Your Car is On Fire!

A nurse drives for half a mile while talking on cellphone, while her car is on fire. An ambulance was following her the whole time trying to catch her attention (and she didn’t even try to pull to the side or anything for the ambulance that was blasting its sirens, apparently she was too focused on her phonecall to notice an annoying noise… or that her car was on fire). Finally, she notices them and hears them telling her YOUR CAR IS ON FIRE (probably while thinking YOU STUPID BITCH) and brakes, then runs out of the car.

Seriously, if you can’t handle talking on the phone at the same time as driving to the point where you can’t notice your car being on fire or an ambulance blasting its siren behid you… get off the damn road :sweat:


That’s what women do. It’s nothing new. One had to destroy a portion of the freeway in Texas in order for them to make texting while driving illegal.

Play a game of over under with yourself. First, whenever you see an suv, beetle, or sunfire, take bets. 99% chance it’s a female driving. There’s an 80% chance she’s on a cellphone and there’s a 65% chance she’s blonde. These numbers are exact. Usually they’re talking to their friend who is feeding them fashion strategies from the most current, hourly publication. The bad ones are simply trying to imitate Lohan.

The bad news for everyone is that the combination of females, large machines and cellphones are becoming more threatening than cancer and every other form of death imaginable.

Dammit! People on their fucking cellphones in the car piss me off. I just wanna drag them out of the car pull a steven segal on them, just break all their shit.

For some reason, people like this simply infuriate me with irrefutable anger. i can’t stand girls that live off of their cellphones as if its an appendage. sadly, this is the 21st century…

All I heard was “blah blah blah women driving blah blah blah,” and that was it. There is nothing about this video that could have surprised me at all.

Friends don’t let friends drive with vaginas.

Yeah, average woman driving incident.

:rofl: :rofl:

Apparently, it was so funny you had to post it twice.

I would’ve let the dumb bitch burn to death.

I take that back, I would’ve MADE the dumb bitch burn to death. some ambulances have the Jaws of Life in 'em, I would’ve crimped her doors closed so she couldn’t get out, then fanned the fucking flames.

if she’s so concerned about talking on her fucking phone while driving, she deserves to die anyway.

honestly, Everytime I see someone talking on a fucking cell phone while driving, I wanna drag 'em out of their car, and shove that fucking thing up their ass sideways.

fuck her, and fuck anybody else who can’t hang up and drive.

one thing’s for certain, she still would’ve ended up in a cemetary.

Apparently, it was so STFU.

Shouldn’t this be in the video gallery?

You’d think she’d realize her car is really fucking hot.

“I think my cell phone is overheating…”