Your Daily Dose of Yun. Video Tutorial Series

Hey guys, this is my new video series that I like to call Daily Dose of Yun. It will be a tutorial series for Yun (maybe other characters as time goes by) but it will not be any normal tutorial where you watch for an hour of straight knowledge then only remember 2 or 3 key things. Instead it will be one episode a day that covers things you do not really see in most tutorials. Instead of going over good normals, BnBs and such, it will be more shenanigans, different combos, resets, character match up specfics, safe jumps. etc. So stay tuned for more and let me know if you have another character you would like to see!.
Also, if you have an idea on something you would like covered, or some hidden tech you would like to share, make sure you inbox me and I will be sure to make a future episode about it!


  • Sorry for the crappy frame rate in this one, the next episode will definitely be fixed to run at 60fps.
    With my luck, somehow during the upload process to youtube, some of the video was lost, so when the screen turns black just skip to 6:40. Not missing too much mostly repeditive but at 6:40 there is the last reset and the video somehow restores.







EPISODE 3 - BASIC SAFE JUMPS AND OPTION SELECTS [details=Spoiler][media=youtube]W_FnCUGPi1Q[/media][/details]

**[details=Spoiler] [media=youtube]vmbK5u1YNaQ[/media][/details] **

In Game Commentary episodes

Match Up Specific Videos.

EPISODE 4 - Sagat Match Up



Thanks for this,im sure the others will find this very useful

hmm i like this siitch, please continue with the series! I never knew about the reset after the lvl 3.

Coming from a guy who did nothing but troll this section and the people who played this character.

Episode 2 is up. Just talks about Command Grabs, with a trick or 2 at the very end. Not much to talk about the command grab, but I thought I would make a video anyway. Enjoy!

Go away already

New video. Going to make one every now and then about certain matchups. This is the first one, against Sagat.

Going too keep the series going, just with school starting and massive amounts of readings being assigned, im sure Il find a lecture to skip and make a video soon enough hah. If anyone has any suggestions on what they want to see in a future video, whether it be a certain skill or matchup, or maybe even send me a video of your Yun matches and il commentate over it talking about what I like and did not like. Let me know!

[S]woops double post[/S]

EDIT: New video up, kinda just made it to make a video, about Genei Jin combos and resets.
Episode 1 has also been reuploaded, because if you watched it you noticed… it was terrible. So yeah check it out to see if you missed anything.

New episode. Just me playing Gootecks in a few matches with some commentary over it! hope you enjoy

Your video is private
How can I watch it ?

sorry about that! should be good now

nice vids, perhaps a balrog match-up next? my most hated match-up with yun

@siitch: Hey man great job with this thread. I was wondering would it be too much of a hassle to put up a beginner tutorial for people who are getting into yun in ver 2012? I know you said you wouldn’t want to do something like this in here, but in my opinion it feels like this thread only helps people who are already good with yun fundamentally. Plus its the only thing missing from this amazing thread. Covering stuff like his normal uses, playstyle, basic combos, blockstrings, dive kick/lunge punch spacing and other things you believe would be benificial towards beginners would be good. I mean i’ve been looking through the forums for a little while now but I haven’t seen a big source of information on him in this current version to help out beginners. Anyways if you could give any source of information to help beginners such as my self it would be really great. Much appreciated if you respond in advance.

I’m trying to learn Yun and it’s been quite a mountain to climb! Your videos are very deep and easy to follow, and these two qualities are very hard to combine! 'Came here just to say thank you, congrats, and keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:

more eps please!!

Loving the episodes man…how about some more online matches with your commentary

I haven’t been able to make episodes in forever :’(. I actually have a few new little tricks with Yun and what not too, so hopefully I could start making videos again.
I used to make them using my PC, ,and I would just Use Fraps to record them, but now for whatever reason whenever I run Fraps on AE PC, it makes the game run at 20 FPS, and I can’t link anything with that kind of lag haha. Hopefully I can just get a capture card for my Xbox because that’s where I actually play anyway.