Your computer setup

What kind of setups do you guys have for your computers? I just want some new ideas since Im gonna start parting my computer into a much better one.

I want to know what you guys have for everything; mouse, keyboard, webcam, speakers, cpu specs, etc.

Jesus christ, 30 views and no one posts? Dont let me down srk

Are you going to keep your old computer or build a completely new one? Also, tell us what you want out of this computer e.g. gaming.

Peripherals: really, do you want to go all out or just wait for a hot deal? If you want stuff now I’d get the Saitek Eclipse keyboard, Logitech MX518, and Logitech X-530 or Logitech z5300e speakers. (if you’re going to spend more than what these cost there are several different options to choose from)

PC Model: Compaq Presario S6500NX
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.167 GHz
Video Card: Integrated VIA KM400A 64MB
Hard Drive: 160GB 7200 RPM
CD/DVD Drives: DVD+RW and CD-RW
Monitor: ViewSonic G71f+ 17" CRT Monitor
Speakers: Creative SBS250
Keyboard: Default Compaq Keyboard
Mouse: Logitech M-S48

I’ve had this setup for a long time, but I’ll be getting a new notebook next year. This is pretty much a decent computer that has served me well. Not good for gaming though unless playing older PC games (or MAME).

PC: Custom Built
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+
RAM: 2GB of Corsair XMS
Video Card: GeForce 7800GT 256MB
Hard Drive: Seagate 250GB 7200RPM
CD/DVD Drives: DVD+RW and CD-RW
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 940B
Sound: SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio [AC00]
Keyboard: Logitech Pro
Mouse: Logitech MX518

Processor: 2.2ghz
RAM: 1150 megs.
Video Card: Onboard Intel
Video Card: Hauppage BT8X based video tuner / hacked drivers (awesome captures even after 10 yrs.
Hard Drive: 40GB seagate (main os)
Hard Drive: 80GB WD (capture drive)
Hard Drive: 250GB WD (storage)
Hard Drive: 250GB WD (storage)
Hard Drive: 300GB WD (storage)
Optical: DVD-/+R DL
Monitor: Sony trinitron 17"
Monitor: Sony Flat Panel 17"
Sound: Onboard Audio
Keyboard: Generic Black $14
Mouse: Logitech Trac Ball

I built mine myself as well. I’ll be giving this to my kids and starting from scratch in a few months. I want to move from AGP to PCI E among other things.

Sunbeam Trio Case
450 watt PS
Gigabyte K8NS-Ultra-939
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego
2GB PC3200 Corsair XMS
2 150 gig Maxtor 7200 rpm HDs
NEC 16x DVD/CD Dual Layer
EVGA GeForce 7800 GS

19 inch Acer AL1914 LCD
Creative I-Trigue
Logitech MX3000 Cordless Optical KB/Mouse

Im just gonna go part for part and eventually build a brand new one. I have a Dell right now, so theres more than enough reason for a new one.

I dont really do too much gaming, but Id like to have that option there just in case.

Thanks for the input so far guys, keep it up.

How is Logitech stuff in general?? And what do you guys think of this for a keyboard/mouse:

Powermac Dual G5 2Ghz PPC

2 TB hard drive array
Apple Mighty mouse
NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 video card
Dual screen Apple 30 inch cinema display with alternate dell crt display and TV for tape viewing
Superdrive (DVD Burning)
On-board Audio CANOPUS ADVC-110 Analog/Digi video converter Final Cut Pro Keyboard and shuttle mouse,
and most importantly, My powermate USB volume control.

I have a PC also, its like a 800mhz machine for playing mame games. Dunno what is in it.

PC1 Custom built gaming PC but it’s old (except for the video card)

Cooler Master WaveMaster case modified to take 2 extra 120mm fans.
Abit IC7-g Max3 board
Intel p4 3.2C oc’d at 4.0ghz and 1000fsb
2gb corsair XMS pc4000
DangerDen Liquid Cooling
albatron 6800gt OC’d to Ultra clocks
Soundblaster audigy 2 plat
dual FP2141SB NEC monitors (22inch CRT)
Logitech elite keyboard
mx510 mouse with corepad eyepad xl mousepad
sennheiser hd 280pro headphones + ye random shirt collar mic
klipsch 5.1 speakers
2x 36gb raptors
2x raid1 300gb seagate drives (storage)
2x sony dual layer DVD burners

That’s my “main” PC it’s a little long in the tooth though.

I also have an old pentium 2 pc (for DOS stuff) a laptop (amd turion based) an HTPC (made from spare parts sitting in the closet), and random junk sitting around.

sennheiser and klipsch, good stuff.

PC: Custom Built
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3700+ OC’d to 250 FSB
RAM: 2GB of GSKILL rated to 250
Video Card: ATI XT1900XTX 512MB Vanilla, no OC
Hard Drive: 2x Seagate 200GB 7200RPM Raid 0 Array (not much performance boost from the raid :()
CD/DVD Drives: DVD+RW and CD-RW
Monitor: Dell 2405 fpw 24 in 16:10 ratio
Sound: X-Mystique 7.1 Gold To External Receiver Via SPDIF (glad real-time encoding is back)
Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Ergo or some crap like that. It’s black and comfy.
Mouse: Logitech Laser (Don’t remember serial, not picky on mice/kb)

I recommend the forums for research as they are a knowledgeable group of people.

Processor: AMD Opteron 165
Motherboard: DFI nF4 Ultra-D
Memory: 2x1GB of anything other than Corsair. Look for hot deals. G.Skill/OCZ/Crucial are all great brands.
Video Card: It depends on the native resolution of your monitor as of now assuming you have an LCD. Check the benchmarks on Anandtech and choose between the eVGA 7600/7800/7900GTs, another option being to go for the 7900GTX but I don’t like to spend money on the ultra-high end cards.
Hard Drive: Realistically, I consider Seagate my only choice–their five year warranty bests all others.
DVD R/W: NEC 3550A
Sound Card: Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic or Audigy 2 ZS

G-UNIT aka the Gamming Unit

Eh Mugen on my big screen :stuck_out_tongue:
teh G-UNIT aka the Gamming UNIT. This is a computer I built about 2 years ago now. Its running an AMD Athlon 64bit 3400 with 1gb of Corsair DDR ram with copper heatsinks. 250gb Maxtor SATA hd w/ 256mb ATI Radeon 9800xt. All stock heatsinks have been swapped out for Zalman copper heatsinks- the video card has an after market heatsink by Artic Cooling with an 80mm fan which takes up the PCI card slot that’s right next to it, but blows the heat generated by the vid card right out of the case. And check the custom vynils :rofl:
This is closest thing to Mugen on a video game system :stuck_out_tongue: (not counting X-BOX)

and the G-UNIT in action- SFF computers are the way to go…