Your Favorite ECCX Moment!

The last ECC Phi will run. Justin lost. Our team peaced out Isaac’s team. Arturo drinking a half a bottle of Gin in one shot. It was pretty fucking memorable. Not the best tournament I’ve been to because a lot of the OG guys I’m used to seeing weren’t there, and the turnout wasn’t great, but still an awesome atmosphere. The atmosphere around the big Marvel cab all weekend was probably the best atmosphere I’ve ever seen at any tournament.

So that was the last hurrah! Let’s remember it by posting up your most memorable moment.

My top 5 list:
5. Beating Isaac’s team.
4. Calling Bill a faggot all weekend because of his wallet.
3. Bill calling me a faggot all weekend because of my diet coke.
2. When Potter kept calling Sanford Stanford, and said in the finals you can do it Stanford, someone yelling out, “I don’t think he’s that smart.” That shit had me rolling.

The number one moment of ECC for me:

  1. When Yipes beat Jmar in the Top 16 winners bracket, when Jmar was getting raped, Desmond yelling out, “Abort! Abort! They’ve got the disk Ethan. It’s over. Ethan they’ve got the disk. Abort!” That shit had me spitting up my drink.

Betting on matches from the Team tournament, that was dope.

CvS2 top 16 when R1beatdown made a no life come back with blanka against sanford’s full life sagat.

Hotel tournament in bmores room was dope too.

too many to list right now

i’ll come back later and fill this shit up

i wish i could have just recorded the whole weekend

hope evo is as hype as ecc was

Too many but I remember after ECC, Arturo drank 5 1/2 cups of gin and then got drunked.

Too hillarious :rofl

That was me but yeah… my top moments were…

  1. Stanford doing a 360 spin after he murked one of justins charachters.
  2. The whole DIPSET BYRDGANG CORNER you guys know who you are.

yea I know that was you. I didn’t want to call you out on that w/o your permission.

Abort Abort. They’ve got the disk Ethan. Get out now!!!

Fucking Flashmetroid’s belt.

His belt was so broke, it was made out of headphone wires. On Sat. he got embarassed and try to come up with a better solution for a belt. I offered mine but it looked more like a hola hoop. As he searched and searched he came across a pair of shoes on the ground.

“whose shoes are those?” asked flashmetroid

“oh shit:wtf: !! Their mine.” I replied.

“nevermind” said flash.

Than this motherfucker proceeds to “modify” his original “belt” so he could conceal it better.

Before leaving for the break, Flash says “this isnt leaving the room.”

And I did not answer because I did not want to make a promise I could not keep.

One of the wackest moments was when I got random heads sleeping on my BED. It was like tetris, Peter Loung was a huge box in the middle of the bed, I was laid horizontal on the bed, and Alex G.(first time meeting the guy) was the L piece, barely taking more than 1/10th of the bed.

Dwayne, I still have your camera. What ya want me to do with it?

Everyone singing “Iron man” by black sabath as combofiend had a ridiculous comeback with Iron man.

And of coarse overhearing the “Jedi Counsel.”

wow, that’s kind of owned right there.

yeah and I woke up with Peter’s hand on mine.

Don’t get gayed?

I was wondering what happen to it!!!

If you want to get those in a floppy go ahead. :tup:

Some of my favorite moments off the top of my head were:
All my matches with Eddie Lee, tourney and casual. It’s rare getting to play another Strider player of that caliber.

Fighting Justin Wong in the first round of the final 16. Got owned, but an experience nonetheless.

Bryheem during Hyo vs. Potter: “WELCOME TO THE EAST COAST!”

Potter’s reaction after not getting perfected by Justin in the round robin

Everyone: "Bill vs. Brandon next"
Bryheem: "Bill? Who the fuck is Bill?"

When Commy was playing in the team tourney with team twisted I believe it was. and Commy got his groove in with Sentinel against Lincoln, and he started spazzing out, screaming ROBOT ROBOT ROBOT!!! I think lincoln just totally lost his concentration, cuz he was laughing so hard then Commy did the Robot dance from the 70s after the match. hahaha, fucking Commy.

That is great… i want the vid of it.

“I’m gonna fuck you up” - C-Royd

Man that money match in my room was nasty. I’ve never seen a Ryu beast like that. I dont play 3S but I def. wanted to see that because you were very eager to get a money match on. I even told the ppls playing marvel to stop so I could watch matches that mattered(I can’t believe I was willing to watch 3S over marvel).


Shit the only way I have a chance of taking money from you is through poker, unless you play marvel.

being there.


Baltimore’s assassination attempt on the president, ended up unlocking his gates…

Baltimore Chun: You know what I always hate bout tournaments? No place to drink while he was drunk :clap:

Flash Metroid having weed as his apparent Kryptonite.

Watching Van Marvel…

B1gazns right it was hella like Tetris, AsianDaisy cannot be woken up for ANYTHING, and Alex G is the manifestation of random, walked into our room then falls asleep at an angle, wow.


BreakSteak challenge! Thanks for paying for my dinner Pete:D I pick dem champs! FUCKIN JOSH!!!

Damn the whole weekend really, just too good.

Bmore’s description of foood on the ec…that shit was classic
Actually anything bmore said was pretty fucken funny or dope as hell

Bill going Bananas
Eric going Bananas
Bryheem going Bananas

Dipset Corner

Frody talking about his book and the life changing events made possible through his actions…

2 dunk funk

fuck so much more