Your favorite FG bosses

Cheap? frustrating? Cool? Bosses have been an traditional addition either by history, fun or another things since the begining of the genre but i would like to know your favorite experiences and characters.

My personal list:

  • Onslaught (MVC): the boss is cool and the second phase was really exciting.
  • Goenitz (KOF 96): This dude gave me knightmares, amazing zoning and infinite supers, the grab super was really absurd.
  • Gill (SF3): godlike normals and the damn “resurrection” are really frustrating to deal.

I’ll think of others later, share your list and your opinions about them :stuck_out_tongue:

Carlos from Daraku Tenshi. It’s hard to be cooler than a yakuza boss.


That guy that likes to stain hams

No. What value would this lame thread have? If you need something to read while you’re stoned out of your mind, go read GD.