Your fav kof game


i really like 98 but i like the flow of 2003 11 better i only played 11 once n arcade and it felt a lot like 2003 2003 gets shit on but i liked the tag system and how fluid it was vs older kofs much easier to pull off moves and very fast pace non stop

i think 98 and 11 r the best games 98 for your classic style its like the st of kof and 11 being the best… kof 13 i wasnt a big fan of it got to combo crazy and the sprites were much to cartoony it didnt feel like kof every kof felt like kof till 13

i have yet to play 14 but so far i think 11 is the perfect design for the game gameplay wise sadly we wont ever get a game like it again


KOF '95 Classiest KOF of them all.

KOFXII/XIII was a great effort. Feels more like old KOFs and FFS than the previous KOFs.

KOFXII is a tragedy, a great concept that somehow feel short. Love the clean pixels and the gameplay, just wish the AI and arcade mode were better. Geese or Omega Rugal as the boss would have made it shine. Loved the critical hits, the zooming, the sense of KOF being reborn as it was when it began. AOF and FF going at it, the game takes a lot from both series, tremendous sprite work, smooth animation, I just can’t get over how much better does XII look over XIII. Such is life.


King of Fighters '98: Final Edition as it is the most content packed and balanced of the KoFs.

The Eolith/Playmore titles do not feel like KoF. The oldest KoF and FF titles were stiff, barebones, and broken, so in that sense the comparison to XII/XIII makes sense.

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special is still the most fluid/balanced of all the SNK titles.


KOF98 always comes to mind. I was never has heavy into a KOF as SF, but I really had fun playing KOF98 back in the day.


The King of Fighters XI no doubt.

It was a bold move from SNK, a very well put together new system, and lots of variety in the roster.


where ar eu from? kof was dead n usa kof 97 and 96 r the only kof games i ever saw ever of the classics


My Mindboggle Arcade got pretty much everything. Plus by then the NeoRage emulator was out. :wink:


neorage? was that neogeo emulator back n day?


Yeah a damn good one too.


wats point of using a neo geo emulator when we had mame


We are talking nearly two decades ago man. Not the same situation as now.


dude you play kof? we should get some games in sometime. i dont have 98 on steam, but i do have 2002. i have 98 on ps2.


i play on fightcade its free


Haven’t really played them in a while. I’ve thought about snagging them again but really wouldn’t have much time to play them. I have too many games already.


KOF 2002 and 2002 UM
If you’re on a lot of characters, it’s perfect, almost 70 on the roster.
Otherwise it’s pretty clean and playable.
New teams and new visuals, a very solid 2D fighter.

I’m not in hitboxes/frames/netcode etc, I just want to have fun and this one gives that fun.


KOF 98. I saw it at an arcade in Southend and it just drew me in. The music, characters and stages looked so awesome. :slight_smile:


tbh i dont like the music only a few songs and they get quite redundant i like kof 97s music the best just hearing slight beats n background and the crowd awesome stages too i feel has alot more replay vale to me i usually mute my game when i play kof 98 i also like n 97 how music can change depending on if kyo or terry ect comes on having there own theme songs was cool