"Your brainless antics would try the patience of a saint!" - Doctor Strange Combos. BnBs in OP!



Agreed mazio. I need to train more with Storm, definitely. Also I’ll give Magneto a try, since he is similar to Storm on gameplay (and does more damage, but loses the awesome DHC and THC). Storm on point can be a threat, I’ve seen some footage where she completely whips out a team, as her movement is the best on the game. That’s why I like Strange + Storm duo: one has bad movement and high damage and the other great movement and low damage. If only whirlwind hit fullscreen… or the typhoon assist was the L version… can’t be mad though.
I liked to play point Strange though because i’m terrible at blocking and i was absolutely free to incoming mixups, after Storm died. So i think i just need to get more experienced on blocking. Hidden missiles totally works for him, as he can mixup, combo, and get saved from a combo which would kill him. Also you can make Doom safe by teleporting.


DHC-ing out of Hail w/ SoV as early ss possile also nets you a FoF Loop, spacing dependent.


Soo all those Xfactor combos can only be done with Lvl 2 Xfactor Mazio? And that was interesting you were using the input nullification glitch already. I was wondering how you got those Impact palm out so fast.


is the optimized midscreen FoF loop the one Mazio posted a while back?


I’ve been able to do c.l c.m c.h palm s pause so they can get higher above me, [ palm FOF palm land, dash palm, s] repeat brackets, you can screen carry your opponent to the corner also. the timing is a little tight, but if you learn it, its pretty easy imo.


Because of the 39-hit-rule we found, Yode.

Basically the combo will allow for a flame-loop extension after a launcher if you are below 39 hits into it. Of course this can be surpassed - specially with assists that will allow you to get the enemy into the air without using a launcher, such as missiles or jam session - but as for Nemo’s team, you dont have that, so they optimize the meter-gain and damage by doing less reps on the first two launchers, and go the whole 3 reps on the last one.

ps: I missed you guys! <3


I wanted to try out Strange ever since I saw Yipes onscreen. After some lab time and thanks to this thread, I was able to do a FoF loop in the corner. Great stuff in this thread and shout outs to Maziodyne.


BTW, the “Rule of 40” (I had to name it at some point) is totally viable. It does like 60k more iirc than the standard 3-rep version with the same starters and whatnot.


Hey guys, long time lurker here. Just sharing some Strange tech for my team spencer(b)/vergil(y)/strange(y)

-If you get a grab in the corner(air or ground) with strange, if you THC, Vergil’s dimension slash keeps them up long enough for you to recover from SOV and cast a red orb to otg and go into a full FOF loop .

  • WIth the order of my team, if in the corner and get a command grab with Spencer and I have minimum 2 bars I can raw tag Spencer>Strange. Now my team order is Strange/Vergil/Spencer and use the same concept as above (THC, red orb, FOF)

  • Thanks to rapid slash assist, you can take someone to the corner with an IP loop…hard to explain, but will try to get a video up(somehow)

Lots of little interactions with the team, really like playing it. Sucks that bolts hits so high!!


I really hate it how Vergil gives so much tool to his teams, besides being top 5 character on his own…

Anyhow, I think I’ve just found the most reliable way for me to enter FoF with solo (I used to be to depends on Wesker’s OTG).

After usual IP/jump loop, just landing and goin for M H IP FoF (IP FoF, if needed) IP S etc…
The nice thing about that is that it works when you really are inside the corner, so it basically eliminate most of the spacing problems. (tested on Magneto and Strider)
the full routine I practiced:

cr.L cr.L IP > S > JC H Teleport > j.H j.IP > land > jM jH jIP > land M H IP FoF IP FoF IP S > FoF loop.

cr.L cr.L IP > 2x Red orbs> FoF > jump froward, j.M j.M j.H jIP > land > M H IP FoF IP FoF S > FoF Loops.

If i get that implemented in matches ( as my Strange tends to be the last one standing) I might be able to implement more FoF into my game, plus upgrade my damage input.


Nice found. I usually go for s.H > IP > S > IP flames… after the palm loop, but when you are really close to the corner this is don’t space you really well.
Also I hate how Vergil is that good too, but as I like to use Strange on point I need an overpowered guy to take the situation if I lose Strange. But I’m really thinking about changing teams again. I can’t find a team that work with my favourites :frowning:
I’m getting really good with Strange BTW. Just need to stop using raw s.M > mystic sword L so much and use safer options XD


The corner carry with Vergil can be after a jump-loop, like this:

LMHS (s.jump) (delayed) j.M j.H j.Palm (land, regular jump) j.MMHPalm (x2) Vergil assist (can be called alongside the last j.Palm) (give it a slight delay) Palm~TeleportH (teleports) j.Palm s.HPalm~Flame~Palm~Flame and so on.


Anyone with the dreaded nova/spencer/strange team, you can actually get a little more reps on the FOF loop. Plus using the new unlfy tech, you get more damage.



I have been looking to add Strange to my team for more damage. Is there any damaging TAC combo with this character? The only one I could work out myself is after a down exchange in the corner do fly, unfly, falling h, impact palm into FOF loop, but is there anymore I could do?


I think Mazio gives the versions of all TACs into FoF. If he didn’t add it to the first post just look it up in the last pages, it was presented couple of times.

As I know it, from up TAC i just Do Fly unfly, wait IP close to the ground to FoF loop, Mazio got a bit different version, side require you to teleport down (with M?) and wait for him to come down into your IP etc…

Having so many stupid combo/air tools, I find it hard to believe he won’t have practical TAC infinite in the months to come…


Even Jill has a derp TAC infinite now, can we get an easy TAC infinte for Dr Strange too pls? T_T


I honestly don’t like TACs, so I don’t think I will be looking into one for Strange or doing one if someone ever finds a practical one. My team already has too many ways to kill you as it is.


Yeah TAC infinites aren’t really necessary for most Strange teams because you can get TAC infinite damage at least for the most part. It’s the same reason a team like Viper/Vergil/Strider won’t even need TAC infinites because if you get hit or thrown…you should die by the end. Being able to kill people without maybe getting broken out of a guess game is very important for tournaments.

Strange’s loop combos are pretty big on meter build as well.


Thats actually not true, Magneto/Doom/Vergil for example can always get a kill. People at high levels like FChamp do the TAC infinite not just for killing, but for charging extra meter. Every time an infinite kills it gets like 3 bars of meter at least. Playing Strange second on certain teams dont secure a 5 meters free kill. Mr Dieminion team for example, would benefit greatly from a TAC infinite. My Strange team has raggador whiff setups that always kill, but thats meter that go away and could be used for Strange x Ammy THC stuff. Strange regular TACs are not that strong and require meter for getting kills


Most important thing is to have a lot of ways to kill somebody. If they’re dead they’re dead. TAC infinites build a lot of meter for the other team also and if they land an XF2/3 combo on you…they’re getting a lot of meter and a kill any way.

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