Your CvS Teams and Rivalries

With Super SFIV in existence, I think it’s time we talked about the possibilities for new teams and rivalries if Capcom should ever decide to make a new installment for the CvS series.

Some stipulations to make the discussion interesting:


For Teams:
Teams will be comprised of three characters in KOF fashion. The idea is to explore potential crossover interaction. That said…

  • No all-Capcom or all-SNK teams, because they’re too boring.
  • Give reasons as to why you think the three you choose would want to form a team.
  • Assign one character as a team leader if you can.

For Rivalries:
Good rivalries, friendly or otherwise, between characters from different companies are about staging fights to determine who would win. Who the better of the two is is up in the air, and this is the very thing that makes crossover battles so intriguing. That said…

  • Make your rivalries as evenly matched as possible.
  • List good parallels and contrasts to make them interesting.
  • Explain why a fight between them is likely.

Most of the time, we’ll be giving feedback on our ideas and explaining to each other why certain ones are baseless, uneven, or bland.

I’ll start with just a couple:

Cool Rhythm Team: Dee Jay / Duck King / Elena

All three incorporate dance-like techniques in their styles and fight to their own internal rhythm. They’re all friendly and outgoing of course, so a get-together between them is only natural. Maybe they’d want to start their own gig? Dee Jay, as the only professional entertainer, would have all the connections necessary to make it happen, which makes him a good choice as a team leader.

Demitri vs. Goenitz:

What can be more ironic than a vampire megalomaniac fighting an evil, inhuman Orochi priest? Demitri wants to take over the world and enslave humanity. Goenitz wants to save the world by resurrecting his lord to kill off humanity and other “pests.” A confrontation between them would be inevitable. As supernatural entities, they’re of course very powerful, capable of leveling entire infrastructures.