Your button configurations

Is there a thread for this already? I looked but to no avail. I just got my TE stick and don’t understand the Arcade Stick controller settings default. I’ve never used a stick before and assumed the buttons were punches on top and kicks on bottom and they went from light to med to heavy. What do most people use?

Six Button:

SFIV 8 Button Default:
LP-MP-HP-3P(3 Punches)
LK-MK-HK-3K(3 Kicks)

I use (because the left most buttons are too close to the stick for me):

Thank you. I think I’m gonna go with like:


We’ll see how that does. I CANNOT do moves with this thing yet. Shoryuken? Ain’t happenin. Hadouken? Na.

One thing to consider is that if you ever think you might one day stumble upon an SF4 cabinet and want to throw down in public, you might find that muscle-memory based on an 8-button layout leaves you handicapped.

Personally, I switched off the 7th and 8th. I have no SF4 cabs anywhere near where I live, nor do I have any plans of ever going to somewhere that does, but… you know… just in case. :lol:

you’ll get it in time…

I was the same way with the pad, but that’s because I’ve been playing in the arcades since day one…

before there were guides to show you how to shoryuken, we learned to do it by a tiny counter clockwise circle in the lower right (if facing right, default 1st player) corner (small clockwise circle in the lower left, facing left, 2nd player default)… does it every time… the Z motion you see works too… both hit the switches the same…

ya im learning shoryukens on the stick now to. whats better the Z motion or the small circle? whats more reliable? i wanna learn the right way.

I have been doing the Z and getting it. The big problem for me is that the Sanwa buttons are SUPER sensitive (breath on one, you’ll see lol) and I hit the button before the full rotation. This freakin’ stick is amazing though. It feels so solid.

I have problem hitting all 3 button at once still, had the stick hmm… 1 week, it’s happening once and awhile but not always, need more practice :smiley:

guess a matter of preference… I’ve never done the Z in a game ever… and I can shoryuken straight across the screen without missing a beat…

try both out a bit and see what works best…

the little circle is just a flick of the wrist type motion I don’t have to think about… and have been doing for almost 20 years… :rofl:

im a n00b when it comes to fighting games, actually my first game was mortal kombat on the snes. and now SF4. Using the pad I just wiggle my thumb in the lower left or lower right corner to do a shoryuken. Now I’m using a hori ex2 (until my TE arrives) and I find it hard to do a srk consistently.

Are there any videos of the counterclockwise circle method? I really don’t get it…

arent there any video tutorials on how to hold and play with a arcade stick?

Not any videos to speak of, but I’ll try to explain better…

take the entire area of stick movement and divide it into 4 equal pieces. If you are facing player 1 default, focus on the lower right quadrant… press the joystick forward, make a counter clockwise circle in the lower quadrant from forward, back to forward… the circle will go about half way down, not all the way to the bottom of said quadrant… viola, dragon punch! hopefully that helps… :slight_smile:

Doing little circles from the crouching position is better, since your character won’t be moving.

this is true… just wanted him to get the idea…

once you get used to it, it’s like nothing… just a flick/twist of the wrist…

nothing more fun than a good wakeup dragon punch!:rock:

*block into grab, :wink:

Ha that’s how my cousin taught me. Changed my life forever. It’s really as simple as doing a tiny circle in the quadrant.


not if you are jumping in… :wink:

Well, crap. I’ve been training myself to do the z motion. Which will work most consistently on all games? I’ve heard that SFIV has somewhat more forgiving inputs when it comes to dragon punches.

Your mileage may vary…

I am so used to the little circle method, this is best for me… and much easier… less thinking involved… lol

I’d imagine 99.9% of people have their button configuration like how the arcade game was originally made. We’re all just used to that layout by now.