Your fantasy MvC team?

Pick three characters. They can be any combination as long as you pick them from the Marvel and Capcom universes. Feel free to explain why you made those choices, as well.

For me, I’d have to go with:

Molecule Man/Carnage/Vanilla Trone Bonne</3


Jedah/Hsien-Ko(complete character instead of playable cameo)/Zabel

Blodia(Cyber-Bots) / PTX-40A (Lost Planet) / Pre-PatchSentinel (X-men)

3 pre patch Sentinels

Barry Burton, Manfred von Karma, Doctor Doom

Amateratsu/Gene or Morrigan/Hsien-Ko(Vampire Savior version, not the shitty one)

Amateratsu is a fun character from one of Capcom’s best games ever, Gene is basically a DMC character without the douche qualities/popularity and Morrigan also in that place because she is looking better in Ultimate.

I put Darkstalkers Hsien-Ko in anchor position because that version would have been insanely fucked up to fight against in a Mahvel game. Her keepaway game would be ridiculous, her crossups/mixups would be spencer like, her Tenrai-Ha would cause hard knockdown from the other side of the stage, her IAD would make Magneto sweat, etc. She’d be a fuckin beast character in this game with X-Factor and straight buffs coming into Mahvel.

Wishlist thread? Wishlist thread.
Saki (idk what game she’s from but she was fun in TvC. And this game needs more guns, grenades, and girls)
Iron Man in some armor that isn’t a piece of shit
Either Sissel or Cabanela from Ghost Trick. Sissel would probably be a far more interesting character, but then Cabanela has the greatest theme in existence

Mysterio / Ultron / Vampire Savior Hsien-Ko

Sometimes the answers are already given