Your Favorite ECCX Moment!

also loved the team tourney. Many bomb ass moments there <3

Bronson winning his first match in the pools to start off 1-0.

Bronson having Sanford beat :clap:

Eric vs. D.hyo in the elections… right after shawn morgan tells him to wait…then pause… then he starts jumping with him… that shit might of been the dopest shit i seen… Shit was mad random… i couldn’t take it.hahaha

Bryheem’s money dance was fucking tight, and his comment when bill was playing hyo for money was fuckin funny too…

The results of the white castle tourney were too hot. I should of took a picture of that shit literally… whats good

Almost qualifying for cvs was mad funny.

Going to the hotel each night and waking up to a missing bill… he was playing that crack getting cakey