"Your brainless antics would try the patience of a saint!" - Doctor Strange Combos. BnBs in OP!



I forgot to post this back when I made this, but here’s a video breaking down the FoF loops in detail. It deals with how I (try to) do general combo construction, different character weights, and character positioning. Strange is my weakest character on my main team, so I’d really appreciate any tips and tricks that you all use. The one thing I do differently from the video now is after IP loops, to go into the midscreen FoF loops I do: (land, hold back, st.M, IP, S, etc) as opposed to st.H, IP, S.


How practical is it to kill off a Strange TAC from throws? His lack of a TAC infinite is a real weakness as an assist character. I really like him for my new team though. He provides everything else that I need.


It depends on your team really. He still gets normal FoF loops and if you have both assists that can extend your combos then you should be golden with a DHC. This is probably a bad example, but I play team Nemo. Which means I get full loops and then great EoA extensions with both assists that add a lot of damage and meter for me. Plus DHC from Strange to Nova is really really good. So I will kill, and yes I’m still talking about TAC’ing from grabs.


I’m running Viper/Strange/Ammy. It’s an incredible team. One of the very few teams in the game that I would classify as “complete”. The only thing is this issue.


Try to use strange’s assist to tac into ammy and infinite?


That’s what I was thinking. I was just hoping that there might be another way because one of the main situations I’d want to TAC is when cold star hits. Using Strange after a C’S confirm and then TACing into Ammy is pretty tough.


Wasn’t sure if to post this here or in the team thread, but does anyone know of a consistent extension into HKD using jam session with strange? Doing grounded IP + Dante -> FoF, j.IP j.S is way too inconsistent at high level of HSD for me. Getting the HKD for m DoD -> Super is crucial for me.


Sorry but what’s HKD?


I’m in the boat of what hdk is lol but of you meant fof on your last rep on the ground go fof > IP > fof > ip > jam session > fof > ip > fly > position yourself, do last fof rep. It’s slot easier with jam session then an otg which requires short hop eoa short hop ip then fly.


Hard knockdown, I’m talking about going into j.S to do m daggers xx SoV.


Im picking up what your putting down. Try what your doing now but instead go ip + jam session > fof > fly > j.ip > j.s DoD. The fly will make timing and spacing easier your j.s will cancel your fly and since you’ll be closer to the ground it should be easier. Of that doesn’t work lemme know and I’ll find something out for you n shoot you a video… I’m guessing based off of properties of jam session but im no Dante user lol


hello! Im a frequent lurker in these forums and i was wondering if anyone knows of any flames of the faltine extension using mystic ray? I have been learning shuma and its been a little rough.


Definitely not at the end because HSD (hit stun decay), Mystic Ray would make them flip out. I haven’t tried this but if you can, try doing a hard knockdown and calling Mystic Ray while making an Eye of Agamotto. Hopefully it will be a consistent ender where they get OTG’d into the Eye and you can do extensions from there.


Why do Yipes and Nemo not throw in an extra impact palm flame before impact palm launch after a rep of air fof loops?


You get more launches/re-jumps w/o the extra IP-flame on the ground. Also, IMO, the entire combo feels easier w/o them for some reason.

EDIT: Oh yeah, it also makes it easier to manage the hit count (for the “Rule of 40”).


Honestly I think it’s just preference. Without the extra IP-Flame on the ground, you have better leverage for Vertical Distance as opposed to Horizontal Distance with IP-Flame on the ground. It comes with pros and cons. It means you’re doing less hits which means you’re doing less damage. But because you’re doing less hits, it means you have less HSD and have more time to set up you holding up-back or whatever it is to do the reps. Extra IP-Flame on the ground means more hits which means more damage. You also have to watch your hit count because your HSD is much higher and that makes the last rep alittle tighter then the other ones.

I’m used to the tighter timing and prefer adding IP-Flame on the ground to standardize horizontal spacing and to add optimal damage/meter.


have a question about the timing and rules with the team nemo combo, while u use novas assist, bring out eye, impact palm, teleport h, impact palm
sometimes they flipout or i miss them when i teleport up.
and for some reason on the left side when i impact palm the eye, mystic sword h keeps coming out instead of teleport h


Can strange not tac into fof? I know it’s not an infinite, but does it not do enough damage to get it done?


Sadly, in most cases it just doesn’t really worth it. You have to cut the original combo short to get more than one rep.
And it is not as damaging of meter charging as one might think it is.
Combining with the fact the a lot of the cast has trouble DHC from SoV…


Trying to learn the FoF loop and having trouble with characters falling out after the first off in air. This is there they keep falling out before the second impact palm connects, any suggestions? Thanks a lot guys!