Your best/worst predictions this year

This year’s about to end, so the topic is simple. What did you think was going to happen this year that came true, and what went way the hell the other way? Any category you feel comfortable discussing is OK (except for the usual shit like religion and politics). I’m sticking to my usual stuff (movies/games/tv):

-Breaking Bad would be good. I had a problem with the very end, but overall, things still turned out great.

-Uncharted 3 was as good as I expected, though, like BB, I had a problem with the very end.

I’m being vague because I don’t want to spell out all this shit and these things were still great.

-Season 6 of Dexter would be good. Please know that I had the best statistical evidence on my side: all the even-numbered seasons up until 6 were favorites of mine. So, no way 6 would disappoint, right? Please, Dexter, don’t ever go “Wire” on me and try to make your whole season revolve around a central theme again. You’re not as good at it as The Wire was.

-I remember watching the trailer for Mortal Kombat 9 last year and thinking it would be a soulless cash-in on the series’ mythology, while destroying it at the same time with bad story and gameplay. Then I got the demo and, off that, got the game. Despite bad online, it and SSF4 are the only fighters I play online now. To me, it’s revived MK; I had totally given up on MK before 9.

-I remember hearing about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 last year and thinking it would be so awesome. A great add-on to a great series, with new characters, and an upgrade to the gameplay we loved in MVC2. Then I got the game. X-Factor. Oh my fucking God. There are other things I despised about MVC3, but I could deal with them if X-Factor wasn’t there. I tried with the game, but got to a point where the ONLY reason I was playing it was because the Video Gaming Club at my college was playing it. Then the demo to Mortal Kombat 9 came out, and I just stopped playing.

Machida would win.

That Capcom would never release Ultimate in the same year as Vanilla was easily my worst prediction =/

That Mayweather would fight Manny Pacquiao…


He’s been fighting too many people that he fucking outclasses… pick on someone you might not win against…

We need a fight of the decade to go down, because that one versus Oscar De La Hoya was not it…

Well that’s all I can think of…

i had a dream earlier this year where i told myself that there would be a great flood in november

Hitting the mid-mark in my 20s would suck.

I’m a damn psychic.

Worst - SRK would become more manly and less bitch made.

Best - SRK becomes more bitch made.

p.s. Is bitch made suppose to be one word?

Japan would have a big ass earthquake (mostly due to the fact that there were tons of foreshocks months before 3/11)