Your current strategy


I’ve been playing this game since it was available to me (the 24th) online and noticed a few things that people are going to end up regretting in the long run, so I decided to make a thread about it :D.

I’m sure alot of people here know there’s a difference in online and offline play, subtle, but it’s there.

And I’m sure EVERYONE knows that there’s a difference in online play and LAGGY online play.

The thing I noticed is alot of people are trying to play to the lag, basically using “lag tactics”. Most Ash players are a prime example of this. (I said most, not all). Either turtling constantly, jumping constantly or mashing cr.a/c. It’s okay to want to win, but you need to realize now if the lag every gets fixed, and you’re already sucked into playing like this, you will get mammothly destroyed!

I’m not really complaining about it, just trying to inform, I already found my remedy to people playing like this. (Clark is a beast people…)

Also, I’m not saying turtling is bad, but when you’re using a character basically designed for rushdowns and you’re hiding on the other side of the screen, something is wrong my friend.


Heh… I turtle a bit too much in online play. Well… not so much turtling as zoning. Duo Lon=Godly pokes.


I jump in alot. Normally i’d get raped because of it but the lag helps…i’m so ashamed :frowning:


GASP thirty lashes for you all…lol.

Anyone else come up with a remedy for such people? Clark is beast, but he can only do so much without all of his grapple moves…stupid fucking snk


Not surprised about that. Alot of noobs lately takes the lag for their advantage and everytime we do jump in attacks, they Critical guard the heck out of you.

Here’s how to counter that. Jump whiff them, wait for the barrier from critical guard to fade, then hit them with a CC.

But if they’re using strong attacks to cancel your jump-in’s. Just do a quick hop, then punish them once you land.

You’ll definitely get these by experience. So yeah, good luck :tup:

Edit: Oh damn, It’s Syntaxxor haha. Wassup man, I see you online sometimes. :tup: