Your Favorite Christmas Song?

Sister Winter-Sufjan Stevens

He has a million Christmas albums though, ones that he recorded for his friends and family as gifts and then released either on the internet or in a box set. Love that guy.

Sleigh Ride



Overall that takes it. Although I can’t really stand much of the English christmas music, overall its kinda boring. Although this isn’t entirely fair. In Puerto Rico, during christmas season it is fair game to get a bunch of friends together with their instruments and go wake somebody up in the middle of the night to throw an impromptu party. That person has to let you in, feed you, and then you take the person you woke up to somebody else’s house to repeat the process. By the end of the night you have a bunch of drunk and happy people who are getting no sleep.

I’m sad now.


Even the motherfucking vegetables.

Charles Brown- Merry Christmas Baby
Jerry Vale - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

These are the top-rank classics for me. I heard them countless times all thru childhood…and unlike most other christmas songs, I never get tired of these two. Vale has one of the smoothest voices ever, man. The only folks that can hang with that level of smoothness is Nat King Cole and various Billy Dee Williams commercials for Colt 45. The Smoothness? is off the damn scale.



[media=youtube]n947I5rYu9E]YouTube - Raunchy - Last Christmas [Studio Version[/media]


^^^Mother Fucking Classic…lmao Beat actually kinda tight


[media=youtube]xxSZpZjoUXQ[/media] :rofl:

[media=youtube]MHioIlbnS_A]YouTube - Christmas Eve/ Sarajevo [Timeless Version[/media]

Widely mistitled as “Carol of the Bells” due to the structure of the song, it actually incorporates another title in there (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen). Both perennial favorites of mine.

And every year, I end up hating Christmas music (having to sing it for both church and the professional singing service that I’ve done), but in the end, I actually still love it.

Oh Christmas.


Even rudolph has his limits.


The only Chistmas song that I like

Matt Rogers - Rated Xmas - Suck on my Cock

Found this one recently. Fun for the whole family.

I come back every now and then in spurts.

Fairytale of New York by The Pogues.



my all time most favorite Christmas song is…
Last Christmas
it is very nice song…