Your fav kof game


KOF 2002 and 2002 UM
If you’re on a lot of characters, it’s perfect, almost 70 on the roster.
Otherwise it’s pretty clean and playable.
New teams and new visuals, a very solid 2D fighter.

I’m not in hitboxes/frames/netcode etc, I just want to have fun and this one gives that fun.


KOF 98. I saw it at an arcade in Southend and it just drew me in. The music, characters and stages looked so awesome. :slight_smile:


tbh i dont like the music only a few songs and they get quite redundant i like kof 97s music the best just hearing slight beats n background and the crowd awesome stages too i feel has alot more replay vale to me i usually mute my game when i play kof 98 i also like n 97 how music can change depending on if kyo or terry ect comes on having there own theme songs was cool


KOF 98 is my favorite even though Kula Diamond is not yet available on that game. I like the wide character roster and sprites and I spent a lot of time playing it before.


alot like 98 due to alot of peoples fav chars were at there best terry was at his second best here dp rising tackle motion gives u it on reaction vs having to charge it power wave is much better he has power charge ect

kyo was very strong

robert looked his coolest best during 9698 made him buffed up and classy i dislike other versions of robert.

yashiro and chris are amazing chars to use this is last game they are in besides 2002 and they arnt the same n those



  • Not into combo heavy games. 99~XIV out the window.
  • Not into any tag system. It just feels unoriginal for a KOF to go with such a mechanic. Strikers included here as well.
  • Infinites are a big bummer, unless they are situational, technically challenging, and/or resource dependent. 97,99,2000,2001 all have easy straight forward infinites anyone can do.
  • Not into UM releases. More than anything, they end up introducing imbalances.

My fave KOF? Sure 95, 2002, 2002UM, XIII are fun.


99 is the alone kof where I’m having fun and still not really (kof is a game who is no longer interesting for me)…
-One of few kofs with 97, 2k, 13, 11and 98um where tier list is really balanced.
-I like the back dash who gets qualities and faults of course.


Like i said you in kof 99 there’re just Jhun and Kensou like no situational combos infinites. For K’ combo infinite, you need to be in corner, to hit with Clark Striker (which almost impossible in the metagame of now, especially in corner) and you must be in counter/armor mode (which happens very rarely with K’). In China (i doubt they play 99 in Japan or Korea), they just ban Kensou infinite…

And UM kofs is clearly balanced (you see when a game is balanced through the matches of the best world players). The teams are various in the ums even if you see pretty often K’, Kasumi, Nameless and Kula in kof 2002 um.

In kof 98, it’s unfortunately limited to Iori, Chris, Daimon and Chizuru…The others just serve to manage a match-up in particular (Mai on Iori, Chang on Daimon, O.Yashiro on Chang)…but they are not actually included in the metagame…

The best players are clearly in China (i doubt that Jojo or Shinsun beats Xiaohai, Lao Hei or even Cheng Long or others in a ft 10 offline) and they use 98% of the time Iori, Chris, Daimon and Chizuru…

The problem is not even the fact that there are bugs, infinite combos in a fighting game but the fact that there were no updates in the retro fighting games (there’re bug fixes and characters balances in sf5 and kof 14 for example, there is nothing like that in the retros)


Silly goose. Should I bash on your opinion as well? Doesn’t seem fitting in a favorite game thread, now does it?

Should I huff and puff and tell you that FFS is the best fighting game there is on the Neo and your opinion is null? RBS Krauser begs you to rethink your statement.


I like KOF 95 because it was the year that I was born. :smile:


Go ahead, I always like to see in-depth opinions that differ from my own.

Fatal Fury Special is mostly really stiff and poorly balanced, but the music and the uniqueness/fluidity of grappling with Jubei Yamada are on a level of their own. Sadly the rest of the game is not as good.

P.S. RBS Krauser is weak for a boss. Laurence gives me far more trouble.


This a favorite thread, not a lets trash your opinion (which you did but now you want to discuss it, lol) and have a debate thread. I’ll indulge lightly but judging by your last comment, I think we’re on 2 very different planes.

Krauser RBS as a boss sure, RBS is wicked easy on level 4. As a human opponent, that’s another story. Geese and Billy might be just as OP if not more. Just look at the tiers and see for yourself.

FFS being stiff is common assumption for the people that don’t play it…more like very strict on command inputs. Just like most SNK games of the time and a little after. Poorly balanced? Where did you get that from? Personal experience from your 1p ventures against AI bosses, please. FFS has a very well balanced roster, yes there are tiers but at least 1/2 the roster is slightly above the rest with Geese once again sitting at top.

I don’t know if your one of those guys that can’t play the old games or just don’t care for them. Everyone has their favorites and that’s cool, leave people to their opinion, if you want to discuss in depth, at least bother to bring something substantial to the table to prove your point rather than bashing someone’s preferences.


I liked Kof 2001 because I’m mentally deficient, apparently.
I kinda started playing Kof from '99 so…


That is a terrible reason to like a game… :sweat:


Oh I LOOOOVE KOF 2001 :smiley:

Great character roster, all characters with great movelists. And you can play with 4 characters :smiley:

Maybe not the best KOF game out there, but freaking packed with great possibilities.




It could be the radical sfx of aof/ff. It could be pixel art. It could be the type of metagames and gameplay that title is emphasizing. It could be the creativity. It could be the silliness and brokenness. It could be anything I dunno.

I could debunk all of that with a single SNK statement, but this thread’s asking for our favorite iteration of KOF so I’ll keep to myself rn. Catch me in the “98 vs 99” thread.


You dislike other versions of Robah?!! You’re dead to me, lol.


Why not. Here is twitter’s take on the subject.

づね Dune’s take


Here is my take on the KoF franchise as a whole:

Great: '98 (Final Edition)
Amusing: '95, '96, '98, '99, 2000, Neowave, XI
Disappointing: '94 (Rebout), '97, 2002, 2002 (Unlimited Match), 2003, XIII, XIV
Terrible: '94, 2001, XII