Your children are too fat... You'll never see them again

A very odd story IMO.

Basically, 4 children of a UK couple are obese. And because they are obese, they are going to be placed in foster care with no contact… They were warned that they have to get in shape or to show some improvement and they had 2 years(?) to do it, but they didn’t get skinnier. So they got snatched up.

Anyway, do you guys agree with what the social workers in the UK did, or do you guys think its inhumane?

It’s the fatties own damn fault. They were warned.

I mean why would someone not want to do something good for themselves, especially if it means keeping their kids? Maybe they didn’t want them idk.

wow…i dunno how i feel bout this but yeah most obese parents have obese kids.

I hate to say it, but if a parent isn’t properly proving for a child, what other option is there?

It’s inhumane to raise your kids as fatasses. It’s bad enough for people to lead unhealthy, lazy, fat lifestyles on their own when they’re adults - but ingraining those exact habits to their kids from when they are young is terrible.

Depends, If the child is at the point of heart problems, yes. If they are just fat and at risk of problems later in life like most overweight people, no. The former situation is akin to not providing medicine to your sick child. The latter is just bad habits.

I don’t agree with it. I don’t disagree either. I’m raising my son and comparing him constnatly to his cousin who’s about 6 months older and I’m trying as hard as possilbe to ensure Nathan doesn’t succumb to the same demons I’m battling and my parents are battling. But there is WAY more to parenting than just how much to feed a kid. The yare setting up the kids for a BAD lifestyle - but to take the kids away can lead to even worse outcomes. I’d rather the parents be forced to pay to have a nutrionists and have other measures performed - verse being taken from the parents. Hell putting the kids in a foster home will cost the gov’t money ANYWAYS.

So that state is right for doing SOMETHING about it, but what they are doing may solve one problem but create more.

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fuck all that parenthood is a right bs. no its a privilege. some ppl shouldn’t have kids. people who raise morbidly obese kids should not be parents.

Exactly. If ur kid is under 10 and already several hundred pounds, fuck that. I knew a dude growing up, his mom fed him donuts and candy and cake and pop. By 15 he was 600+ lbs. His entire family are fat degenerate fucks. In that case his mom should have lost custody or at least been told to properly feed her kids.
The guy grew up and continued his lifestyle. A parent feeding their kid terrible junk nonstop is the same as allowing ur 7 year old to smoke or only drink liquor

I never said its a right. I’m saying that taking the kids away from their parents can easily produce negative results - especially as kids who have a good relationship with their parents won’t truly understand WHY they are being taken away - will quickly and easily develop a negative view of society and more than likely - submit to depression where eating is what comforts them as its what they did when they were happy in life. A problem like that is deeper than just seperation. By NO means should the parents be allowed to travel down that road - but most parents in that situation don’t understand and even when warned don’t grasp the magnitude to which things need to change…so again, I think the kids would be better off with the parents having to pay for a nutrionist - mandated by the state in that situation - to fix the problem, possibly a psychologist as well.

Cause it aint about the parents - its about the kids.

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I see yall point. It does seem inhumane. But the thing is that the social workers didn’t even set up a diet for them. If they wanted them to lose weight, they would of set them up with a diet. They needed to try harder IMO.

But nonetheless I see your point.

I still have self-esteem issues for having grown up fat. I’m fit and handsome, but self-conscious and keeping my weight where it is isn’t passive.

This is perhaps too extreme, but parents really should be held responsible for the health and size of their children. Maybe a tax penalty.

If I have kids, they will not be fat. My kids will have boundries and practice healthy eating habits…To an extent.

We need fat only sports. 100m dash with 600 lb mammoths would be epic

Seriously, I have no problems if you are a grown adult and you want to over eat and not exercise to the point you have diabetes and limited mobility. But I have very little respect for adults who over feed their kids and set them up for failure. While I agree with the social workers in that the parents are endangering their children, I feel their could have been a much simpler intervention as foster care is kind of a bitch for everyone.

Well, there are power athletes like strongmen, who often weigh 300lbs+. But that’s different than being fat.

True, dealing with the BMI calculator I am technically overweight…6’1 185 pounds put me at a BMI of 25.

BMI works only for non-athletes. Most healthy male athletes (and I don’t mean pro, just anybody that works out and hits the iron routinely) will be ‘overweight’ according to BMI standards.

Yeah I can not use BMI calculation by height and weight. I am 5’8 and 200 pounds so it claims I should be on the biggest loser.

UCB warned us.