Your Dream Game Ideas

This topic was on my mind yet again since we brought it up on lunchbreak today at work. Another great game I’d love to make (but would never be possible anyone to make, due to all kinds of licensing/trademark/copyright issues) would be…for lack of a better title-- ACTION HERO DEATH SQUAD. This would be a side-scrolling/2.5d beatemup/shootemup game with as many legendary movie/tv action heroes as possible. This is basically Streets of Rage on steroids. Imagine, player 1 gets to be John Matrix from Commando, and perhaps player 2 is Kurt Russell in “Snake Plissken” form, while players 3 and 4 could be anyone from John Rambo to Stallone’s “Cobra” character. Here’s the roster that was thrown out for discussion…some guys would have alternate character options of course…

Stallone, Schwarzeneggar, Dolph Lundren, Carl “Action Jackson” Weathers (*should just throw in that whole squad from Predator) Chuck Norris, Steven Segal, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Harrison Ford(Indiana Jones, of course…classic “Indy” outfit everyone knows; alternate outfit could be the smooth white blazer outfit from the beginning of Temple of Doom when Lou Che tried to have him killed), Jason Statham, Daniel Craig, Jack Bauer(*maybe even with The Curtis?), Tango & Cash, Riggs & Murtaugh, Wesley Snipes as Blade, Simon Phoenix or Nino Brown, Mark Wahlberg(perhaps the Funky Bunch could be a surprise anti-air or Ground Assist?)…Christian Bale as the Equilibrium guy(alternate option: American Psycho) or if you really want to go obscure, throw in Jeff The Perfect Weapon Speakman. China O’Brien could be the token female character, I suppose…maybe throw in Michelle Yeoh as well. Oh…and of course you must put in Jean Claude in Guile character…complete with the beret…he could yell out "kick that sonofabitch’ ass SO HORD! during a special attack.

-just like the good ol’ days…you regain some health by finding a whole baked chicken or turkey on a plate under a random trash can or some boxes out on the street.

The amount of machismo radiating from this game would be just too much for some people to handle. Discuss.

I want to see a FPS/fantasy online RPG on the Wii where spell-casters have to emote their spells with the chucks. You don’t perform it right, then you don’t get your spell.

-Fighting game featuring all of the 70s - Present horror icons (freddy, jason, leatherface, mike, tall man, leprechaun…even throw in jaws, maniac cop, ash, etc) preferably 2-D

-Remake King’s Field I-IV with PS3-era graphics, make it a single game that connects all of the locations.

Those are all pretty original game ideas. The 2nd one is far more feasable, but the original action hero idea would be extremely fun and impossibly convoluted with legal struggles. The monster game would be epic, especially if it went back into the 1950’s monsters.

I missed the wagon on the Godzilla game, but there should be a really deep, active level Godzilla vs Monsters game that is done up using cheesy OG suits with motion capture technology and blurry, scratchy resolution.

For the same reason as the first post, I don’t think I’ll ever see a G1 Transformers game that has legitimate gameplay. Even just a fighting game, but an adventure game with cel animation, composited with the original frame rate of the first cartoon would be a sparkling golden tear in my eye.

Hand the storyboard over to Marvel Comics again, keep Michael Bay and GM the fuck out of the picture and make millions of people happy. If I had the money, I would propose it to Hasbro Games and see if I couldn’t get Vanilla Ware on the development.

Yeah fucking right.

I would love to see an RPG that takes places in the world as we know it, with fantasy/sci-fi elements added into it. I want realism contrasting magic-realism. I always pictured it to be similar to a Bioware product mixed with ‘Yakuza’ elements. I know it’s a very general description, but something fresh would be nice (read: not a JRPG).
Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of innovative games out there, but most of them aren’t RPGs.

add—Mr. T, Samuel L. Jackson and Shaft(original Richard Roundtree version), Bruce Lee and Ray Liota as Henry Hill (*DEFINITELY give him the pistol whip combo as a special…haha, remember how awesome that scene was when he pistol-whipped that dude from across the street) and Robert De Niro.

I’ve also fantasized about a massive horror icon fighting game. Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, Pinhead, Candyman, Dr. Giggles, Damien from The Omen, The Stuff, The Blob that girl from The Ring…there’s so many possibilities. I’d rather it be a fully 3d world with destructible environments and stage hazards/traps though… like a much darker, more violent version of Powerstone. Some great bonus secret characters would be the “hollywood classic” versions of certain major ones, like original Dracula, Nosferatu, Wolfman and Frankenstein’s Monster…maybe even the Creature from the Black Lagoon(*though that chump never appealed to me)…they’d all show up in black & white, of course.

Have a video game full of butt nekid chicks?.. [media=youtube]KwAorVZEzg8&feature=related"[/media]? Damn did they know porn existed when they made this game…

my idea has always been a game with many random extreme scenarios. the objective will revolve around survival.

examples of scenarios:

-you are being chased by aliens, with not enough weaponry to kill/ward them off. you must make use of your highly interactive environment.
-you wake up and zombies are running amock. they are surrounding your home and you must find a way to survive.
-you are in the middle of a drug deal, and it goes sour.
-you are the CEO of a prominent company, but you are being pursued by the IRS and the FBI for things like tax evasion, whatever. you see them pull up to the office building outside from your top floor business suite, and you must escape without being arrested and hauled to jail for life.

  • you are a prisoner. and it is your goal to escape. you plan to start a riot, but you must fend off militant prisoners / guards in order to somehow even find a way to escape.
    -you are leaving a movie theater with a date, and suddenly you are ambushed by muggers and they are holding your date at gun point. you must save her and beat/kill the assailants.
  • you are the general of a medieval army, and you must direct your army whilst fighting on the battle field in order to win the battle and kill the leader of the other army.
  • you are the pilot of a plane, and you are in the middle of a big storm. a flight attendant bursts into the cockpit and says the plane has just been hijacked.
    -you are in the old west, and you are standing back to back with another gun fighter and you are about to duel.
  • you are in some sort of LOTR scenario, and you along with your allies are facing off against some behemoth monster beast.

Aside from multiplayer, after you reach the climactic “exciting” points of a game, be it a boss fight or last level skirmish, thats as good as it gets.

So why not just compile a game with all of these crazy balls to the walls scenarios?

Also I would like someone to take a shot at a new FMV game. Now that games are on blu ray discs, good quality video shouldnt be a problem, and with the cheapness of digital film, there could be so much more interactivity and more immersive story than in the classic sega cd/3do fmv games.

this is gonna sound fucked up but i would love a dog fighting sim akin to monster rancher or something.

you like breed and train dogs and fight them online, with certain breeds being exceedingly rare (like mastifs)

I am an animal lover, and i know like PETA would try and rape this game, but it’s just a game… you know?

maybe an iphone game where you can train/manage the dog by yourself or connect to an internet source/bluetooth and fight someone random if you’re near them.

Yeah, as long as they don’t make it like Dragon’s Lair or whatever that old animated PRESS LEFT AS SOON AS THE ARROW FLASHES ON SCREEN game was called.

Mass Effect Online. 'Nuff said.

Oh, also, I’d love to see inexpensive downloadable versions of a few Final Fantasy minigames, complete with online multiplayer. I’d mostly be in this for Sphere Break, but I could see motherfuckers going completely apeshit for blitzball or Triple Triad.

no John McClane? wtf?

i’ve had a few “dream game” ideas, the simplest of which was a VS style fighting game starring the cast of He-Man.

If this game came out, I would buy that so damn fast and forget Demon’s Souls even exists. That would be amazing x 60,000.

Ok. I have this dream of making a shooting game where the camera is set to make it look like it’s you infront of all the action. Only your gun would be showing.

I’m not sure how it would work yet, but it sounds like a great idea to me.

id like to see the ideas used in resident evil 2 being used again in another game, because they have yet to be duplicated as far as i know, and that shit was amazingly original and fresh.

i also dream about another true deathmatch game coming out.

im outi


Ever since Code Veronica, I wanted Albert Wesker to be in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

I want the MMO of fighters. Basically, a fighting game that is treated like an MMO or like TF2. What that means is…

-Multiplayer built into the fundamentals of the game making the online functionality top notch. Maybe some kinda lounge where people can interact and see ranking and such.

-New characters once every 4 or 5 months.

-Frequent balances. Like once every three months.

-Multi-format cross over, meaning PCs can play with 360s and PS3s and so on.

I just want a Transformers game that doesn’t suck. :sad:

an arcade shooter zombie game…with 2 hand held weapons…a chainsaw/sawed off shotgun.

and it has multiple ways to get through a building…you can enter buildings from back/front/roof. i have other ideas but i always wanted a shooter with a choose ur own adventure type setting.