Your Favorite Christmas Song?

Yup. This one is mine.


Little Drummer Boy. No story behind it.

Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song



Elvis Presley - [media=youtube]3a7HicdrCv4[/media]

LET THE BODIES HIT DA FLOORRRRRR during boxing day sale



All the good one are quickly being taken.

Dat Feliz Navidad

OJ Simpson - He’s Walkin’ and he never took the stand (parody of Walking in a Winter Wonderland).

I think it was by Bob and Tom

He didn’t give testimony
and his book was boloney
throughout the whole trial
he just sat and smiled
He’s walking and he never took the stand…

Last Christmas…


Even though it’s emo lol.

Christmas songs are normally horrible.


More cynical than most Christmas songs.


Unfortunately I can’t post the studio version because the youtube video for it contains (male) nudity.

Wham-Last Christmas. I don’t care what anybody says THIS SONG IS CHRISTMAS!!!
i also like Julian Casablancas-I wish it was christmas today.

OH YEAH I FORGOT The Eagles-Please come home for christmas

Blues Traveler- Christmas
BNL- Green Christmas
Rosie something- Why Can’t it be Christmas Time all Year
Joni Mitchell- The River


ive been hearing this since november at work every ten minutes…

Let it Snow.

Pretty much anything off “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.


I didn’t think Cletus still posted in SRK.


Run-DMC’s Christmas in Hollis.

Last Christmas by George Michael


This version of the Grinch song is better, and this movie is better than the cartoon imo…


EDIT: But its unintentionally funny because the acting is hilariously bad(it almost seems like it was on purpose) but Jim Carrey as the grinch more than makes up for it imo…