Your favorite Bison player(s)...Your top 3

Who are you favorite M.Bison players? You top 3 list and an honorable mention section.

Currently mine are:

  1. Neurosis
  2. kim1234
  3. Headpress

Honorable mention:

Edit: Don’t include yourself.

My favorite Bison players to watch.

  1. YuuVega (ST)
  2. Shungoku Neurosis (SFIV)
  3. Kim1234 (SFIV)

There’s about 2-3 Bison players that I’ve seen from Nicovideo that are pretty good but I can’t read or interpret the Japanese words labeled under the names. I’ll try and dig up the videos.


My favorite player is me.

This. And me as in me, not me as in Sovi3t lol

  1. Neurosis
  2. Headpress
  3. Andre
  4. Daigo
  5. Uryo
  6. Momochi

I guess I should have stated not to include yourself, lol.

  1. Inoue
  2. Neurosis.
  3. Kim1234

Honorable Mention:




But I always think very highly of myself D;

well if I cant include myself I’ll say


Honorable mention would be Jeron, buddy who got third at the Game Unicon tourney.

  1. Inoue
  2. Neurosis
  3. Tootall

Andre is good, but personally I think he’s overrated…just my opinion.

Well, I can’t say that I really have a favorite players, but Inoue was my inspiration when I started. Also Neurosis has inspired me lately.

That’s possible. But I’m just as impressed with him as I am with any Jap Bison TBH

Where did you find the Avatar? Nice.

  1. Kim1234
  2. Inoue
  3. Neurosis
  1. Some guy
  2. I saw
  3. On YouTube

I know who he is, I’ve just never seen him play Dictator…**

He doesn’t play Bison. Momochi plays Akuma mainly, but dabbles with Ryu as secondary.

didn’t kim and inoue ditch bison?