Your favorite El Fuerte custome color/Taunt/win quote

Since I haven’t seen a thread about this I thought that I would start one up.

Costume Color - Alternate Costume 07
Taunt - 03 (of course)
Win Quote- Haven’t really looked at all of them

inb4 every one picks 03 as their taunt

Costume - Alt 01
Taunt - 03
Win Quote - “Mexicans and Japanese have a lot in common. You like huachinango, right?”

inb4 everyone picks the win quote versus Akuma.

Costume - Alt 06
Taunt - 03 (with a soft spot for 05)
Winquote - Not too sure TBH. I find the one vs Honda the most memorable for some reason. Though im not going to try to quote it, since its 5am, i just got to work, and im tired as all hell and will probably embarrass myself. Not that any of you give 2 shits about that.

Alt 10
standard 1 and the blue one.
Taunt: 1 and 3
Random quote

Costume - Dont care, but if I’m forced to pick, color 05. The pink one.
Taunt - 01 for the dance
Win Quote - Random because no one reads them anyways

Alt 4 ( green one )
Taunts 3 and 8
That’d be cool if it went under fireballs.

Taunt 03 goes under Chun-li’s neutral jump roundhouse.

Costume 2 & 4
Alt costume 6?
Taunt 3 & 5
Random win quote

Costume 2
Alternate 2 I think (i havent run through all of them i got it recently, but 2 for now)
taunt 3, because he speaks in an understandable language
Win quote: never bothered yet.

Color: Original 2 (yellow and black) and sometimes Original 1
Taunt: 1 and 3
Win Quote: My sig :smiley: and “From today onward, we’re amigos! Can I send you out for ingredients now?” and also “if it’s spiciness you’re after, add a chile! Not enough? Add another!”

This is exactly what I use. Except I use Colour 2 at the arcade.

Colour - Original 5/8, Alternate 1/light green one (3?)
Taunt - 3 and 7
Win Quote - Random

Colour 3, Taunt 1. I never taunt so I usually don’t bother to select a taunt.

Win quote: “RIIIIIIKKKKKKOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” (I have the Japanese version of the game)

Color 1,
Taunt 3 and 6
Vs Honda win quote.

Default 7/Alt 3, Taunt 7, win quote 9. Can I send you out for ingredients now?

Alternative (the blue one don’t remembre the number)
Viva Mexico

El Fuerte = El Santo

Color - Original 10 (sexy black)
taunt - #9 (spreads arms out wide in dominance lol)
win quote - ??? Honestly don’t even read them, but I should as there are some pretty good ones above

Taunt-7 Or 6 against Ken. “Be careful cooking with fire!” has never been more appropriate.

Taunt is 'viva!'
win quote is the one about beats and cheeks

I like his default everything, and his 1 win quote.