Your Capcom vs. SNK Teams and Rivalries

With Super SFIV in existence, I think it’s time we talked about the possibilities for new teams and rivalries if Capcom should ever decide to make a new installment for the CvS series.

Some stipulations to make the discussion interesting:


For Teams:
Teams will be comprised of three characters in KOF fashion. The idea is to explore potential crossover interaction. That said…

  • No all-Capcom or all-SNK teams, because they’re too boring.
  • Give reasons as to why you think the three you choose would want to form a team.
  • Assign one character as a team leader if you can.

For Rivalries:
Good rivalries, friendly or otherwise, between characters from different companies are about staging fights to determine who would win. Who the better of the two is is up in the air, and this is the very thing that makes crossover battles so intriguing. That said…

  • Make your rivalries as evenly matched as possible.
  • List good parallels and contrasts to make them interesting.
  • Explain why a fight between them is likely.

Most of the time, we’ll be giving feedback on our ideas and explaining to each other why certain ones are baseless, uneven, or bland.

I’ll start with just a couple:

Cool Rhythm Team: Dee Jay / Duck King / Elena

All three incorporate dance-like techniques in their styles and fight to their own internal rhythm. They’re all friendly and outgoing of course, so a get-together between them is only natural. Maybe they’d want to start their own gig? Dee Jay, as the only professional entertainer, would have all the connections necessary to make it happen, which makes him a good choice as a team leader.

Demitri vs. Goenitz:

What can be more ironic than a vampire megalomaniac fighting an evil, inhuman Orochi priest? Demitri wants to take over the world and enslave humanity. Goenitz wants to save the world by resurrecting his lord to kill off humanity and other “pests.” A confrontation between them would be inevitable. As supernatural entities, they’re of course very powerful, capable of leveling entire infrastructures.

Unfortunately mine would stay the same as they already are for CvS2.


Vega and Bison…well, other people around this forum (My signature also gives it away) as to why I’d keep these two together. A master needs a subordinate afterall and Vega is perfect. Plus their styles compliment eachother well.
Geese gets added into the equation because him and Bison being somewhat similar in personality, it makes for interesting shennanigans.

Team leader…I’d appoint Geese tbh. Bison seems pretty negotiable and would probably allow someone to take over the pain in the ass stuff if it were to benefit himself in the longrun. Manipulation is a key element of Bison of course.

As for rival fights…I’m not really sure, going on the mundane elements of Kyo/Iori or something Bogard related would just be pleh and overdone. So I’m stuck there.

Awesome topic! Nothing better than Capcom Vs SNK Teams and Rivalries. So many to choose from, too.

My team: Guile/Terry/Kim

While all three have different fighting styles, they all love justice and the importance of the fight. Guile’s fighting style is a unique mix of military martial arts with some wrestling techniques adapted; Terry’s fighting style is very similiar, except he’s had more formal training in martial arts under Jeff Bogard and Master Tung.

Either way, both generally have a style very similiar to “brawling” due to their respected stances and various normal moves, but it’s much more refined with their impressive techniques and battle prowess. Kim is simply a master in Taekwondo and always focuses on the fight and nothing else. All three have different purposes for fighting: Guile is fighting for revenge, Terry is fighting to better himself, and Kim is fighting to show the power of Taekwondo, while also doing his part to keep justice in the fighting scene.

A leader is hard to choose here, but I think Kim would be best for that part. He seems to be the wisest one of the bunch, and that’s always a key in maintaining a good team.

Rivals: Igniz Vs Seth

Both are tough as hell when you consider their source of power. Seth’s source is his Tanden Engine, which allows him to utilize plenty of his more natural abilities, such as his powerful whirlwind. Seth has also mastered many legendary techniques belonging to the other World Warriors, such as the Shoryuken, Sonic Boom, Spinning Piledriver, Yoga Teleport, and plenty more. Igniz, on the otherhand, utilizes the full-extent of his abilities with his special suit created by NESTS. This allows him to create powerful energy blasts, reflect projectiles, attack enemies with long tentacles that he can direct anywhere since his mind has full control of the abilities within the battlesuit, and gives him the advantage of knowing his opponents movements slightly before they attack.

The battlesuit encorporated all of the fighting data from the strongest warriors, and added to his already formidable strength.

These two are not only powerful, but also intelligent when it comes to battle. Seth focuses more on the potential of a fighter, and if there moves are worthy of being assimilated to give him more power, whereas Igniz just focuses on how powerful a fighter is, and gathers there fighting ability through data, which allows him to power-up instead of emulating moves. In a real battle, there’s no telling who would win here.

Team Crazy

1 Ryuji Yamazaki

2 Juri Han

3 Freeman

Ryuji Yamazaki’s a crazy bastard and Juri’s a crazy bitch , both are sadastic , both get pleasure out of causing pain so they would see eye to eye on things. Freeman is also a crazy bastard, but since Freeman seems to be beserk most of the time he would ended up being Ryuji Yamazaki’s pet. both have diffrent styles and moves however all three are batshit insane.

Team Leader: Ryuji Yamazaki would be the team leader since Juri would be like his harley quinn and Freeman would be like their pet.

I always wanted Tam-Tam, Mudman, and Blanka on a team.

@ Doctrine Dark
Can’t say I agree with Seth vs. Igniz. Bison’s power is a closer match. Seth fears him, and given the likelihood of Juri’s ending to be canon, he can’t even beat one of his own creations. The Tanden Engine can only draw so much energy, it seems. And because he relies on copying other fighters’ moves, he’s basically a jack of all trades and a master of none. That won’t help him at all in a fight with someone who’s, in essence, a technological god. For all he’s worth, the puppet master is still a puppet himself. Lol

@ Sagatryu

That team’s awesome.

Master team theme

1 Takuma

2 Gouken

3 Oro

this is basically my Capcom Vs. SNK verison of the Master team, alll three are masters , all three had students or at lest taught some one and all three can kick some serious ass. Basically they would get together just to show the young whipper snappers that they have much to learn when it comes to combat.

note: of course Oro from SF3 series can be a substitute for Gen since he still keeps the theme intact which is the team is compose of old masters

This is weird but my team would be Ryu/Kyo/Gouken. Ryu and Kyo would be like oil and vinegar. Both sound like they shouldn’t go together but we all know they are the basis for Italian salad dressing. Gouken is there to “keep Ryu under wraps” but also he sees potential in Kyo if he allows him to be taught by him. Another team I could see is Ken/Terry/Andy in an “who’s the best american martial artist” storyline going.

@Gimpy- Yeah, that is weird. Kyo’s too much of a prick to leat Gouken teach him anything, lol.

@Sagatryu- I don’t think Gen would function well on that team. He’s too obsessed with killing. Any old master could make a decent substitute.

Femme Mystics: Rose / Chizuru / Luise Meyrink

Seems pretty obvious. Armed with supernatural powers, these three harbor a sense of altruism and determination to protect humanity from some impending doom. Whether it’s Bison, Orochi, or Addes, they have the wisdom necessary to fulfill the task. Rose’s ability to look into the future would make her a good team leader, as she would know exactly how to alter the course of events in their favor.

Donovan vs. Asura:

Two dark hunters that happened to be inspired by Vampire Hunter D. With corruption coursing through their blood, it’s easy to see them being suspicious of each other at first, leading to a fight to determine their true moral alignments. Donovan’s Dyrek blade, combined with his dhampir blood and elemental powers, should be an even match for Asura’s Seven Ancient Weapons and destructive energy from Makai.

Team Capcom Hero Force three

1 Captain Commando

2 Rocky ( Robo Army)

3 Vitewful Joe

these 3 heroes mostly like would team up with each other and form a super hero team after they learn that somehow their arch enemies are working with each other and that their is a powerful evil force at work behind the screens. the team leader would mostly be Captain Commando since he has leader a team of heroes before. basicaly they team up and form a super hero team to fight evil.

now for fitting music






I know I said fighting game characters only in the OP, but I guess they’re okay for teams. Let’s just keep them out of rivalries. Many of them fight with guns, and the ones that are proficient in melee such as Dante have powers that are too outlandish for anyone to correctly gauge and match with an SNK-character or vice versa.

Powerhouse Team- Sagat / Krauser / Silber

The most likely candidates to host a tournament with no interest in world domination. These three all have the desire to fight strong opponents, but for reasons so different that could put them at odds with each other at any tournament’s conclusion. Krauser wants to prove himself to be the best fighter. Sagat just wants to fight Ryu. And Silber, like Akuma, is a power-hungry monster. Krauser is the only noble of the group with enough resources to promise the other two the fights they’ve been longing for, which makes him an ideal team leader. Silber would make this alliance uneasy but functionable, as he’s proven in Buriki One that he’s very capable of manipulating others to fulfill his own goals. And Sagat has come a long way from fighting out of selfish desire of hatred, and cares for nothing but meaning in his fights, which already makes him the antithesis to the SNK bosses. If anything, for just the chance to fight his long-time rival, he’d join with reluctance.

Mai-Ling vs. Akari Ichijyou

Two 14-year-old girls with a duty to their families / homelands. One’s a powerful Chinese martial artist with enough strength to kill giant monsters with her bare hands. The other’s an onmyoji who’s capable of summoning mythical Japanese monsters and utilizing other spells. It’s easy for one to mistake Akari as evil from her abilities alone, and a hothead with a pre-conceived notion of such like Mai-Ling would surely take it on herself to “teach her a lesson.”

Robo army


Rocky is the odd one on the team as he really doesn’t fit the super sentai team theme, meaning heroes who morph into their costumes.

Laugh Riot Team

1 Hakan

2 Shingo

3 Chin

this is basicaly a joke character team, and not joke is being low tier, Joke as in humor. and the reason why these 3 characters team up with each other will be down right with humorous. their reason for team up with each other wouldn’t even be remotely serious, hench why the team is called the Laugh Riot Team.

Team Gaiden

Leader Strider Hiryu/Ibuki/HokutoMaru

Strider: The Serious, yet silent Leader. The one who want to push the team further to defeat the enemy. He may treat Hokutomaru like a kid, but he is in full understanding that the Ninja arts that Hokutomaru is mastering comes from one who is greater than him, so he doesnt underestimate him

Ibuki: The Shinobi who would want to Impress strider due to his skill and looks. Would be a “tutor” for Hokutomaru since he is a ninja in training. I think Hokutomaru and Ibuki could be the comedy pair

Hokutomaru: The one who will tries to impress both Ibuki and Hiryu due to their assassin skills, but still is looked at as the one who needs to be in school, other than the battlefield. He is with the group because he wants to be strong enough to impress his master, Andy Bogard.