Your biggest disappointments this gen?


The other thread has me thinking. What are your personal biggest disappointments this gaming generation?

I can definitely say that there more facepalm worthy purchases this gen than ever before.

Biggest personal ones:

Mass Effect 3 - made the hundreds of hours in previous games 100% meaningless

Marvel VS Capcom 3 - wasn’t even a complete game

Street Fighter X Tekken - Is it a coincidence that it came the same day as Mass Effect 3?

Gran Turismo 5 - I waited how long for THAT?

Test Drive Unlimited 2 - After the first TDU was such a sleeper hit?

Import Tuner Challenge - new gen sequel to Tokyo Xtreme Racer? Much less content than previous titles.

WWE games - still uses tons of assets from the PS2 era games, and they REMOVE shit every year, that hackers find still on the disc.


SFXT and MW3.




GT5 for sure- the whole standard vs premium cars fiasco, missing classic tracks etc etc polyphony digital dropped the ball
SSX- wtf was that shit
Socom4- Socom was once the king, they need to just give us Socom2HD, we already done petitions


strekken, the dbz games, mw3


LOL i liked SSX basically tony hawk on ice


Sega delaying US/EU release of Anarchy Reigns.



or is he last gen?

either way :coffee:



thats good progress actually


blazblue. not the gameplay or the story, just the way it was handled ct cs cs ex…multiple splits in a tiny community and should have all been addons to Calamity trigger , those games feel like my biggest waste of money


pretty much everything

the only games that didn’t were Dark Souls and various games that I wasn’t really excited about to begin with and turned out somewhat better than I expected


The UFC games are up there to forgot about them


MvC3 was the biggest disappointment of my life :frowning:


I actually like SxT so fuck you inevitable shit storm of haters.

GTV was a big disappointment for me, hugely hyped, a huge amount to live up to and it couldn’t even have usable menus.

I really didn’t like HDR either, the definitive edition of SFII, Super Turbo 2 you say? What a load of crap. That game is ass compared to ST.

I’d claim the Call of Duty games are disappointing but honestly I don’t have any expectations, I know they’ll be shit when I buy them, I just buy them because it’s addictive collecting points for things online while mindlessly holding down right trigger.


The implementation of Xbox Live, the douchebags that ran to the possibility of trolling online (in FPS games), the over saturation of FPS titles (and degradation of previous ones…why did Splinter Cell need autoshoot and neck stabs?!), and seeing both MK9 and SFxT at EVO while BlazBlue was dropped despite having an amazing training mode, sharp graphics, and a nice handling system.


Mega Man X for the iPhone. I didn’t buy it, but just watching a gameplay vid with all the features shown made me realize just how little Capcom really cares anymore.


This gen? The Mario games that didn’t have “Mario Galaxy” or “Mario & Luigi” in their titles. Shitty level design, no level editors despite seeing the obvious tools used in their construction, Wii-mote gimmickry, and it goes on like this.

This gen’s Metroid and Zelda games. Metroid Prime 1 on GC was last gen, I think, but if not it’s the only exception along with Wind Waker.

Nintendo this gen in general, with some very rare exceptions.

If Halo 4 does the whole experience grind noise far too many FPSes are incorporating, fuck it too.

Here’s a pre-emptive “fuck you” to Doom 4 while I’m at it.

This is a remarkably silly post. You like SFxT and hate on HDR which already sours me on anything you have to say, but then you shit on CoD (which I don’t even care about) despite saying you’ll buy them just to mindlessly grind.


Gamers this gen are the most disappointing of all.


The Wii, just in general. Any trust I had in Nintendo is irreparably broken.


This gens biggest console seller that we all use for door jams and dust collectors and bookholders

  1. MVC3 & UMVC3 - I just don’t like what they did to it.
  2. Blazblue - Far too many updates, way too fast.