Your dying wish if you only had a few months left to live

If you were diagnosed with a terminal disease, and the doctor’s prognosis of your remaining time to live was ranging from 6 to 9 months, what would be on your bucket list before you … kick the bucket?

First thing that popped in my mind is a boxing match between Pacquiao and Mayweather. I would like to see that epic match before I kick the bucket.

A couple of minutes later I realized how that particular dying wish was kind of a sad commentary on the human condition. If you really analyze it, my dying wish is to watch two human beings attempt to inflict potentially long term brain damage against each other with their fists. Wow.

So what’s your bucket list?

No clue, i’ll get back to you. I thought about this a lot though, because one of my best friends was told that she had a few months to live a while back. Thankfully her disease went into remission, but still… worth thinking about I suppose.

Get to bang Christina Hendrix and Halle Berry and the same time.

…what? I can dream too.

I’d want to play Alpha 2 with my best friend one last time.

Tell my lady friend I wish I had more time to develop our relationship. :frowning:

Go to Cali and see all the childhood friends, whats left of them.

Meet up with SRKer Shoryu Reppa in L.A.

Land Fei Long’s Counter Ultra in a tournament.

Tell my manager to stick right up his ass on my way out the door.

Go to Chivas’ new Stadium in Mexico.

Buy a fucking a Kobe Bryant Jersey, cuz I’m a Lakers fan but have always been too pussy to be upfront about it(all my friends that follow the NBA hate Kobe).

Play Rolento in Super Street Fighter IV. :sad:

Dude, don’t ever hide your admiration for Kobe. Forget those haters. Next time ask them why they hate kobe. The 2 logical answers are:

1 ballhog
2 arrogance

Kobe improved passing over time. Stats will show that overall, he’s not a ballhog.

There are nba players who have uttered way more arrogant statements than Kobe ever has:

Paul Pierce: I’m the greatest player in the nba.
Dwayne Wade: Arguably the greatest trio in nba history (Miami lebron/wade/bosh)
Lebron: I’m not here for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 rings. at least 8 rings.

When Kobe is being “arrogant”, it’s still kind of funny. When have you heard Kobe utter such nonsense, like the statements above?

Don’t you ever hide what you like for the sake of these haters ever again.

Kobe is bigger ball hog then Kobe Tai…

My dying wish would be to die right at that moment so I won’t deal with that horrible horrible pain.

Wack yourself out on painkillers instead :stuck_out_tongue:

As for my dying wish, It’d have to be watching the Jays win another World Series (It’ll happen!).

Just like Michael Jordan.

I remember those games when Lebron would try to force interior passes and end up turning the ball over, instead of taking the shot like he’s supposed to.

But if he took the shot and missed, haters like yourself would say: What a ballhog.

ask Oda to tell me the ending of One Piece.

Unrealistic: Get a week with Jenny McCarthy. Not only just to have ridiculous sex but I think she’d also be an amazing and fun date too.

Realistic: Go back to Japan, I was there only when I was 14 then again 15-16 and I’d love to go back now that I’m “grownup”.

I would want to get in an orgy with all the japanese AV models at once. It would most likely last 1-3 weeks at least.

I’d kill someone that is ruining someone’s life.

Plan the greatest bank heist of all time, use money to do what Richter just said, then donate the rest to children’s foundation when I die.

I would wish for 3 wishes.

  1. To drink all of the Faygo pop in the world.
  2. To have a brand new hachet to replace my old one so that I can:
  3. To have a month of immortality before I die so that I can chop up as much Richie and bigot fucks that I can.

THEN, I could finally go to shangri la.

Or if it’s just one wish, it would be to fuck Eminem’s mom.

Man you guys are idiots. Your dying wish should be that you get phoenix down’d at the bare minimum. I want an all out resurrection personally.

Yo, yo, if I had 24 hours to kick the bucket, fuck it
I’d probably eat some fried chicken, and drink in Nantucket
Then go get a job from Brandson
And make sure I leave my mother the money to take care of grandson
Load the 3 Power, hop in the Eddie Bauer
And go give all 6 to that pappy dat sold me flour
Get a fresh baldy, make a few calls
Shop at the mall, shoot a little ball
Have all of my bitches in one telly
At the same time, spread it out on different floors
And I’m gonna play Lotto, for what?
Even though I ain’t gonna be here tomorrow, so what, so what?

A trip to Italy to see the sights then bang Salma Hayek!!

A good life.

I’d buy tons of shit on layaway (when u die, some creditors don’t get to ever collect, cuz you’re DEAD, not that I would care either way).

Go visit NYC finally

Eat nothing but unhealthy food for that last few months (I would eat kickass breakfasts daily, pho for like every lunch/dinner, mixed with pizza, chicken wings, and ice cream)

Also, seeing as I am about to die, I would just start taking hard drugs. WTF do I care if blow/heroin/crack/whatever will ruin my life? I am about to die! At least be in a mental haze while it’s going on.

I would also sleep with a shitload of the cheapest hookers, cuz an STD would just start showing up AFTER I was already dead

Oh, and I would definitely do all in my power to fuck at least one hot celeb


Release a film.

Commit an elaborate public suicide.