"Your brainless antics would try the patience of a saint!" - Doctor Strange Combos. BnBs in OP!



You’re most likely not spaced properly. Watch a lot of the flames loop tutorials on youtube. Mind the spacing between Strange and the opponent. The point behind the spacing is that you want to let the flame travel a bit before hitting so Strange has a bit more time to recover.


I thought it may be timing I’m trying some I saw on YouTube that starts in the corner

L, M, H, impact palm, L mystic sword, impact palm up, Swhiffs which is supposed to put you in perfect position

I get the first impact plan and for but the second one whiffs

By the way does anyone know the notation for this version Yipes does?



Are you sure that’s the right string? Cause you may get pushed away too much by the LMH, not sure though.

What I am sure of is this: corner grounded IP into crumple, dash in, crouch h, IP xx L mystic sword, IP launch

I know that puts you in perfect position

ummmm what do you mean about the Yipes version, he’s just doing the regular IP xx flame

If you mean the strings that he used before he launched it looks like:

  1. cr L st MH IP launch
  2. cr L st MH IP xx L teleport, dash cr L st MH IP xx flame, IP launch
  3. cr L st MH IP into crumple, dash cr L st MH IP xx flame, IP launch


Should you delay the jump after launcher so you hit them low enough that the impact palm xx off impact palm connects?

Thanks for all your help bro



different spacings mean different delays

If you’re far enough from the opponent after you launch you don’t have to delay the jump too much

As you progress through the combo it’s likely you move closer and closer to the opponent so you need a greater difference in height


Getting better at the the first part of the loop but I keep getting a j.h kick instead of impact palm after launcher. Any reason why the kick comes out and not impact palm? I have the notations on so I know I’m doing forward H and not just H


Usual reasons of getting H is hitting it before or after you move the stick to forward, like when you do launch, up (for sjc), upforward, H, forward or launch ,up, upforward, forward, downforward, H

If the inputs on the screen clearly show forward followed by H without any inputs in between, hell idk you might be throwing the stick back to neutral in between the forward and H

otherwise just clean up your inputs

I play on Dualshock 2 Dpad, easy trick to not get H is do launch, up (for sjc), let go of dpad for neutral, forward + H, gives you clean IP, just a tip for potential pad players who struggle with this


Yeah I’m getting the hang off it now, I like doing up back after launch instead of neutral jumping though. I see that tapping the inputs makes it more consistent. Tapping up forward so you still stay low enough to hit the loop and tapping F+H like you said. I feel I has holding inputs to long

I have a question about the jump loop

Is the TK dp H supposed to be a teleport? If so do I do the teleport motion and slide to up then H?


which setup

I assume you’re doing the launch xx tele falling h IP setup

yes it’s supposed to be a teleport, you don’t have to slide all the way up, just upback + h is good


Yeah its the launch setup I keep getting a TK flame of faltine Lol

I’ll practice doing the do to up back like said :slight_smile:


So is this guy saying do f.H then slide up to toward (magnetic blast motion)? Seems like it shouldn’t work. anyone do this method?



This method is the original method found by Maziodyne and there are plenty of people that use this method. IMO, I think this method is outdated and the up-forward motion carries the risk of you moving closer than you should. If done correctly though, it’s perfectly fine. My method that I like to use is to tap up after s.S and then neutral, IP xx Flame. There is plenty of time to tap up and Strange will automatically jump to where he needs to be. You can also tap Up-back if you need to gain some space and still do the same thing. Hope this helps.


Oh OK yeah going into neutral after launcher is helping me get cleaner IP’s. My issue now is that my FOF won’t come out sometimes. Thats why I thought this method helped that. I noticed when practicing and in that video just IP xx FOF xx IP that either all three would connect or the second IP wouldn’t. Is it correct that getting all three to connect is the execution you need to connect the loop? What am I doing wrong?


Yeah your looking for all three to connect. His video puts an emphasis on hitting the IP and then the flame. However, you need the second IP, or to be alittle more precise, your last hit needs to be an IP. The IP before you fall is what’s gonna allow you to continue the combo on the ground.

If your having problems with your fof coming out at all. Take a look at your inputs, my guess is your hitting H a hair too early. Your probably hitting H on your down back and hence not actually completing the entire motion. If they are popping out before your fof hits them, then your doing it too late.

When you get solid at this loop, you can visually hit confirm your IP into fof, this will lead to some great consistency. But until you do, you need to just immediately go into fof after you do the IP. Don’t wait for your brain to say. Oh it hit… Just commit to it for now. As it becomes more natural, it just becomes a rhythm that your used too.


Yeah this helped I do S. go into neutral f+H and then immediately slide to down back H and it’s hitting. Thanks bro!

However is it common to have an issue with DB motions not working on one side vs the other. I can not get FOF to come out on the right side anyone for the combo. I do the same method on the left and it works perfectly. I think and hope its my pad because I’ve noticed alot of issues with inputs registering at the bottom but not coming out. Down back, the down for down airdash (Morrigan) etc :neutral_face:

Edit: I mean QCB not down back Lol


Is there a certain timing on the relaunch into IP xx fof because I keep have having the opponent fly up to far for it to connect


maybe try input it earlier


I see the problem was I wasn’t doing the magnetic blast motion but when I do it but Strange jumps forward with IP and throws off the spacing :confused:

Or the second impact palm doesn’t connect, like it’s too far away but I’m doing s.M s.H IP xx l. mystic sword xx IP, S which puts them at the proper spacing :frowning: help


I need some help on how to time the super jump and the next hits in: S, sj(forward)j.M, j.M, j.H, f.H nd after that the 2nd forward jump j.M, j.M, j.H, f.H isn’t connecting. Full combo is M,H, f.H,S, super jump forward M, M, H, f.H, jump j.M, j.M, j.H, f.H, uf jump, j.M, j.M, j.H, f.H, st.H, f.H, S, sj. M, j.M, j.H, S xx Spell of Vishanti


It’s been 03 months, but if you’re still having troubles with this, it is all about delaying each of the aerial normals, in order to make the palm hit when you are already falling.

To ease the process, try doing just M-H-Palm in the air, and connecting with a s.Palm when you land. That’s the easy version. As you get used to that timing, try and ad the jump sequence after you land. Holding up/forward as you land also helps.