Your dearest FG wish

Out of the following options, which is the one that would make you the most happy?

All the options assume that the game will have gameplay and features you like (please specify) and that the game becomes popular. Also please mention the game/series.

  1. A completely new FG is released.
  2. A sequel to a current FG series is released.
  3. A currently/soon to be released game becomes popular, or gains certain features.
  4. A port of an old game to modern hardware, with certain features. (eg. netplay.)
  5. A remake of an old game is made, with updated graphics and features but identical gameplay.
  6. Nothing is made. You wish everyone would go back to an old game.

So for example, my answer would be:
#3 KOF13 gets rollback netcode & better matchmaking, and becomes more popular. Also arcade is patched to console balance & characters.

Hypothetically someone might answer:
#6. Everyone goes back to playing ST in the arcade like the good old days.

#2. Sequel to 3rd Strike is released with hires 2D graphics and GGPO, and a few cast changes.

#3. UMvC3 gets patched with balance changes X, Y and Z, and gets GGPO.


So, what would make you the most happy?

I would definitely love to see a new Guilty Gear. Accent Core got me into fighting games and I love almost everything about it - the game engine, the complexity and depth, the fast-paced gameplay, the unique yet balanced cast, the art style, the soundtrack… The series definitely deserves more attention than it currently has and I feel the release of a sequel would help it get just that.

Are you the current sole vote for “sequel to an existing series” in the poll? :slight_smile:

Interesting how it seems most people want a completely new IP altogether. That’s surprising to me.

If the people that voted for “new franchise” are reading this, what kind of gameplay are you wanting this new game to have? Something brand new as well? Or something similar to an existing game? If the latter, why do you want a new game in the first place?

That SFxT fails miserably

One of the features I’d like the new IP to have is the ability to change into EX/Alternate character after a certain percentage of health is gone (typically 65-75%) or certain conditions met. It’d be like having Kyo switch to NESTS during a fight or Hazama to Unlimited but balanced in accordance to their respective characters.

Another feature I’d like to have is a way to go into training mode from any offline one at any given time (this would function similar to pressing start in story mode/arcade and pick off where you left off once done) to practice a certain combo or test theory-crafting without having to stop what your doing, exit, go into training, try, exit, and then fight your way back to where you were.

Heheh, that sounds a bit like my idea from a while back for an anime-style fighter. Rather than having rounds, the characters “power up” into alternate forms and regain all their health when you KO them. The 2nd and 3rd forms can be chosen from a branching tree, so you’d have something like 2 choices for the 2nd form and 4 options in total for the 3rd form.

Technically it’s no different to KOF, except rather than freely being able to choose any character, your 2nd and 3rd character are just alternate forms of the 1st. The idea was motivated by my desire to have a FG that isnt based on a martial arts tournament. Since there’s no tournament, having “rounds” makes no sense, so I wanted to find a mechanic to substitute. And the whole, “you think you’ve won, now I’ll show you my true power” cliche is pretty fun :slight_smile:

The sequel option should say “a sequel but one that’s actually good”.
Because no one thinks Darkstalkers Fighter 4 Ono edition is going to be awesome.

I wish with everything I’ve got that Skullgirls becomes a hit.

I’m tired of sequels to Street Fighter/Guilty is happening anyways, I already got my new IP in Skullgirls and there is no point in Capcom meddling with a Darkstalkers OE or a new DS game.

My opening post says, “All the options assume that the game will have gameplay and features you like (please specify) and that the game becomes popular.” I extracted this line into the introduction so that I dont have to repeat it for every option. Saves typing.

So this automatically assumes the game is “good”, at least for “you”. Theres no point talking about any of this if the game is bad.

  1. For everyone to stop hating video games and bashing people who play games that they themselves don’t enjoy

I would sacrifice small children for a remake of CvS2 or a new title

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  1. SkullGirls

(Actually, “8. Making my own” would probably win)

Chose #4. The game? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters for Super Nintendo.

At my previous residence in Arkansas, I spent most of my youth (5-9 years old) at my local bowling alley playing SSFII Turbo and King of Fighters '94 for fun with my cousin. I never really took them seriously, and I didn’t realize how good I was until years later. The game that got me balls-deep into my love of fighting games was TMNT: Tournament Fighters. I remember that I got the game as a birthday present from my parents. When I first opened it up, I freaked the hell out. My cousin and I played the hell out of TMNT: Turtles in Time, and we also played the hell out of the really bad Street Fighter II SNES port. When we first started playing TMNT: Tournament Fighters, we realized how similar that it played to SSFII Turbo. Because of that, we were able to figure out combos rather quickly, and we began years upon years of dissecting of each character. It’s stupid how much time I used to spend figuring out charge timing, damage, health, move priority, etc. The even stupider thing was that I really didn’t have a name for any of it. I just wanted to go over the game inside and out. I still have so much love for that game that it almost never leaves my SNES.

I can’t fully explain in words how excited I would be if a company took the game, without altering the core gameplay in any way, and made it available on a modern console. I kind of like what they did with MvC2, but I would rather have the menus and everything the same way. I just want online support, multiplayer lobbies…hell, perhaps even GGPO.

Many games were shunned to soon due to variouse reasons. (Rumble Fish,DeamonBride, Power Instinct, ect)

What I really want to see is a sequel to Garou: Mark of the Wolves with true HD sprites and a decent netcode.

cvs2 / cvs3

garou2 HD sounds good too. preferably not so “limited” and more gameplay/combos. but not retarded-ass 900 hits/3 minute long combos.

can I help :party:

Ishiwatari does character design/music for a new game full of anime characters and weeametal, hires Mike Z to do the mechanics

or Alpha 2 or 3 gets the 3SOE treatment, but not shittily like 3S got

This is SRK, where everyone hates everything ever.

Also I too would like a port of CvS2 to XBLA or PSN. Just give it online play and don’t change anything and I’d be fine with it.

I want more people to play Arcana Heart and stop hating on it cause of character/art design.


ask yourself do you really want alpha3? shit is hilariously broken.

I am all for alpha2 though. that should be treated like “gold”. its the true sequel to ST without fucking shit up TOO MUCH. sure there are CCs and…rose. but still good fucking game.

Darkstalkers, Garou, Daraku Tenshi.