ultra as chun to hit a taunting ken from full screen to win the round and match.

Best moment? So far, it’s beating an 11000GP Blanka with my 3000GP Rufus. Now, I regularly beat 10000+GP people, so this is no biggie, except that Blanka is my worst matchup, and I’ve had serious trouble giving’em the ol’ boot to the head earlier. In that match, though, everything just clicked. I mixed it up enough that he simply didn’t know what I’d do, and I defended against most of his stuff, even finally managing to punish a Blankaball by walking half a step forward and crouch-HPing. (Something that constantly escapes me otherwise, either due to my inability or due to lag.)

It was a hella close fight, and towards the end of the third round we were both low on life, me slightly more healthy than him, and we were both cautiously weaving in and out trying to find an opening… When I tossed out a just-out-of-range Messiah, and hit him with the HK followup. Best of all, this won me the championship.

There’s no set worst moment, but sometimes those specials just don’t come out right. What should’ve been a reversal EX Messiah comes out as a forward-MK, and what should’ve been an Ultra comes out either as an EX Snakestrike, or I simply mistime it and turn what should’ve been an antiair Ultra into a free combo for them. Those fights, when NOTHING works, suck.

walking up a third of a screen and oicho-ing somebody to win a round.

Best Moment: I can’t think of anything so I’m just going to name my biggest come back. I literally came back with no life left against a Sagat. I probably had like 2-3% stamina while he had about 70 or so. I somehow go untouched and land several hits. He’s down to 30% or less and starts throwing hundreds of tiger shots. I put everything on the line on my prediction that once I forward jump the next tiger shot, he’ll keep throwing more and I can land Ultra. And I guessed right and also timed it perfectly to avoid being hit by his tiger shot and win.

Luckiest Moment: Mashing DP on a Seth who was right next to me, I was almost dead and its desperation time. He does a backwards jump HP, I super instead and the first hit knocks him up. He then lands on the rest and is killed by it. Total accident and it worked out in my favor.

Worse Moment: Mashing DP on a Ryu who was standing right next to me. He’s almost dead and I’m going to chip him to death. Instead of a EX SRK, I get Ultra. He jumps over me, does a FA and hits me with a full power Ultra and I die. Total accident and it didn’t work out in my favor.

Both are very true, no joking involved. Mashing is a double edge sword. It can help you get out a move ASAP if you don’t trust your timing, but other moves with similar motions may take priority and get you killed as well. So until I can think of something better or something better actually happens, those are my three.

Best Moment: I let a friend win second round once while I snuck behind him and chugged the rest of his beer.

He celebrates, then goes to grab his mug and in the ensuing shock I gave him a swift from Dictator.

Luckiest Moment: Landed a blind anti-air ultra while a friend was maliciously blocking my view of the screen. Let’s call it yomi.

Worst Moment: Responding to this thread.

Best Moment - There have been a couple of times where I am down to my last 5% of life and made a comeback but the best one was against a Ken player that taunted me after he made me dizzy. He could of won while I was dizzy but decided to let me come out of my dizzy while taunted 4 times. I on the other hand, ate some spinach and proceeded to destroy him and win that round and the next round. He then sent angry hatemail saying I cheated.

Luckiest Moment - Doing an ultra by accident on a taunting Balrog lol.

Worst Moment - Any time I get destroyed by a random wake up ultra.

Nice mashes dude

You read it wrong, I mashed for 2 and 3, but not 1. I hope that helps.

this^^ and hearing someone screaming and cursing while I’m beating there ass

Whenever you play against somebody who takes you for a fool and you prove them otherwise.

Whenever I play Ken, it seems people try the lamest techniques and think they’ll actually work (Hovering over me and waiting for reversal SRK for example). One trick I’ve enjoyed doing lately works against Chun players (Which also works against Abel players) is baiting Ultra. Okay, so you have a full Ultra, I can see the red meter, it’s not a secret to anybody, yet you stay on the other side of the screen spamming projectiles, as if I’m stupid enough to fireball you back. Really, c’mon guys, don’t take EVERY shoto player you fight against to be an idiot. I’ll toss a fireball, and quickly dash cancel backwards. Boom, wasted ultra. One great moment is when a Chun player had little health left, tried to ultra me as I dash canceled, and the start-up frames wore off as she began kicking into the air before my fireball connected and KO’d her. Ahh good times.

Best moment: Winning a back and forth match against some Blanka. I was lying on the ground with a sliver of life left and he did his ultra to try and chip me down. I managed to EX shoryuken him to win. Pretty epic for me.

Worst moment: There’s a lot lol. Probably missing a basic shoryuken after some Ryu whiffed his ultra, leading to defeat and a broken controller. I couldn’t do anything but punch for the next round so I got dominated lol.