Your favorite Bison player(s)...Your top 3

Don’t know anything beyond hearsay for Inoue, but kim is ohayo1234 and he still plays Bison. He actually posts a lot here on SRK (but not here in the Bison forums lol)


In no particular order.

  1. Kuma - His crazyness inspired me to pick Bison up again
  2. Inoue
  3. Headpress

Just to give an update cause i dont know if everyone has been following the sabin thread on the front page.

Kuma still plays bison and has 85k bp and there is also a guy named T U C who has 95k…anyone seen any vids from that guy?

No Name Bison from last night/this morning’s (?) TRF was awesome. Mid-screen distance dash super through fireball FTW.

there aren’t to many bison players left so why even bother with this silly thread?

Basically…everyone’s abandoned the character. He’s too dry and overall not a whole lot more than a wannabe Balrog. You can count the high level Bison players on your fingers now.

Oh and apparently Uryo plays Dictator? :lol:

M. Bison’s top tier. You guys just need a Pringles break.

hey proof is in the pudding. he’s being dropped left and right. argue all you want with all this bullsh1t about skill and never giving up but in the end the cold facts speak for them selves.

but all that really does is give real credibility to the people who have been making arguments for bison’s disadvantages in the face of the same old ad hominem style “just get better” bullcrap. those people who make the “just get better argument” don’t have a leg to stand on given the facts. which means essentially they are being irrationally idealistic and delusional.

I didn’t ask what you thought about Bison as a character. If you don’t like him then don’t play him. This thread was just to see who everyone liked and who they think is the best Bison player so we can try to get a more positive vibe in here. No hard feelings though…I do not want to turn this into a big argument thread so please read the title of the thread and if you think it is a silly thread then don’t post in it.

Oh, and now that I know Kuma is still playing my list has changed.

  1. Neurosis
  2. Kuma
  3. kim1234/Headpress

My fav was Inoue because he’s the reason I started using Bison.

i dont understand why youd bother to come to the M BISON specific forum full of M Bison players and just add more negativity instead of anything constructive. bison has legitimate weaknesses but this thread isn’t to point out what has been said a hundred times already and have specific threads to do so. btw check the video thread, new videos from around 4 tourney bisons. and i could use both hands to count high level bison players and maybe some toes. there are more people still playing him then have left him and they’re worth mentioning especially if someone isn’t familiar with them and could use a namedrop to look up some vids and learn something new.

sorry to potentially muddy up the thread, that useless post just made me mad.


  1. Kuma
  2. Neurosis
  3. Andre

exogen is right unfortunately.


  1. Neurosis
  2. Andre
  3. Every Bison that plays a hardcore rushdown style and throws caution to the wind

M.Bison is a garbage character

Except Andre’s Bison his is top tier.

thanks for sharing

He’s not garbage…he’s just too average to be worth using anymore at high level. It’s like using an average golf club at a Masters Cup. He works and doesn’t have a ton of terrible matches…but he isn’t devastating either and there are clearly better characters for winning matches even of the characters that are in the same tier as him. I’m basically derailing the thread but it’s mad obvious Dictator just wasn’t marinated long enough and is too one dimensional for the lack of damage and opportunities for damage he can create.

The good thing about SFIV though is that it’s balanced enough that especially in Japan it’s easy to do well with any character if you just put the effort in.

This post is just a plug. :cool:

just a correction here for those wonder why I bother to complain about bison so much.

reason is that if you want something nothing will happen unless you speak up.

I am a firm believer in game balence and think all game developers ought to strive to make their games balanced if not as close to it as one can come practically, which is entirely possible and has been done before.

but none of this will happen unless you make a stink out of it, not just in terms of expressing your disgust for the issue but more impotently in specifically making a point about what you don’t like, how to fix it and why this would be better for balence.

in actuality I don’t want to see bison as high tier because I don’t want to see ANYONE as high tier because tier means that there is imbalances.

but if you don’t say anything and just sit here like b1tches and say crap like “just get better” when loosing isn’t even the problem and completely ignore important game concepts it only serves as an exercise is stupidity.

but saying something and bringing to the table rational argument between different points of views and communicating IS PROGRESSIVE.

anyways to be additionally progressive


You forgot Momochi too… :wink:

Done and done.

The SF4 Dash thread has apparently been sent to Capcom, including lots of suggestions for Dictator.

All the suggestions have been made several times over so there’s nothing else to complain about. These complaints have been registered not only here but on forums around the world.

After complaining, there are three choices:

  1. Get better.
  2. Use another character.
  3. Quit SF4.

Now it literally is up to the individual player to get better. This is entirely logical and not ad hominem whatsoever.

Personally, I chose option number one and option number two. In addition to slowly improving with Dictator, I’m slowly learning everything about C.Viper as well.

Oh, and Mago is now one of my favourite Dictators too.