Your children are too fat... You'll never see them again

lol so the state can determine if its ok to be fat?

holy fuck they need to get their priorities in line.

am i going to be penalized for being a bony shrimp? cool shit.

Food nazis! Haven’t seen that skit in years!!!

what I wonder is, now that the ball is in their court, what is CPS gonna do about the problem? If all they are gonna do is snatch the kids and then not see to it that they are actively engaged in a more healthy lifestyle, then WTF? I guess some countries look at obesity than others. Still, I’m with Unreallystic on this one. They may have solved one problem, but it may come at the expense of creating more.


If your kids are starving then giving you assistance is common sense and an act of kindness. Taking them away from you because your lack of education only allows for you to feed them cheap government subsidized food and your way of compensating is by feedig them more of it isn’t right. But hey, at least the parents don’t have to work overtime to feed the hungry fuckers.

The sumo of Japan would like to meet you.


I know very little about Sumo, aside from some basic history, and the most basic of comprehensions of the rules.

But I think Sumo is a fucking badass sport.

You could have also mentioned like 95% of any starting defense for football teams.

I’m just saying I want an all fat Olympics. Fat boxing, fat track and field, fat skiing, and fat ass dive competitions.

I still wonder if a super fat man could strap on goalie equipment and become the greatest hockey goalie of all time.

edit: and I am talking about one of those guys who needs a fire brigade to knockdown his walls and a forklift to cart his ass out, when he dies.

edit #2: to the post below:

yeah I facepalm everytime I see one of those Michellin Man looking mother fucking babies

It’s funny that I happened to see this thread. Just an hour ago I saw a kid somewhere between 1 and 2 with rolls/fat deposits and stretch marks… seriously WTF?!

Thanks for the laughs. Fucking Michellin Man LOL.

I think more bad parents are going to start fattening their kids up.

@Soviet: Yeah. I’ve seen a few documentaries on sumo and a few good matches. Those guys are human tanks. Tanks with arms that hit like a cannon and bodies that can do to a regular sized human being what a monster truck does to those junkers at the rally…and worse. Cars don’t bleed, break, and scream when hit by an arm that can weigh upwards of 150+ pounds. I don’t think anything less of lethal force can keep one of them from a target. Their training is STUPID hard. I got tired watching a video of it. yeah. The big men ARE that badass. :tup:

EDIT: :rofl: @ fat track and field. I don’t know. I can’t even get a proper imagining of it in my head. The michellin man X six trying to get to the finish line just sounds like hilarity waiting to happen. however, I would have to bet on the big guy for boxing. Why?



I want the fat guy running events to be done shirtless with slow motion replay.


During high school we had this really fat girl who was captain of the swim team…Bitch swam like a whale, we nicknamed her Shamu…

Echoing that sumo is badass. Those guys train SO hard. They devote their entire selves to their sport.

That’s your liberal British nanny state for you.

Very good point. I hope they aren’t going by that bullshit BMI crap.

I view parents who feed their 200lb toddler junk food with the same disdain as parents who burn their kids with cigarettes.

Did anybody even read the article? There’s a picture of the family, and while they’re certainly too fat, they’re not hilariously fat. They were originally given 3 months for their kids to lose weight, and the state took them when that failed. While they could still visit their kids, they cried bullshit and the state agreed to move them into a state-run house (only 3 of their 5 total children could be there at a time) where they were constantly monitored. A social worker actually stood in the room at meal times taking notes. They had to sign in with a live in state employee everyday to make sure they weren’t breaking their curfew. The thing is, the state didn’t restrict what they could eat. Insisting they see a dietician doesn’t help. They were probably still eating giant portions when they ate. Combined with the stress of 2 years of constant monitoring, of course they didn’t lose weight.

By the way, never pay attention to your BMI. It was invented by a 19th century mathematician for the purposes of large scale studies. It was never meant to be applied to an individual.

this has got me wondering

how do fat people even have kids?

like i don’t think the standard “stick his penis in her vagina” works when both are blocked off by walls of fat

Nature finds a way…

Oh, I know. I know a couple that I can’t even imagine the fiasco that sex must be. some positions are already hard enough to accomplish, but imagine if you’re having problems pulling off MISSIONARY. :rofl:

An obese dude with a tiny dick must be the most horrible disadvantage roll in the entire game of life. :tup:

easy way to get around that constant monitoring? GO EXERCISE. Eating right is only half the battle. And the 3 youngest kids are getting fucking chubby for such tiny children with high metabolism’s. Give them a few years and they will be easily 2 to 3 hundred pound high schoolers.

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