Your favorite characters to fight, and your least favorite


I like fighting:

  • Sagat, Gouken, Zangief, Hakan
    I like fighting some of the big guys. Maybe it’s because combos feel more satisfying when you nail them.

  • El Fuerte. I don’t always win, but it’s really funny fighting him.

  • C. Viper. Only because it’s so rare, it’s a treat to see someone actually using her

I don’t really like fighting:

  • Rolento (I feel like I have to work 5x harder just to do damage. I almost get a headache, even if I win…hah)
  • Bison, Dhalsim, Guy, Elena (Dat weird hitbox), T. Hawk (big guy who can be tough to deal with), Balrog (I always lose no matter who I use, lol)

No disrespect to those who use these characters. If anything, it means you’re doing your zoning and mix-up job extremely well. I just don’t have much fun fighting these characters, and I’ll admit to losing quite a few matches against them.

I use Cody, Sakura, Rose and learning Decapre, btw. Probably need way more matchup knowledge against some of those above.


I’m still new at fighting games in general, and only been playing SF since Ultra released (so a lot of newbie bias)

For best, I think consistently just Hugo.

Least Fav is usually Ryu (I should really have gotten around to learning him) and similar chars, then grapplers like Zangief
Thing is most of this is down to just not having learned to pressure and control space well enough


I forgot about Hugo. He’s fun to fight as well. Not always easy (and a high-ranking, high-pressure Hugo is downright scary) but when they keep eating fireballs…I kind of like that.


As a Hugo player, I like fighting Cammy & Decapre. Neither of them can do much against him, especially Cammy.

Obviously as a grappler, I don’t like projectiles. A good Gouken is the worst. I hear Juri’s bad too, but I haven’t encountered any good ones yet.