Your easiest & hardest matchups

As the title says, list your easiest and hardest matchups (plural, chuns a no brainer…) everyones probably gonna have a few variations on how they feel.

Easiest - Ill list all the matchups i find significantly easy

  1. Twelve/Necro - can beat them air to air, dash back when he air dashes (twelve that is), and meet everything on the ground with a rh. Random strong/fierce fireball xx tengu for the finish.

2)Hugo - If you know the right pokes you can destroy him completely on the ground, meet jump ins with a dash back, build guage and fireball xx SAII to push back and get corner unblockable. wins this for me.

3)Ibuki - oros crouch avoids a lot of her annoying poking strings, stand your ground and play footsies with low pokes mainly, beating down jump ins with a neutral jump rh, corner tengu pressure for the damage.

4)Dudley - apparently an even matchup but i love it personally, easy to juggle, terrible jump. Just try not to guess parry or take risks when he jumps in, dash under and mix him up instead. Dont throw out pokes needlessly cos a far st.rh from dudley can hit oros rh IF he does it late enough (real hard to time for him tho). Other than that i find this to be another hugo game, except hes much easier to unblockable.


  1. chun - do i rly need to say why, only game plan is to match both her fierces with a and all her cr.mks with a uoh, build guage without caring if she does (do u have a a fucking choice??) and try to look for a throw opening followed by EX tengu pressure in the corner (regular leaves you too open to parries -> Obv try for the stun combo when you can. Could try jump in mk to attack from air, but any sensible chun will move away and block. You can try jump x neutral double jump with a rh on the way down to keep her away, this trades with her fierces but u do more damage. but if shes close enough shell try to sneak in a cos shes so damn low at this point, so use sparingly. rh and mk are rubbish here.

  2. Urien - its apparently even but this guy annoys the hell outta me. works on him sometimes, but his pokes are faster than say, hugo. For me, its a tossup between uriens st.fierce and vs oros rh and c.strong, doesnt seem to do much here. Im no good at winning poking games against this guy, i have no idea why, plus he seems awkward to jump into. And also, his jump rh is hard to beat. (this is where i ask for help:sweat:)

Theres other chars like elena makoto and ken who made need a mention, but i havnt played enough serious elenas/makotos, and ken i find to be rather even.

Itd be good to hear everyone elses opinions so lets 'ave it!

Oro vs. Oro is scary.

One fuck up and you’re eatin a Yagyou unblockable string or a low tier genei-jin combo. Granted, it’s like that Oro vs. Anyone.

But it’s really nerve racking when you BOTH have the same attributes and things to exploit.

Me and my friend Jason both play Oro competativly and we like sweat bullets everytime we play cause we know one anti-air counter and it’s game over.

Oro can escape Oro’s unblockables by doing a reversal chicken. Just figure out which direction you’re supposed to do it.

^ I know. It’s still pretty tense though.


Chun Li- I don’t need to explain this, as I wrote a whole thread on it. This match pretty much requires to make risks no matter what. You land the Tengu combo or you lose pretty much.

Elena- Pokes just plain out range yours, she has good AA options, her b.rh pretty much stuffs your crap. She also doesn’t juggle well, and the 100% stun on her can be strict i think.

Yun- He is yun and he can rape you just as easily. Even though imo, this match isn’t terrible.


Most characters who can be corner trapped by Yagou.

Most characters without a cross up

hardest = chun li and believe it or not hugo

hugo is not as easy as people think it is, esp with good socal hugos like aldofo and shit

if you throw a fireballxxxyagou while hugo is in the corner, he can negate the ball with ex clap

Hugo is easy in theory, but in practice he’s hard for me cause I always want to get in his face… Oro vs. Hugo is the most boring match ever when played properly hahaha.

Yun is really hard too, but nothing compared to Elena and Chun. We also have a really good Remy player in BC and that matchup is really hard cause it’s turtle vs. turtle, which is never fun.

Chun is the only significantly hard match-up for me, really. Hugo is definitely a really boring fight if both players are playing to win.

-Q - Also my favorite to fight because of the easy 100% stun combo. Just attack from the air a lot and dash under his charge punches for an easy punish.
-Dudley - Extremely easy to juggle, and you need practically no space to get off unblockables. His mixup game is scary, but one good parry with more than one meter and the game is yours.
-Ken - Just keep one thing in mind, he is going to have a hell of a hard time getting in close to you. Just stay back, build meter, throw out random pokes and jump over him when he gets too close.

-Yun - I’ve played 100000000 Yuns and still have trouble with this match. I try to stay just out of his poking range and punish all of his wiffed attacks but that will only work for so long.
-Chun Li - Yeah…
-Hugo - I’m far too impatient to fight Hugo, I try to stay back and throw out pokes but get bored and try to jump in and mix up. When he gets in close I usually freak out and do something stupid and I always forget that you can’t chicken combo him and waste my chances for good damage.

Like i said in the other thread, try, just try it, stay walking outside his slap range and throw it out randomly, hell never punish it, and its got great range.

You dont need fireballs, period.

Necro and Twelve are nothing alike… and Necro is certainly not one of his easiest matchups. I think you need to play a good Necro player before making this statement.

I’d say Oro’s hardest matchup is Makoto there’s also a lot of strange properties that can mix things up like dashing through her hayate and stuff. Gotta really know both Oro and Makoto to win this.

His easiest matchup I think is a pretty close tie between Q and Alex. Both are just too easy to parry into a nice chicken combo.

As mentioned Hugo is a strange battle because you have to really want it. Usually only Hugos I play are in casuals so I just say fuck it and get stupid. I’m sure if I had to play one in tournament I could probably turtle it out but its a hard matchup if the Hugo can parry its in his favor for sure.

I wouldn’t say that Q and Alex are an easy matchup just because they’re easy to parry. Alex has some sick attacks that can do a lot of damage and stun and Q has the best kara throw in the game along with a retarded defense. Certainly no walk in the park.

As for Necro, he is actually pretty easy for Oro because Oro is such a small target. I’ve played some very good Necros and I usually have the edge.

Finally, I play A LOT of Makotos, and they’re no joke. However, Oro can beat Makoto in almost every aspect; it’s just a matter of doing the right move at the right time. For example, his cr.FP can beat her cr.MK, but not her cr.MP… however Oro’s cr.MK CAN beat her cr.MP… it ultimately boils down to a sort of 50/50 scenario… which Makoto is famous for. But she is definately not his hardest matchup. Most Hayates can be punished with MK>command grab and she’s easy to juggle. She’s nothing like Chun or Elena, who simply just own everything that Oro throws out.

I think Q is his easiest matchup. He has a good Kara throw but if you stay off the ground he can’t use it on you, and he has almost no anti air.

As for Makoto, just poke a lot so she can’t dash in and you should be good.

You dont sound like a very good 3rd strike player… at all. Oh, a hugo who can PARRY will win the matchup? Oh, alex and Q are easy to beat cos theyre easy to PARRY? Shut up. You really do have a scrub mentality.

Necro is rather like a twelve, except that he’s less mobile. Oro can beat twelve’s air attacks if he pre-empts airdashes, and if he doesnt… big deal. And his keepaway on the ground is good too. Necro is very slow, his pokes lose out big time to Oro, and its difficult to drill kick into a character who is short, and has such a good dash. I need to play a good necro? I use the fucking character. So be quiet. The way you worded your sentence about playing and outturtling hugo suggests that you havnt actually played a hugo in tournament circumstances, so as far as Im concerned you dont have a clue what you are talking about.

Spectre7 and sergio are dead on about makoto, she’ll probably eat a ton of pokes before she has a chance to start her mixup, and combo into command grab will punish a blocked hayate well. Ive gotten into the scenario a lot of times where makoto has eaten too many pokes and is suddenly close to being stunned, leaving the makoto player with the dilemma of rushing in and getting hit and stunned, and standing back and letting me build meter before I rush down with tengu. In my experience oro really does control the pace of this match. You just dont want to be predictable.

Hmm makoto akuma and hugo are my hardest match ups.

Makoto- She is hard because its like you have to anticipate at the right time which i dont like.

Akuma- Shoto with dive kicks WTF.

Hugo- Low forward kick is stupid and dont parry it cuz he has standing string.

For some reason i dont mind chun. In case your wondering why I dont mind its not because i fight scrubs i play Justin wong its hard but I dont mind for some reason.
Like thy said in the other thread “You cant low forward what you cant catch.”.

QFT. As for Makoto, my buddy plays her really well, and he’s got my poking game and traps figured out hahaha. See, Makoto is usually a guessing game, unless your opponent already knows what you’re gonna do… then you’re fucked LOL.

i really feel you on these two. Sometimes i wish aldofo would use alex instead of hugo…its just soooo annoying.

So my hardest would be
elena: she usually beats most my normal plus the chicken combo has weird timing

Dudley: usually i can keep dudleys away with pokes and whenever they try jumping in i can usually dash under and cross them up
Yun: i wouldnt call him the easiest but i dont really mind playing him. Maybe i havent faced an amazing yun yet but so far i really enjoy this matchup

Speaking of Hugo, I played YSB today.

I basically ran the clock out beyond reason. it went in favor of YSB 2-1. But yeah things that worked

  • forward fireball

  • s.forward, s.RH, c.F, standing strong

  • command grab (YSB likes to parry)

  • into HP drill

  • Yagyou dama corner setups

  • jumping back rh

  • jump in hp is cool on hugo but has dangerous recovery when parried at any height.

Things that didn’t work

  • (it just gets out ranged and if you whiff it leaves you dangerously close to Hugo)

  • (even though it is a good poke, you need to be close unless punishing a whiff. But most Hugos aint whiffing much)

  • sweep ( 360 k owns that shit when blocked. bleah)

Overall, I would say this is a nice match up for oro. However, you have to be retardedly patient with this match. Do not go close to Hugo. and you can just run from him all round and build bar. throw that yagyou.

2-1 against THE MAN? Beastly. You better never lose to Ben’s Hugo again. :lol:

Hmmm…I dont think “liking to parry” is something you can do with Hugo. Parries are like the only reason he’s able to win matches.

Um I’m pretty sure I’ve never lost to Bens Hugo while playing Oro. could be wrong on that though, But im pretty sure im not. But why would it matter, I still lost to YSB lol.

Hugo vs Oro is all about making sure not to do stupid stuff and run the clock. If you say “you can’t low forward what you can’t catch” you have to put it into Hugos terms. “You can’t do shit to what you can’t catch”.